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'Israel has lost all legitimacy'

'Israel has lost all legitimacy'
Mon, 31 May 2010 23:33:53 GMT
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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
The Turkish foreign minister has told the UN Security Council that Israel should be held accountable for its deadly attack on the flotilla carrying humanitarian assistance for Gaza.

Ahmet Davutoglu said that Israel has "lost all legitimacy" because of the onslaught that left at least 20 peace activists dead and many others wounded. Most of those killed in the assault were from Turkey.

"A nation-state that follows this path has lost its legitimacy as a respectful member of the international community," he said on Monday during an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council called to discuss the act of aggression.

In the incident, the Israeli navy attacked the Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea early on Monday, killing at least 20 people on board the six ships, mostly Turkish nationals, and injuring about 50 others.

The flotilla was carrying 10,000 tons of relief supplies, including food and construction material, for the besieged people of Gaza.

Davutoglu also urged the United Nations Security Council to strongly respond to the Israeli attack and called for an urgent inquiry into the deadly attack.

The Turkish foreign minister said that Israeli leaders must be brought to justice over the crime because "Israel's action is a grave breach of international law."

"This is tantamount to banditry and piracy," he said, adding, "It is murder conducted by a state."

"Israel has committed a serious crime, in total disregard of all the values that we have vowed to uphold since the establishment of the United Nations system," Davutoglu stated.

The UN Security Council started the emergency session on Monday after Turkey called for a meeting on the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla.


@Davey850 international water or not, they went to Israeli territory so the Israeli navy told them to come to our ports in Ashdod so they can check all the Containers and move to Gaza but they said "no". we had no choice but to invade to the ship and stop it.

the soldiers had a pistol a secondary weapon. when the "peace activist" snatched the pistol from the soldiers and start shooting so they fired back.
just watch


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By Chuck Baldwin
May 19, 2010

People all over America are discussing freedom's future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing.

Even many of those who oppose the prospect of secession understand the increasing tyrannical nature of the current central government in Washington, D.C., and that something must be done about it.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines tyranny as "1: oppressive power . . . 2: a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler . . . 3: a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force . . . 4: a tyrannical act."

Even a casual observer would have to conclude that most of the actions proceeding forth from DC today match at least Webster's 1st and 3rd definitions of tyranny. Besides, who would argue the advantage of the tyranny of an oligarchy over the tyranny of a monarchy? A tyranny of many cannot be distinguished from a tyranny of one in most cases--especially not by those poor souls who are at the point of the spear of Government's cruelties.

The fact is, there is collusion between Big Government and Big Business (as each feeds and profits off the other) to strip the American people of their God-given liberties. Without a shadow of a doubt, had America's Founding Fathers not sagaciously cemented the Second Amendment into the US Constitution, the Jackboots would have marched over us years ago.

That freedom-loving people are reaching a point of frustration--and even fury--is quite understandable. And State secession is, very properly, the last best option for freedomists to maintain fidelity to the principles of liberty. All of America's founders understood this--all of them! And millions of modern-day American patriots are just now beginning to become reacquainted with this great, historic doctrine.

However, whether one subscribes to the doctrine of secession or not is quite immaterial. The breakup of the US is inevitable! Short of another Great Awakening, nothing can stop it. And given the spiritual deadness of most American churches these days, the prospect of a modern-day national revival seems remote at best.

It is a historical fact that no empire can sustain itself. And America is more and more becoming a global empire. For the sake of simplicity, I ask readers to ponder this question: How can one sustain a global economy without global government to manage and control it? Answer: One can't.

This is why elitists in politics, economics, and the military have been calling for global government for decades. People such as George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Walter Cronkite, Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Gideon Rachman, Warren Christopher, Walt Rostow, Richard Gardner, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Pastor, et al. Furthermore, organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission are constantly promoting regional or global unification. Moreover, institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and, of course, the United Nations (UN) all contribute to the escalation of globalism.

I have written two previous columns outlining much relevant information on this very real promotion of globalism. See them here and here.

Therefore, it is safe to say that, for the most part, America's foreign policy is (and has been) controlled and manipulated by globalists. Accordingly, America's armed forces are used more and more as international policemen to patrol the streets of the world on behalf of this international cabal of merchants and politicians. The cover for this is the mantra of fighting an international "war on terrorism." But the real agenda is, keeping our troops fighting in perpetual war so that they might be available to the globalists at the UN and US State Department (not to mention countless "off the books" operations being run by the CIA and a host of other agencies) for the purpose of maintaining the "global economy" (and only God knows how many illegal enterprises).

Perpetual war also allows the Machiavellians who desire to turn America into a police state to increasingly encroach upon constitutionally protected liberties by keeping the populace in a perpetual state of fear. After all, as long as our troops are "over there" fighting (and making) enemies, we will always need Big Brother to keep us safe "over here." And the only way he can do that is by putting us all in cages; but hey, it's for our own good, right?


And, of course, this new "global force for good" must itself be reshaped into an image compatible with the political correctness of the New World Order. Hence, more and more women are being placed in combat units. In fact, females are now the fastest growing group of enlistees within the US armed forces. And for the first time in US history, women are now approved to serve aboard submarines. (I am sure submariners' wives are thrilled about this!)

"How does flooding the US military with women fit into the scheme of the globalists?" you ask. Simple. By reducing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our military forces, it requires them to be part of a "coalition" force. Come on, folks, figure it out: our troops are always part of some sort of global "coalition" army. They always serve in concert with NATO, or the UN, or at the behest of some other global entity.

And please, I don't need readers to write me with great indignation, calling me "sexist." Get real! If women can serve in combat equally with men, why not have an all-female combat infantry division? How about an all-female tank division? Let's have an all-female Navy warship! What about an all-female Navy SEAL team or Army Special Forces team? If, then, women are inefficient in combat as a unit, they are equally inefficient in combat individually. Wise up, people! It is critical to the globalists controlling Washington politics that our military be integrated with foreign entities. Allowing the weaker vessels to dilute the warrior-strength of our combat units helps to accomplish this in spades!

Folks, this new American empire is not sustainable. Mark it down: the American empire will follow every other notable empire of antiquity and collapse under its own weight. The signs are already ubiquitous.

In its attempt to entice illegal aliens (a necessary component to the globalization of America) by providing them with almost complete and universal welfare benefits, the Empire has saddled the states with a monstrous debt and has planted the seeds for its own fragmentation.

The American Southwest is a boiling caldron. Revolutionaries, violent criminal gangs, agitators, drug runners, human traffickers, and agent provocateurs--all loyal to Mexico--have been allowed to freely unleash their anti-American vitriol to the point that, in desperation, the State of Arizona is now trying to fight back. It is probably too little too late, however. Both the central government in Washington, D.C., and the national news media are sympathetic to the cause of La Raza. Look at how those brave legislators and governor in Arizona have been lampooned by the national press corps.

The call for the "reconquista" of America's great Southwest will continue to escalate. It is all part of the globalists' plan to regionalize the United States. The template is already in place. CFR's Robert Pastor has already done the legwork. The North American Community (or Union) is past the drawing table stage; it is now being implemented. The NAFTA superhighway is being built and La Raza has been unleashed on the frontier. It's only a matter of time.

