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Upper Atmosphere Radiation

Shape of things to come

FourMinutes To Midnight

To put it simply, the nuclear fuel rods in reactor 4 are sitting inside of a pool of water that is preventing them from melting down completely and release massive amounts of radiation far beyond what already has been released.

The structural integrity of the building has been damaged so greatly that it appears that the reactor 4 building is leaning and officials around the world, including US senators, are warning even a minor earthquake could make it collapse.

If the water leaks out of the pool or the reactors come into open contact with the air there will be devastating consequences for all of humanity.

Besides Gundersen’s assertion that TEPCO doesn’t have enough money to deal with the problem, there have also been reports in the Japanese media that TEPCO isn’t dealing with the situation as they should because the cost would hurt their  stock price.

Of course that could change with the recent speculation that TEPCO will be nationalized by the government of Japan but know one knows if nationalization will actually happen or the government is just allowing the cost of the disaster to be placed on the backs of taxpayers.

Furthermore no one knows the true extent of the disaster as a former Fukushima worker has just turned whisteblower and reported TEPCO has been falsifying their reports.

The problems at reactor 4 are the greatest short-term threat to humanity and has the potential to destroy our world and TEPCO doesn’t have the money to fix them.

The problem at Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 which is being dubbed as the greatest short-term threat to humanity and has the potential to destroy our world and civilization as we know it.
Now nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen who is one of the only people providing objective scientific analysis about the Fukushima nuclear fallout believes based on his analysis of the problems that  TEPCO simply doesn’t have enough money to deal with the issues there.

Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: ‘It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor’
UN Ambassador No Exaggeration Fate Of The World Depends On Fukushima Reactor 4Alexander Higgins
May 2nd, 2012

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G20 undercover police officers

Testimony previously under a publication ban describes how two undercover police officers — one male, one female — spent 18 months infiltrating southern Ontario community groups ahead of the June 26-27, 2010, gathering of world leaders.

They were part of a much larger so-called joint intelligence group (JIG) operation that the RCMP, in its internal post-summit review, called "likely the largest JIG ever assembled in Canada."

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What May Unfold

Subject: A map of what seems to be unfolding in May 2012

Dear brenda,
I want to share with you a picture that seems to be unfolding this month. There is a collection of amazingly profound events that seem to be synchronistically coming into place. These are:
  • An action against the global elite, issued under Admiralty Law, to claim back the 2.4 metric tons, plus “interest” of 4% unpaid for the last 50 years, parties to which include all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the European Central Bank, amongst others.
  • A complex and carefully planned series of actions by the US military, based upon plans that had their germination decades ago, to bring back constitutional government in the United States.
  • A move by the Obama administration, associated with the item above, to move against those who have been controlling the US and other countries from behind the scenes for decades, even centuries.
Some of you will be aware of some of these on some level, but perhaps you have not noticed how these are all coming together in this time, and the synchronicities that underly them.
As I begin this, I want to acknowledge the extraordinary role that David Wilcock has played in pulling many of the threads of this together, along with the efforts of Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot. As you will see, many of the links I will share with you take you to some of David’s and Kerry’s extraordinary work.  Let me step you through each of these in overview.
Action against the global elite to reclaim the world’s gold
Official records tell us that there is not 2.4 metric tons of gold to be had. The evidence is rather different. David explains the financial tyranny, to use his words, that has been in place:
Now, part of what I want to draw your attention to are the synchronicities that emerge in what is happening. In this case, there have been attempts made over many years to bring the central banks and those that control them to account. These efforts have proven fruitless. What has changed the game is that those driving this action have connected with Winston Shrout, a self-taught, non-lawyer expert in Admiralty Law.
Firstly, I suggest you read David Wilcock on the Arrest Warrants and Liens filed against the G7 Central Banks - .
Next, I suggest you listen to the recording of David’s interview with Winston Shrout, the Admiralty Law expert - . Extraordinary stuff.  It is two mp3 files that are packaged within the zip file, so you can listen to it on your PC, download it to your iPod or other mp3 player and if you have a recent CD player that plays mp3 files, burn it to a CD and listen to it there.
This is the game changer in bringing the cabal to heel. This will trigger global arrests at the highest levels very soon, and the bankrupting of major elements of the global banking system and those behind it. Indeed, there is evidence that arrests have already begun in Europe, though you will not see this in the mainstream media.
For another background piece on this, I recommend the interview with Keith Scott (brief bio at and fellow Aussie by the sound of him) by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. You can access the original interview at , however you may prefer to listen to my edited version, which cuts out the ads and other distractions at . Keith is one of the parties to this global action, alongside Neil Keenan of the United States. Again, note how the parties have come together that were needed to actually bring this action to life, and it is very much in play in May 2012.
Action by the US military to reinstate constitutional government in the United States
This fascinating story has also seen the light of day through the work of David Wilcock, via his interview with a wonderful “elder statesman” who goes by the name of Drake. Drake explains how he was introduced to this plan around 1979, when he was already retired from the military, and when the plan was already 5” thick. It seems it had its seeds in the assassination of President Kennedy, and was pushed along significantly by the activities with President Nixon related to Watergate.
However, turning to the synchronicity once more, Drake had been endeavouring to find a national group of any sort with sufficient interest in the future of the United States to step forward as the civilian voice around which this effort could be built, from 1979 until last year without success. However, it was a frustrated call he made into a radio show to straighten out some misleading information being provided on that show that led to a legally trained listener in Pennsylvania taking the necessary action to trigger the reclamation of the sovereignty of that state, leading to a similar process for all of the original states of the United States over the ensuing months. This has put these actions in play here also in May 2012.
Here is the link to the transcript of David’s interview with Drake - , though I do recommend that you listen to the interview, which you can download from:
This picture is brought up to date by this interview by Bill Wood (Brockbrader) interviewing Drake on Friday May 4th .
And in case you are not aware of him, you may like to watch this “coming out” interview of Bill by Kerry Cassidy - . This is also of interest because he talks about the singularity that the Looking Glass technology revealed at the December 2012 solstice.
Actions by the Obama administration to reclaim constitutional power
This brings us to the announcements by Bill Wood and Eva Moore on Sunday May 6th of actions by the Obama administration, ostensibly to be taken at the time of the G8 and NATO meetings later this month, beginning on May 19th. Perhaps one small piece of evidence to support this unfolding was the move in March of the G8 meeting from Chicago to Camp David , which is a much more secure location. This is a very late shift in the planning of such an event.
Bill explains how Obama has spent his term gathering the resources and the evidence to act against those who have subverted the governance of the United States, and, synchronistically, is in a place to act upon this at the time of these meetings. I encourage you to watch these videos.
Is this all going to unfold as spoken of?
I cannot say for sure, especially the timing spoken of by Bill Wood for Obama’s actions, however the synchronicity of all that has come together is hard to ignore, and when you add to this evidence from John Kettler ( and ) regarding off-planet assistance in shutting down warfare, the extraordinary technology for free energy and many other things coming forth from the Keshe Foundation (, and the evidence that it was this technology that brought down over Iran the most sophisticated drone in the US arsenal, with communications technology in it they thought was many years beyond anyone’s ability to interfere with it , perhaps you can begin to see that there may be the coming together of some of the pieces necessary for the birthing of the new age that we have long spoken of at  and elsewhere.
To complete this picture, I want to share with you the astrological picture for May 2012 provided by Carl Boudreau - . Note the energies at work, the amazing power supporting synchronicity, and the eclipse coming on May 20, where its energies are in play during these supposed events. Today, May 8th, is the first day of the six-pointed star driving the beginning of these synchronistic energies.
As I said, I can’t say for sure this is all going unfold, however there are many things that have come into alignment to support it, including the planets. If nothing else, I suggest that if you live in the US you take a few precautions, as Bill and Drake suggest, to stock up a little on supplies and cash, and perhaps some silver and gold coins. And I do encourage you to take the time to go through the material I have given you, even though there is a lot here, so you are across the possibilities and bring some leadership to those around you that have no idea about what may be about to unfold.
May it be so.
Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.
Richard Presser
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Canadian Stocks Plunge

