Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gold at 1287

GLOBEX is the 24 hour worldwide electronic platform for trading financial derivatives and is a CME implementation. With financial superpowers now active around the globe in all timezones, GLOBEX gives trading access independent of time and place. This will likely increase smoothness of trading, reduce erratic price swings and prevent imbalances built-up because of traditional markets opening and closing at various times in various places.

Timewave Sept 19-24

There is a change in the timewave at the same time the price of Gold increased.

The beginning of a Long winter until January 19th 2011

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jim Rogers : the Gold bull market got a long way to go

Jim Rogers there is no Gold Bubble yet

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In an Interview with kitco.com on 15 September 2010 ,

Re-known Investor Jim Rogers said that he does not believe that the Gold is in a Bubble cause most of the people still do not own Gold....

Jim Rogers :" Buyers are more anxious than the sellers , The US has been giving the signal that it will print more money and Japan has recently said it is going to print more money .., what's happening is the money printing has started again and the market knows it I am not the only one who watches kitco news...regarding what will take the Gold bubble to form

Jim Rogers says : what it will take is gigantic amount of buyers and price increase that goes through the roof , if you look back at previous bubbles back a year or two at historical bubbles , people just become hysterical it doubles triples quintuples , it is staggering what happens at the end of a bubble ...most people still have not invested in gold and Silver and other things as you probably know , few months ago i made a speech to 300 , 400 big time international money managers from all over the world and the moderator , I did not know why he asked , but he asked how many of you have ever owned gold 74 percent of the people in the room have never owned gold much less Silver or soy beans or Goodness knows what else ...so can see that most people still do not own Gold , first time in 2010 the central banks are probably going to be net buyers and that has not happened since 1988 , 22 years and eve the net buying is not going to be very much it is going to be small...everybody is going to be buying more gold , and yes more Asian banks are going to be buying more Gold , Bangladesh just bought some last week ...we are going to see more of it ...it is not the way people are supposed to invest and what they do is when they see something moving and they want to jump on and the more it moves the more they want to get on ...so the Gold bull market got a long way to go

source : http://www.kitco.com/KitcoNewsVideo/kitco_news.htm

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