Furthermore, take a look at the staggering debt that this government in Washington, D.C., has burdened the American people with. To talk numbers is meaningless: they total more than we can possibly begin to fathom. These numbers shock sensibilities and strain comprehension. In this regard, toss away all notions of partisan politics. Both major parties in DC have forever plunged our children and grandchildren's future into a chasm of indebtedness so deep that it can never be recovered. Never!

Yet again, perpetual war has accomplished its purpose: unmitigated debt has allowed international bankers to print and loan vast sums of paper money that can be used to further their dreams of a global economy, complete with a mutually palatable system of burgeoning global governance.

I say again, the American empire is not sustainable; the breakup of the United States is inevitable. It is only a matter of time. The real question is not IF the US will breakup, but WHEN and HOW?

Globalists are already planning America's breakup. Indeed, their plans for the future global economy DEMAND that America fracture. So, all of those who want to parade around and pontificate about the "unconstitutionality" and "impracticality" of secession can do so to their hearts' content. It changes nothing. The breakup is coming.

What is yet to be seen, of course, is if there will be enough states (the last vanguards of liberty) with the foresight to recognize the rise of tyranny and globalism as it approaches, and muster the courage and fortitude to do what principled patriots and lovers of liberty have always done: draw their line in the sand for freedom. Call it what you will; debate the definitions and language all you like; it all comes down to the same thing: either men fight for freedom and independence or they allow themselves and their children to be sold into slavery. At some point in the future (how far in the future, no one knows), we Americans will, once again, have to face that decision.

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In the meantime, keep talking about freedom around your coffee tables; keep writing about freedom in your books and columns; keep praying about freedom in your churches and closets; keep dreaming about freedom in your hearts and minds. Real freedom--where a man can be left alone; where a man can keep what he earns; where a man can make his own choices; where a man's property is his own; where harassing agents of an oppressive central government are nowhere to be found; where a man doesn't have to sell his soul in order to sell his wares; where a man's worship of God is not subject to political correctness (or the IRS); and where a man can actually exchange commerce and correspondence without the prying eyes of Big Brother--is worth any price. ANY PRICE!

As Barry Goldwater said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Amen! And if the pursuit of freedom requires the extremism of secession, I say, LET IT COME!

*If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link.

© 2010 Chuck Baldwin - All Rights Reserved

IDF Troops Murdered Innocent People Labelled Brave Heroes

Israel: IDF Troops Who Murdered Innocent People Are ‘Brave Heroes’

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U.S. corporate media echoes spin that dead activists are to blame for the violence

Israel: IDF Troops Who Murdered Innocent People Are Brave Heroes  310510top2

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, May 31, 2010

The government of Israel, aided by many quarters of the international media, is attempting to spin today’s deadly IDF assault on a humanitarian aid ship carrying supplies to Gaza as the fault of the murdered activists on board the vessel, ludicrously characterizing machine-gun carrying Israeli troops who killed over a dozen innocent people as the victims of the incident.

“Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a press conference on Monday that while he was sorry for lives lost, the organizers of the Gaza-bound protest flotilla were solely responsible for the outcome of the fatal IDF raid earlier in the day,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

Elsewhere, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his “full backing” to the Israeli military and Israeli Navy commander Vice-Admiral Eliezer Marom commended the “bravery” of the IDF commandoes who slaughtered innocent people who were attempting to take food and supplies to the Gaza Strip, which has been under Israeli blockade for the last three years, a situation humanitarian groups have labeled “collective punishment,” a throwback to how the Nazis brutalized entire cities of people in retaliation to attacks against them by resistance groups.

In addition, a video released by Israeli authorities is circulating on You Tube entitled, Demonstrators Use Violence Against Israeli Navy Soldiers Attempting to Board Ship, which ludicrously claims to show activists attacking troops unprovoked, without mentioning the fact that troops aggressively boarded the vessel outside of Israeli territory with the aid of army helicopters and heavily armed IDF soldiers before the activists did anything. In reality, the video shows very little because it is shot from a perspective where the people on board look like ants and almost nothing can be deciphered from this. Comments were disabled on the video to prevent people from making this criticism.

The video “helpfully explain[s] what you’re supposed to see,” writes one Israeli journalist.

“And, of course, the clip only contains the footage the IDF wanted to release; we don’t know what happened before or after this 60 seconds of video,” reports Al Jazeera.

The tone of Israel’s propaganda, that it was peace activists armed with nothing more than sticks and molotov cocktails who were responsible for the violence, and not heavily armed commando fighters backed up by helicopter gunships who in fact slaughtered at least 19 of the peace activists, is being cautiously parroted by some elements of the U.S. media.


Israel: IDF Troops Who Murdered Innocent People Are Brave Heroes  150410banner1

One only has to look at the nature of the death toll to understand who was responsible for this brutal attack.

At least 19 people, and this figure is rising by the hour, were killed during the attack, with dozens more injured. Not one of those 19 victims is an IDF soldier, every single one is a Palestinian activist. If the activists on board the ship had planned to attack the soldiers, you might at least expect them to have claimed one fatality – but this wasn’t an attack by activists, it was a brutal assault by armed men with machine guns who violated international law and committed a despicable war crime before calling the monsters who carried it out brave heroes.

The Palestinian territories are controlled by Hamas, a group who legitimately won power in a democratic election. The ships were not therefore “seized” by Hamas as is being implied, the Hamas government controlled the ships because they won the election and it is their job to provide food and aid to their people.

Crucially, the attack took place in international waters, not inside Israeli territory. Israel had no right to board the ship under any legal definition.

As Mike Rivero at WhatReallyHappened explains, “Israel has no legal authority over the ships of other nations in international waters. Israel may not issue orders to foreign flagged ships in international waters. Ships are considered sovereign territory of the nations whose flags they fly. Setting foot on one without the permission of the captain is technically an act of war.

“The aid convoy did not “attack” the IDF. The aid convoy, being in international waters, attempted to defend themselves from an act of piracy by a nation with no legal authority over those ships.”

With Israel’s attack being condemned globally by every nation on the planet besides the U.S. and Britain, and being savaged by every media outlet besides the ever-compliant U.S. establishment press, attempts to lay the blame on the very activists who were killed while lauding their murderers as heroes will only crystallize the fact that Israel, alongside Britain and America and the globalists who control all three countries, are nothing less than the new Nazis and represent the biggest threat by far to international security and the sanctity of the rule of law.

Submarine volcano erupts south of Sarigan

Submarine volcano erupts south of Sarigan
Fitial declares state of disaster emergency

Gov. Benigno R. Fitial has declared a state of disaster emergency in the CNMI following the eruption of an active submarine volcano south of Sarigan Friday noon.

Fitial declared the island of Sarigan as unsafe for human habitation and restricted all travel to the island with exception of scientific expeditions.

According to the Emergency Management Office, due to continuing volcanic activity south of Sarigan, base on seismic activity and visual observations, “the activity is on-going in the area, presenting a continuing threat of adverse impact in the waters and air space south of Sarigan island.”

Sarigan, an island 175 kilometers (109 miles) north of Saipan, is reportedly a stratovolcano with no known historic eruptions.

The U.S. Geological Survey's report yesterday stated that an eruption cloud up to 40,000 feet appeared to be over or near Anatahan volcano in the satellite image.

USGS said current evidence points to the source being the submarine seamount south of Sarigan.

USGS said the cloud may contain ash but could be made up largely of water vapor and appears to be shrinking as northerly winds carry it toward the CNMI and Guam.

“No additional volcanic clouds have been detected and it is unknown if submarine activity is continuing. Observers on Sarigan reported hearing a loud explosion from the south, and shortly thereafter receiving ash fall. They also reported the sound of a wave passing by,” USGS said.

In his declaration of emergency, Fitial said Sarigan is off limits, except for approved CNMI government personnel or approved scientific missions.

View Larger Map

Fitial restricted the public, fishermen, tour operators, boat operators, and pilots from coming within five nautical miles radius of the island.

He said except for activities of the Department of Public Safety, EMO will grant written approval, in advance, for any and all government and scientific visits to Sarigan.

The governor directed the EMO director to consult with the Northern Islands mayor concerning official government visit to Sarigan so that the mayor's office is fully informed of the government approved activities on the island.

“DPS, in cooperation with EMO and the Mayor of the Northern Islands shall be responsible within the limits of existing resources and personnel to enforce the off limits ban. DPS is authorized to cooperate with federal agencies that might provided enforcement and surveillance assets,” the governor said.

The Northern Mariana Islands en-us-Northern  Mariana Islands.ogg /ˈnɔrðərn mɛəriˈænə ˈaɪləndz/ , officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), is a commonwealth in political union with the United States, occupying a strategic region of the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of fifteen islands about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to the Philippines, at 15°1′2″N 145°4′5″E / 15.01722°N 145.06806°E / 15.01722; 145.06806. The United States Census Bureau reports the total land area of all islands as 179.01 square miles (463.63 km2).

The Northern Mariana Islands has a population of 80,362 (2005 estimate). The official 2000 census count was 69,221.[2] More than 90% of the Commonwealth's population lives on the island of Saipan. Of the fourteen other islands, only two, Tinian and Rota, have a significant population. The islands of Agrihan and Alamagan have fewer than ten residents, and the remaining ten islands are unpopulated. The Northern Mariana Islands have the lowest male to female sex ratio in the world with an average of 76 men to every 100 women.[3] That is due to the overwhelming female majority of foreign workers, especially in the garment industry.[4]

The Commonwealth's centre of government is located in the village of Capitol Hill on the island of Saipan. As the island is governed as a single municipality, most publications term "Saipan" as the Commonwealth's capital.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bilderberg 2010

Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy

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Now that the agenda for global government is public, the Bilderberg Group’s importance rests on grooming politicians

Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy 280510top2

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, May 28, 2010

Now that the agenda for global government and a centralized world economic system is public and out in the open, the importance of the Bilderberg Group’s annual conference rests on grooming political candidates. The lion’s share of Bilderberg’s 2010 agenda has already been announced by its members weeks before – it will revolve around a potential military strike on Iran as well as the future collapse of the euro.

Trilateral Commission members, who routinely also attend Bilderberg’s annual confab, have let slip that a war on Iran is being seriously debated, while the elite continue to exploit the fallout from the economic crisis to push for centralized financial regulation.

The consequences of a military strike on Iran will cause a split between Bilderberg luminaries, just as it did before the invasion of Iraq at the 2002 meeting.

During the recent Trilateral Commission meeting in Dublin Ireland, which routinely discusses an almost identical roster of topics to subsequent Bilderberg gatherings, chief advisor to the Russian leadership Mikhail Slobodovsici unwittingly told a We Are Change member he mistook for a colleague, “We are deciding the future of the world….We need a world government,” he said, but, referring to Iran, said “we need to get rid of them.”

The continued push to pose as the saviors while offering global governance as the solution to the economic crisis was also re-affirmed in a recent speech by IMF chief and BIlderberg member Dominique Strauss-Kahn, when he told an audience of elitists in Zurich that the globalists need to see the ‘crisis as an opportunity’ to push for “a new global currency issued by a global central bank”.

Our sources close to Bilderberg emphasize the fissure that exists within globalist circles. Younger elitists and the nouveau riche are concerned that the global economy is being sunk too quickly and too soon, and that the consequences will be so drastic in the long term that even the wealth and influence of insiders will be threatened.

These divisions in the context of geopolitics was also addressed recently by Trilateral Commission co-founder and prominent Bilderberger Zbigniew Brzezinski, who in addition revealed that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.


Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy 150410banner1

The fact that globalists are also debating the timeline as to if and when the euro single currency will collapse, and whether it will be followed by the U.S. dollar has also been publicly discussed in recent weeks.

Former Bank of England policy maker David Blanchflower recently told Bloomberg News that the euro region could break up as a result of the debt crisis in Greece which threatens to spread to other countries on the continent.

As veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker points out in his latest article, the corporate media has already been preconditioning the public to accept Bilderberg’s agenda for weeks.

“Bilderberg-controlled news outlets in Europe and the Western Hemisphere are conditioning the public to accept two of the super-secret elite’s major goals in advance of its meeting June 4-7 in Sitges, Spain: a U.S. attack on Iran and a financial bailout of Greece and other European Union (EU) countries,” writes Tucker.

With the agenda for global government now past the point of secrecy and out in the open, the Bilderberg group’s primary role is to groom political candidates for future high-power positions within the new world order hierarchy.

The most interesting aspect to come out of this year’s conference in Sitges Spain is the question of who will be attending. While David Cameron’s new coalition government in the United Kingdom has opposed the expansion of Bilderberg’s European project in rhetoric, they have been busy appointing pro-Euro politicians to influential posts. The possible attendance of Cameron and his new sidekick Nick Clegg will be interesting to watch, as will the question of whether any members of the ousted UK Labour Party are invited. With leadership elections imminent after the resignation of dutiful Bilderberg servant Gordon Brown, Bilderberg will be keen to vet potential future Prime Ministers such as David Milliband.

News On HAARP 2010

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might give us some clue what to expect - or an insight into what they are "up to" up there:

Military scientists study ionosphere

Posted 3/3/2010 Updated 3/4/2010 Email story Print story

by Bob Freeman
Special to American Forces Press Service

3/3/2010 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- At a facility in a remote part of south-central Alaska, the largest radio transmitter on Earth sends high-frequency signals into the ionosphere to help scientists better understand the influence of charged particles on radio communications and satellite surveillance systems.

Surprisingly, it also is able to create a mini-ionosphere.

"The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a program known as HAARP, is basically a joint Air Force-Navy program to investigate ionospheric physics and radio science," explained James Battis, HAARP program manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory, during a Feb. 24 interview on Pentagon Web Radio's audio webcast "Armed with Science: Research and Applications for the Modern Military."

Mr. Battis was joined in the interview by Craig Selcher, HAARP program manager at the Naval Research Laboratory, and Todd Pedersen, a senior research physicist at AFRL.

"The ionosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere where there are a significant number of charged particles," Mr. Pedersen said. He explained that energy from the sun, particularly in the ultraviolet wavelengths, strikes atmospheric gas molecules and atoms with enough force to dislodge electrons. This results in a field of negatively charged electrons and positively charged atoms and molecules (ions), maintained in a plasma state, which conducts electrical currents and responds to electric and magnetic fields.

Mr. Battis mentioned that radio waves passing through the ionosphere are affected by the charged particles. "This can affect things like the quality of the signal from a satellite to the ground, or short-wave communications from ground to ground," he said.

He added that the signals from satellite-based surveillance and positioning systems also can be affected by the ionosphere.

"When the signals from GPS come down (from the satellite), their paths are actually deflected by the structure of the ionosphere," he said, "and some GPS errors are due to distortions created by the ionosphere." He explained that while these errors may not be significant to the average user, they can be significant for precise military positioning. "That's one of the reasons (the Defense Department) is interested," he noted.

But the scientists all agreed that communications are the major reason for Defense Department interest.

"These are the transmissions which are used to communicate with aircraft and satellites, so the Air Force is interested largely in effects of the ionosphere on communications," Battis said.

Mr. Selcher agreed. "We have ships all over the globe that we want to be in contact with at all times, so any effect the ionosphere has on communications is something that we want to study," he said.

Mr. Battis noted that the research conducted by HAARP will benefit civilian communication systems as well, including those supporting civil aviation and ground communications.

"Satellite radio and satellite television can also be impacted by naturally occurring ionospheric conditions," Mr. Selcher added. "And trying to understand those is to begin to learn to predict, and maybe to (improve), the problem."

Mr. Battis described much of the previous ionospheric research as passive, with the evaluation of ionospheric effects based on the quality of reception of a normally transmitted radio signal.

"The radio waves we transmit from the array at our facility actively create processes and interactions with the particles in the ionosphere," he said. "Hopefully, we can learn what the responses are and how to use them to improve transmissions through the ionosphere."

"We have radio-wave sensors which send waves up to the ionosphere and listen for a reflection or an echo off something up there," Mr. Pedersen remarked. "And we have passive sensors that will listen to waves produced in the ionosphere, and also optical sensors."

Mr. Pedersen explained that when energy is directed at the ionosphere, some of it eventually comes back in the form of radio waves and some in the form of optical emissions.

"When these electrons get moved around by the electric field, they ultimately run into molecules up there, and when they have enough energy they'll become excited and give off light, just like the inside of a fluorescent light bulb," he said.

Mr. Battis and Mr. Selcher said that the radio waves emitted from the HAARP array create reactions that mimic natural processes in the ionosphere, but they are more controlled and their time and frequency input is measured, allowing the researchers to differentiate them from natural occurrences and better understand the processes at play.

"You can actually repeat the experiment again and again to verify that you're getting the right data and that the data means what you think it means," Mr. Selcher said.

Mr. Battis described the unique nature of the HAARP array, consisting of 180 transmitters distributed over 35 to 40 acres of land, with a frequency range of 2.65 to 10 megahertz.

"We can actually direct the signal within about 15 degrees of the zenith and move the signal in time," he said. "We can paint the sky. Similar facilities are typically restricted to three or four frequencies in that band, whereas we're able to do more continuous frequencies."

"That allows you to really expand the kind of experiments that you can do," Mr. Selcher added. "You can start sweeping the beam around in space, and you can change frequencies to determine if there's a frequency that has a stronger interaction with the ionosphere."

Mr. Pedersen described a surprising advance in the use of HAARP transmitters. He explained that at full power, HAARP is energetic enough that its signals not only light up the gas molecules, they're also able to knock additional electrons off, creating small areas of artificial plasma.

"Sunlight does that, and that's how we get the ionosphere in the first place," Mr. Pedersen said. "The aurora also does it. Electrons come shooting in from the aurora, from far out in space, hit the gas molecules, knock electrons off and create a temporary ionosphere for the duration of time the aurora is there," he explained.

In short, HAARP is able to create a small addition to the ionosphere. "We can add to the ionosphere enough that we can actually start doing experiments in that little spot of plasma that we created from the transmitter," Mr. Pedersen said.

Mr. Pedersen remarked that the next step was to figure out exactly what's happening in this artificial plasma and how to control it.

"This field has been data-starved for many, many years," Mr. Selcher noted, "because there weren't enough facilities that had the kind of power that HAARP has." He explained that theorists proposed many ideas to explain ionospheric interactions, but the data wasn't available to support them. HAARP is changing that.

"It's a nice position to be in as an experimentalist," he said.

(Courtesy of American Forces Press Service)

10 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

10 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

GrassyKnollTrolls April 07, 2010For copies of lab results showing aluminum, barium, manganese, thorium, nickel, and many other toxic heavy metals at levels 100's of X over the max limit for human exposure. See and click on the 2008 and 2009 results.

We're in the process of filming the documentary, "What in the World Are They Spraying?", an in-depth feature exposing the SAG aka Chemtrail agenda. The budget is $22,350.00. We'd appreciate any donations made towards our efforts in exposing this important issue. Please contact Mike Murphy at for donation,
instructions, a detailed outline and more information.

Thanks to luckymauro for the video clip....

This is 1 clip already shot for the documentary.

Could a ban of transparent reporting at the Asilomar conference this past February in San Diego be an attempt to cover-up world-wide contamination from Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Programs?

Geo-engineers gathered once again near Monterey California at the Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies meeting to develop norms and guidelines for what they say will be controlled experimentation on geo-engineering the planet. While many claim that stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG), aka chemtrail programs are in full-scale deployment, organizers of this meeting showed a lack of transparency by either denying or holding reporters to a high set of rules which limited what information was brought to the attention of the public. While we might never know how much information from the conference was suppressed in articles and reports, we do know some of the information that was not included. The issue of current SAG deployment and the use of aluminum in these programs seemed to be missing from reports and articles that came out of the conference.'


May 30 2010 Update

Hey there, this is an update on the news about the oil spill.

The pipe was initially spraying what they still show on tv, the first shocking clips, but those of us who have been watching the spillcam have seen that its getting worse. To what ends are we willing to stop this spill from poisoning our water? How will it be stopped, if it can be? Would anyone even think to how this is a sign from God? I read a book when I was in grade 11 about the Rapture, and whether I thought it would actually happen or not it was a great series, seven books in the Antichrist in his Glass City is drinking bottled water because all the oceans have turned to blood. If this world we find ourselves now living in is not in tribulation I cannot fathom what that would be.

The water is our life source, considered the primal element, God by cultures of old. There is but one ocean and we drink of it as we partake of life itself, and this is not the first oil spill either, and im sure it will not be the last. We should take these signs from the universe and respect them and better our own lives for facing honestly the truth in the world. We must react faster, choose compromise and improve the state of life for everyone around us. Those truly are the most important people. All we have ever had is now to choose, but what choice do we have? Waking up is Keeping up and Learning more.
We have messed this planet up really bad, but it will survive. I wonder if we will, by our own mechanisms by nature.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Star Elder Message

Fake it 'til you make it.
A Star Elder Message that was received
by Aluna Joyin Palenque, Mexico - March 20, 2010
In the sacred site of Palenque Mexico, we can see the light returning in a very powerful way. It is a sparkly, kind of weird, iridescent, almost see-through kind of light. This is all very familiar to me as this was the same kind of energy I felt 20 years ago in this very site when the Star Elders shared a prophecy, a vision of the future, with me. I had forgotten about this, because I have been waiting so long to see this manifest. I had given up on the dream of this vision. But it is clear that Palenque is coming alive, being birthed into a new world, and so are we. This is going to trigger things in us that are totally unexpected and new to us. We will not know what comes next. I can sense other event and transformations coming, because I can feel them cooking, but I don't have anything to share about them just yet. The energy is still too new. But something is shifting, and Palenque is definitely being elevated.

This new light has something to do with the earthquakes which have been occurring across the Earth. This new light has accelerated activity in the ring of fire. The Haitian earthquake was about letting go of global karma. Thank God for the brave ones there that took this on for the entire planet. By the time the huge earthquake hit Chile, the Earth had emptied out a huge space for this new light to come in, and I could feel a tremendous amount of light pouring in.

On March 20th (Equinox), while we were in Palenque, we were sandwiched between two earthquakes . . . one of which we felt. One was to the north of us (Offshore Jalisco, Mexico 03/20/2010 at 21:33:04 - 4.7 magnitude), and the other was immediately south of us (Chiapas, Mexico 03/20/2010 at 21:55:50 - 5.3 magnitude). These earthquakes also released a huge amount of negative energy from the earth. This is what earthquakes do. When the negative energy is released, it allows space for new light to fill this void.

After this event, many began to feel tightness in the chest, because this new light is clearing out the bridge between our heads and our hearts. All this light coming in is accelerating humanity, and is rocking our world for sure. It is activating our new hearts. This is one of many reasons why travel to sacred sites, that carry a certain quality of heart, is so important. They offer us an inoculation of pure, future frequencies that will help us adapt to the new world emerging. Palenque is one such site, and one reason why I come back here over and over.

This is a time for humanity to have courage and not be afraid. We are going to have to be clear headed and opened hearted for what is coming next. When we are fearful, we lose our ability to hear our own truth. We know that we have lost our connection to our own truth when we have to call our friends and ask "What's going on?" or "What should I do now?" In these unpredictable times, it is understandable that we might need some help getting clear by calling trusted friends. This why we need each other so much right now, because we will have these momentary lapses of time where we lose it for a little bit. We are human. But remember, we only ask for help, because we doubt ourselves, and doubt is a form of fear. As soon as you allow fear to dominate you, you cannot heal yourself, you cannot access your truth, and you are temporarily cut off from the light of spirit. We doubt ourselves, but we also know we are full of light.

Our DNA holds memory in our bodies, and memory is incredibly mechanistic. We are used to doing things certain ways. We have many unconscious habits which keep us in our ruts. When we break out of that habit and do something different, the first thing we will feel is some form of fear. Our pulse goes up, our senses are heightened, and we might get sweaty palms, etc…. This is simply human nature. As this new light floods the planet, we are going to be encountering a lot of new and exciting things in a very quick succession. It is a new world with new ways that are emerging now.

If you can get past being afraid of fear, fear can actually be a good indicator to reveal the very place you need to go. I think there is a book called "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway." You don't actually need to buy the book, because the title says it all. Obviously there are things to be afraid of . . . you don't pick up the coral snake in the jungle or pet a howler monkey, but when you feel a little frightened, it means that you are doing something new. It means that you are dancing a new dance. It means that you are learning something new. So if you are committed to growing, life is always going to feel a little scary. Did you know that fear and excitement are exactly the same frequency in the body. It is just that fear is excitement judged. It is all the same physiological reactions except excitement is a good feeling, and fear is a not so good.

I wanted to share this now, because we have doubts . . . every one of us. This happens especially after we have a vision, or have a moment of inspiration, or we feel like a little light bulb is turned on in our head. We say "Wow!" So, what happens next? In the next minute, we doubt the inspiration or insight. Doubt takes place, because we actually get a little peek to who we really are! We don't like to own who we really are. But it is time that we learn to do so.

Doubt always follows truth. So we need to ignore our doubts, and pay attention to our truths. Every time we have an experience or a thought that elevates us, that makes us feel like "Wow!", perhaps we should pay attention to it. Thoughts like "Maybe it is not that crazy to create heaven on earth. Maybe we really are filled with LIGHT. Maybe we are that magnificent. Maybe we are a part of God." But we quickly doubt these revelations. Yet again, if we get over the fear surrounding our uncertainties, doubt can be a really great emotion, because it is a sign post to the truth and the light within you. Sadly, the epiphany type moments are the ones we take for granted. The doubt we feel about ourselves is a lie, and the revelation we just had is the truth.

Here is an example: How many of you notice that when someone criticizes you, you take it right on board, and you stew on this criticism all day. But if someone gives you a compliment, you tend to shy away from it. Many of us do this. Sometimes when we get those beautiful thoughts about ourselves and the promise of our emerging harmonious world, they slip by us unnoticed. But what comes immediately after is the painful doubt. This hurts, and it gets our attention. We always notice the pain, because it is so unnatural to who we really are, and where we come from, and where we are going.

So as you are going through life and your mind chatters as it does, and you have that rising doubt, realize that that emotion never gets there unless there was a great insight just prior to it. So peel back time in your mind a little bit, and go back to the light of that truth you just had. Quit giving energy, or attention, to all the blah-blah that your mind records and plays back to you over and over. Your mind is like that little guy on your shoulder saying "Who the hell do you think you are? Why do you think you can do this?" Remember, the mind is mechanistic, and it just plays back what you allowed in there in the first place. Your heart does not lie, but your head will. The TRUTH IS that we create and do anything. Any one of us can manifest our dreams. Doubt is the only thing that stands in the way. If we simply follow our hearts, we can manifest our dreams.

All the dreams that you have inside of you which you don't think you can manifest, or you think they are too far out of your reach, I am telling you that they are not. Because all of you know me the way I am now, but you have no idea what I was like before, and what it took to get me here. I remember who I was when I was in a prison called doubt. I know that if I can live my dream, anyone can. Now, to put things into perspective, I think I am only living a small part of my dream. Don't think that I am living all of it. But this also gives me something more to reach for. We need a goal to keep the spice in life. I know there is more . . . there is and always will be more. But at least now I hope am going in the right direction.

One of the things the Star Elders are asking to share with you is to cook on those wild dreams that you have inside of you . . . those wild, wacko dreams that you have about yourself . . . and they want you to wear them. Imagine or pretend that they are already happening. When you do this you are telling the universe what you want to create, and the universe has to comply. When you start acting as if you are living your dream, you are. Actors have great jobs, because they can play all these different parts. When they really get into a role, they have left their doubt behind. The universe says "Oh, Merrill Streep wants to play Julia Child." Pretty soon she merges with the role, and it becomes a part of who she is. Why is that? Because the universe will give you anything you want. Absolutely anything you want, any time you want it, and as much as you want. You just have to start acting as if it is so. Trust yourself and follow your heart. You need to fake it 'til you make it.

The Star Elders also want to share that it is a good thing to cultivate an abundance of self-esteem, so you can hold onto that dream that you can be anything and do anything. The Star Elders want you to take it a step further. This is homework. Write down a list of all the amazing and wonderful things that you know you are (for your eyes only). Get up in the morning, and read it to yourself. Then claim it. Say "OK, I AM this person". Ask to be of service in the best, absolute way you can, and walk out of your room assuming that that is true. Each day it will get easier to claim yourself. P.S. . . . you can add to the list anytime you want. You will discover more amazing things about yourself the more you do this.

Coming to Earth for many of us has been like riding on a roller coaster. You get on the roller coaster, and you are going up that first big hill thinking "Whoa, this is going to be great." Then you get to the top and you say "What was I thinking?", and you want to get off of that ride as fast as you can. But you can't, because you are stuck, and you are going down, you are whipping around, and you are screaming and yelling and laughing. You get off, and you say "Wow! That was great. I want to go again." Right? Remember we signed up for this. It is time to turn the fear back into its lighted form, and that is excitement.

When we let go of fear and take another step further into our futures, we will get what the Star Elder call "the good stuff", because we are breaking old patterns and doing something that we have never done before. This is where the growth is. We are here to help humanity feel their excitement; not their fear . . . and help them hear their own truth. That is why you are reading this. Do you know how awesome that is?

PS... We placed selected few Sacred Site Essences and I AM Blessings Water Essences on sale that will help with courage, finding ones truth and keeping the heart open while integrating the new energy light You can order them here
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph:928-282-6292 Webpage: E-mail:

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May 24 2010 Oil Spill Image

Full resolution‎ (2,118 × 1,628 pixels, file size: 369 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

English: "Sunlight illuminated the lingering oil slick off the Mississippi Delta on May 24, 2010. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image the same day."

The spill is now thought to have eclipsed the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill as the largest in US history.[17] Estimates of the total amount of oil spilled are 450,000–930,000 barrels [18] Experts fear that due to factors such as petroleum toxicity and oxygen depletion, it will result in an environmental disaster, damaging the Gulf of Mexico fishing industry, tourism industry, and habitat of hundreds of bird species.[19][20] Crews are working to block off bays and estuaries, using anchored barriers, floating containment booms, and sand-filled barricades along shorelines. There are a variety of ongoing efforts, both short and long term, to contain the leak and stop spilling additional oil into the Gulf.

BP will try to shut down the well completely using a technique called "top kill".[114] The process involves pumping heavy drilling fluids through two 3-inch (7.6 cm) lines into the blowout preventer that sits on top of the wellhead. This would first restrict the flow of oil from the well, which then could be sealed permanently with cement.[115] The top kill procedure, approved by the Coast Guard on May 25, commenced at 1 p.m. CDT on May 26 and, according to BP sources, while failure could be evident in minutes or hours it may take "a day or two" before its success could be determined. [116]

On May 27, U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who is coordinating the government response, indicated that engineers had succeeded in stopping the flow of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico. He further stated that the well still has low pressure, but cement will be used to cap the well permanently as soon as the pressure hits zero.[117]

( It doesn't appear to be stopping.. )

A summary of events on Thursday, May 27, Day 36 of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that began with the April 20 explosion and fire on the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, owned by Transocean Ltd. and leased by BP PLC, which is in charge of cleanup and containment. The blast killed 11 workers. Since then, oil has been pouring into the Gulf from a blown-out undersea well at a rate of at least 210,000 gallons per day.


BP's attempt to choke off the gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico appeared to be making some progress, officials said Thursday. BP started shooting heavy drilling mud into the blown-out well 5,000 feet underwater on Wednesday afternoon. BP said it should know by late Friday if the technique worked.


Dire new government estimates showed the disaster has easily eclipsed the Exxon Valdez as the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. A team of government scientists said the oil has been flowing at a rate 2½ to five times higher than BP and the Coast Guard had estimated. Two teams of scientists calculated the well has been spewing between 504,000 and more than a million gallons a day -- or 18 million to 39 million gallons so far. That larger figure would be nearly four times the size of the Exxon Valdez disaster, in which a tanker ran aground in Alaska in 1989, spilling nearly 11 million gallons. The spill is not the biggest ever in the Gulf. In 1979, a drilling rig in Mexican waters -- the Ixtoc I -- blew up, releasing 140 million gallons of oil.


President Barack Obama announced major new restrictions on drilling projects. He also extended a freeze on new deepwater oil drilling and canceled or delayed proposed lease sales in the waters off Alaska and Virginia and along the Gulf Coast.


Obama says there was too much complacency in the government before the Gulf Coast oil spill and not enough focus on what could happen in a worst-case scenario. He says failing to anticipate worst-case scenarios has turned out to be a problem.


Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says the government will require independent certification of emergency cutoff valves on offshore oil wells like those that failed in the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Salazar said those rules will be part of an effort to tighten oversight of offshore drilling.


Obama said he would end the "scandalously close relationship" between regulators and the oil companies they oversee. Elizabeth Birnbaum, head of the Minerals Management Service since July, resigned under pressure. Her agency has long been criticized for lax oversight of drilling and cozy ties with industry.


Federal officials say cleaning up the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has already cost the government $87 million, making it the third-most expensive cleanup effort in the nation's history. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry has distributed that money to state and federal agencies directly involved in the cleanup. A senior financial analyst at the National Pollution Funds Center says another $38 million in emergency money has been assigned to the Deepwater Horizon spill, but has yet to be spent.


Marine scientists said they have spotted a huge new plume of what they believe to be oil deep beneath the Gulf, stretching 22 miles from the leaking wellhead northeast toward Mobile Bay, Ala. They fear it could have resulted from using chemicals a mile below the surface to break up the oil. The discovery by researchers on the University of South Florida College of Marine Science's Weatherbird II vessel is the second significant undersea plume recorded since the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20.


The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says that BP's use of dispersants to fight the Gulf oil spill has been significantly reduced. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told a House subcommittee on Thursday that BP used less than 12,000 gallons of dispersants on Wednesday, down from 70,000 gallons four days ago.


Seven workers helping to clean up the Gulf oil spill were hospitalized after they reported dizziness, headaches and nausea. West Jefferson Medical Center spokeswoman Taslin Alfonzo said Thursday that the emergency room doctor said her symptoms were typical of chemical exposure. One was released Thursday, and doctors were considering whether to release five more.


U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen on Thursday approved parts of Louisiana's $350 million plan to ring its coastline with a wall of sand meant to keep out the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Allen said the state could move forward on a network of sand berms along the Chandeleur Islands and a string of barrier islands west of the Mississippi River. They make up about half of an 86-mile network considered a last-ditch attempt to keep oil out of the state's fragile marshes. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said BP PLC will pay for the first section -- and for five more if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deems the effort successful.


An environmental group asked a federal appellate court to halt 49 offshore drilling plans in the Gulf of Mexico that were approved without full environmental review. The Center for Biological Diversity's lawsuit challenges exploration and drilling plans approved within the past 60 days that were exempted from full environmental analyses required under the National Environmental Policy Act. BP received a similar exemption before a blowout on its Deepwater Horizon platform last month killed 11 workers and triggered a massive spill.


A ship that worked offshore in the Gulf oil spill entered Mobile Bay with dark gunk on its hull, angering residents who believe any vessels should be cleaned before coming into the bay. The Alabama State Port Authority said the 454-foot pipe-laying ship had an initial scrubbing at sea before entering the bay. It denied an allegation that the work violated pledges that ships smeared with oil wouldn't be allowed into the bay.


Two workers injured when an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico tell Congress that the companies in charge of the doomed drilling operation cut corners and neglected maintenance in a race for higher profits. Laborer Stephen Stone told the House Judiciary Committee Thursday that the companies gambled with workers' lives. But Jimmy Harrell, the Deepwater Horizon's offshore installation manager, told a panel of Coast Guard and Minerals Management Service officials at a separate hearing near New Orleans that he didn't feel pressured at all.

Malaysia Singapore Oil Spill May 28 2010

The Malaysian tanker MT Bunga Kelana 3 and a bulk carrier collide in the Traffic Separation Scheme of the Singapore Strait, resulting in an estimated 2,000 tonnes of oil spilled. (Reuters) (Times Online)

(Reuters) - An oil tanker and a bulk carrier collided in waters between Malaysia and Singapore on Tuesday morning, spilling an estimated 2,500 tonnes of oil, but traffic in Asia's busiest shipping lane was not affected.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

7.0 Earthquake Port Vila Vanuatu May 27 2010

Windsor Genova - AHN News News Writer

Port Vila, Vanuatu (AHN) - A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck off Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean on Friday generating strong aftershocks but no tsunami.

There was no immediate reports of casualties or damages to the island.

The earthquake happened at 4:14 a.m. and the epicenter was located 22 miles deep, 133 miles north north-west of Luganville, 1,286 miles northeast of Brisbane, Australia, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, USA warned coastal areas of possible tsunami but cancelled it later

May 27 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Leak Image

Gulf Oilspill worst in US History

about a minute ago

TheNewNightwing RT @: The Gulf oil spill has surpassed the Exxon Valdez as the worst in U.S. history.

BP Resumes Pumping Mud To Block The Hole


As the Gulf Coast oil leak continues, we want to hear your thoughts on the best way to stop the spill and also how to clean up the oil that has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Leave us a text or video response by 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 27. If you make a video, please keep it shorter than 60 seconds. Don’t forget to tell us your name and where you live. Some of the best questions could appear on our air or on our Web site.

Everyone is invited to participate. Just click "submit a question" below to get started. Be sure to let your friends know by clicking "share" as well! You can also vote on which ideas you think are the best.

Tierce18 RT @: Watch the #oilspill video that BP does not want you to see. (via @) Pls RT!

nytimesopinion Editorial: President Obama Confronts the Oil Spill

Is the U.S. Government Planning War to Quell the Tide of Economic Unrest?

Is the U.S. Government Planning War to Quell the Tide of Economic Unrest?

By pollywog

by Gary D. Barnett

In my opinion and in a word: Yes!


“READY FOR WAR,” “U.S. Military told to get ready in Korea Standoff, Obama orders commanders to prepare ‘to deter future aggression.’” By Drudge and MSNBC

“U.S. Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region” by Tyler Durden

“Clinton: Korea Must Face ‘Consequences’ For Sunken Warship”

Homeland Security, Northeast Intelligence Network: “The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real”

“The Expanding U.S. War in Pakistan” by Jeremy Scahill

“Yemen, Latest War Front?” by CBS News

These are but a very few of the recent headlines about more U.S. war, but the Iranian and Korean situations are the most dangerous, and the threats against Iran I think the most real.

United States wars are virtually all wars of aggression, so it is quite evident that U.S. wars are “fought” for reasons other than self-defense. That means there are ulterior motives involved that are not related to moral behavior, but instead to nefarious intent. This is a disturbing revelation, and one little understood by the American masses. It is one however, that if more understood, could literally blow the lid off the notion that the purposeful buildup of the military–industrial complex is for the defense of this nation! This thought scares the life out of those in power who need to keep the populace scared to death at all times in order to propagate their crimes.

Our economy, as is the case for much of the rest of the world’s economies, is currently imploding. Since all major economies in the world are based on valueless, un-backed, and worthless money, this situation should have been evident to the mainstream long ago. Of course the failing economy is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is most definitely the most important piece. With a so-called vibrant economy over the past decade or so, even though it was based on lies and deceit, and was a complete sham, the general population was easy to control during these so-called “prosperous” times. With the real economy now being exposed for the fraud that it is, and the real risks becoming more evident, the once complacent citizen is now becoming angry. Because of this, the evil U.S. federal government must find a new method of fooling the masses into believing in “their” government and country. War is the obvious answer, as war solidifies the putrid and false nationalistic worship of the peasants more than any other ploy.

In my opinion, any bad economic news, any exposure of the current economic fraud, any sovereign government risk of collapse, any higher unemployment or excessive price inflation, will anger the majority and vastly escalate the government’s need to start another war. It cannot afford to let the situation get out of hand, as there are many more of us than there are of them, so whatever becomes necessary in the mind of government in order for it to effect its manipulation and control over the people will be implemented. If that is a purposely orchestrated and unnecessary war, then so be it.

The openness of these plans and the blatant steps being taken by the federal government to protect its power are disturbing to say the least. Even with this openness however, most are still in the dark. Since 2001, our civil rights have been for the most part destroyed. Laws have been enacted that allow the government to capture and hold indefinitely any citizen it deems a risk, and without the possibility of charge or trial. Legislation to open and construct holding camps [see here] has been proposed and plans to implement this process are being prepared for today. Martial Law is now not just a possibility but a probability. This government in my opinion is at the same time preparing for both Martial Law and war to quell the tide of possible civil unrest due to economic instability or collapse. This is astounding, as both ends of the spectrum are being covered by Leviathan’s planned course of action. This should frighten all of us!

This time around the false flag event(s) leading to another war should immediately be scrutinized and brought to light, and those who expose the forthcoming government and neo-con lies should not be considered conspiracy nuts, but rather truth-tellers and heroes. I am warning you in advance, as so many others have done before me, that the next war will be pre-planned and calculated. The federal government’s actions are no longer hidden, and the motive for its criminal and murderous behavior is there for all to see. Obviously, those who now rule over us are confused and dazed, but they are nonetheless prepared to do what is necessary to keep their position of power intact. This government will not consider the means, but only the ends, so that justification will then become more palatable to those so easy to fool.

The dangers of this situation are tremendous. A war with Iran will upset not only the entire Middle East, but the whole world. The terrorism risk due to blowback will increase dramatically; this in and of itself helping the guilty government to perpetuate the crime, all the while gaining even more power and authority over us. Not only will many more innocents abroad be murdered, but many more Americans will also have to die as fodder for the cause of the elite.

These situations are not accidental but designed, and they are designed so that the few can survive in luxury, while the rest of us suffer. When will the common man come to the realization that government in a now totalitarian society like ours is not of the people, by the people, and for the people, but that people are of the government, by the government, and for the government? Only when all individuals are sovereign and free, and in total control of the State will this paradigm shift back to its original design.

May 27, 2010
war, collapse, government, internment camp, security

Private Corporation Building Detention Camps Across America

Private Corporation Building Detention Camps Across America
Sprawling jail facilities sit empty in anticipation of the federal government's "ENDGAME" internment plan
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, May 27, 2010
The shadowy design firm that was behind the infamous Hardin Montana jail is pushing to build detention camps across America, with the latest proposal centering around a fifty acre, five hundred bed facility in Italy, Texas, part of a program that many Americans fear is based around a plan to intern political dissidents in the event of a national emergency.

The Great Purification

The Great Purification: Cauac
26 May 2010 - 5:53pm | sensipeter

a message from Navajo

Wednesday, 26 May, 2010

“I am Cauac,

initiation of fire on the water,

purple flaming pyre,

and winnowing rain of final surrender.

If you seek my rapture,

my unspeakable passion for wholeness will purify you,

searing the very foundations on which

you have built your most cherished illusions.”

(The Mayan Oracle)

On the Mayan Calendar, this glyph portends a time of profound quickening and extreme purification. Cauac’s known qualities are purification, transformation, reunion, light body, activation for ascension, thunderbeings, lightning path, initiation by fire and the ecstasy of freedom. My guides kept whispering the words “purge” to me for over one month but I couldn’t quite grab the gist of what they wanted me to transmit. It took my husband actually getting very sick with food poisoning to make the point painfully clear. In his 9 days of illness, he physically purged “everything” held in his system, then he had to revive his body with good nutrition, rest, sunshine, love and gentleness in the days that followed. He told me he came to his personal wall of death and had to make a decision to stay or go. He went about the Great Purification quite literally, I believe most of us will accomplish this same feat, literally or figuratively. It is more than clear to me that the time has come to shed all unwanted debris, if you choose to or not.

Some people have been experiencing the purge as their structures fall away to be rearranged, or their relationships undergo endings and transitions, or their emotions overwhelm them to the point of medication and/or their physical bodies experience daily unheard of aches and pains. In the time of Cauac, one must clear the old karmas, release the old stories & judgements, let go of the unhealthy patterns and basically get your bodies in shape to be a light vehicle and sacred temple. Afterall, we are on a spiritual journey and light mission, remember?

Facebook is so timely. I have never experienced anything quite like this networking & communication tool that allows the timelines of the past, present and future to collide. Did you think you could escape the old lover and your issues/karma together? Oh no, he/she just found you on facebook! Even your enemies are asking to be your facebook friends. You can’t run, nor can you hide in this energy…it is time to face all one’s thoughts, for better or worse, and to reconcile all one’s feelings towards others, for better or worse.

Facebook is also an incredible marketing tool as so many of us have come to realize as we create personal or business fan clubs. But Facebook is currently under scrutiny having experienced “privacy issues”. The world is in uproar that their privacy has been invaded. Kid yourself not- there is no privacy left. As we move towards a telepathic, transparent planet, there is nothing that can be hidden, nothing to safeguard from the masses, no secret contracts to tuck away into the safety boxes by night. Like the original people of Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear, no-one can lie or deceive. No-one would even attempt to lie as it would be painfully obvious, unheard of, strange and absolutely without dignity. Behave now as if everyone can read your mind because in a blink of time everyone will be able to read your mind and yes, we can actually thank visionary Mark Zuckerman and his Facebook for blasting open the telepathic paths & portals of the future.

Our world is so full of magic, it always has been. On May 8th a new crop circle was created and discovered. The design shed more clarity on this “purge”. A world below ascending towards a new world. A world above, descending to give assistance. A new world created by the merging of the two. Imagine though, in this new world created from the two- heavy, dense frequencies cannot be imported. They must be purged from our systems so that we can safely arrive to meet our galactic neighbors.

At the moment our world is so riddled with dangers. Volatile, unpredictable, insecure moments. We are truly in the pregnancy time, 8th month, when Mama Earth herself is feeling overwhelmed by her upcoming birth. I can remember this time in my own pregnancies when all I wanted to do was vomit due to the immense realization that I was in a situation that was going to be very intense. Yes, we, as the human race, are all in the very, very deep end of the sea. And at this moment, the sea is about to choke us for lack of oxygen or slick us full of seeping oil that can’t seem to cease its flow. I am requesting all shamans to kindly step to the scene to play rescue on this ridiculous man-made disaster. Or maybe its just part of the plan: part of our current earth game, “as the purge continues”. Our galactic friends do seem to be reminding us that even through the overwhelming purge symptoms, we can actually be beautiful pregnant mama awaiting her birth in joyful anticipation (see first crop circle of 2010 below).

We have moved through the frist half of the 6th galactic night (mayan calendar). The second half is suppose to be more action packed, more intense in the astrological alignments we will be facing and faster, so much faster! See if you can wrap your mind around that. Barbara Hand Clow said, ” Personally, I’ve found the pace of time acceleration during the Galactic Night Six to be almost unbearable.” I couldn’t agree more. I am getting a royal ass kicking at the moment. She further states that “There is no longer any question that time acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the middle of a new level of increase. Since the Spring Equinox, there has been a rapid wind-up of events in the world that makes many of us feel like reality is transforming three times faster.” Faster and faster- round and round we go- there’s certainly no stopping the show now.

And Aluna Joy who felt the energies of the first crop circle descend on the evening of May 8th as she was in group meditation says she is “noticing many symptoms of this new activation. Time and space is beginning to wobble even more erratically than before. We seem to be loosing track of time easily. The day simply disappears. We are not sleeping very well . . . again. There is lots of tossing and turning in the night. We are hearing reports of many unusual dreams. We are feeling huge power surges followed by energy drop-outs. There were many reports of nausea, and body aches and pains. Many felt deep grief. Some felt like they were walking on water. Others said that when they closed their eyes at night, everything was spinning. There have been visual disturbances, inner ear issues, throat and thyroid issues, cold feet (from being between worlds) and even a weird symptom of having tongue dryness. These symptoms are already subsiding here in Sedona, but they seem to be spreading across the earth quickly.”

Cauac, the great purification of the body temple. Cauac, the lightning storm that shatters all illusions. Cauac, the initiation by fire that moves us from separation to ascension. Cauac, the final transformation. Welcome- it is your time!

This full moon is known as “baptism under fire”,

maybe they are going to light up the oil on the sea as some have discussed-

In light and love,