Tue May 8, 2012 4:57pm EDT
* TSX ends down 155.92 pts, or 1.3 pct, at 11,704.74
    * Lowest close since Dec. 19, 2011
    * Materials, energy and financials fall more than 1 pct
    * Greek uncertainty hurts sentiment

    By Jon Cook 
    TORONTO, May 8 (Reuters) - Canadian stocks hit a 2012 low on
Tuesday, as resource and financial shares floundered after a
threat by new leadership in Greece to renounce the country's
bailout terms raised fears of a new flare-up in the euro zone
debt crisis. 
    On Tuesday, Greece's Leftist candidate for prime minister,
Alexis Tsipras, set conditions for a new coalition that the
centrist conservative party said would drive the country out of
the euro.  
    Markets roiled at the news, and Canadian stocks sank for a
fifth straight session.  
    "We're down almost 700 points since last Wednesday," said
Bruce Latimer, a trader at Dundee Securities. "That's a heck of
a haircut in a short period of time." 
    The Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index
 finished down 155.92 points, or 1.3 percent, at
11,704.74. It was the index's lowest close since Dec. 19. 
    The TSX has fallen more than 5 percent since the beginning
of May. 
    Eight of the TSX's 10 main sectors finished in the red.
Losses were led by the heavyweight materials group, which
tumbled 2.8 percent as miners were hit by a sharp drop in gold
and base metals prices.   
    Top gold producers Barrick Gold and Goldcorp Inc
 were the sector's most influential decliners. Barrick,
the world's largest gold miner, fell 2.5 percent to C$36.71 and
Goldcorp sank 4.3 percent to C$34.40. 
    "With the decline in prices you're starting to get that
cleansing process where the baby gets thrown out with the bath
water," said Arthur Salzer, executive director and chief
executive officer of Northland Wealth Management. 
    Base metals miners were led lower by copper miner Teck
Resources, down 2.4 percent to C$33.53, and Silver
Wheaton, off 3.2 percent to C$26.43. 
    The unfolding Greek drama may have implications for other
struggling euro zone nations such as Spain, which could follow
suit in rejecting harsh austerity constraints, said Gavin
Graham, president at Graham Investment Strategy. 
    "If Spain chooses to renegotiate its bonds and make foreign
bond owners eat a 75 percent haircut, which is what happened in
Greece, then effectively the French and German banking systems
are going to be under severe stress," said Graham. 
    Canadian financial firms, which have less exposure to risky
European debt holdings than their global counterparts, were down
1.2 percent. Losses were led by major lenders Royal Bank of
Canada, down 1.7 percent at C$54.09, and
Toronto-Dominion Bank, off 1.5 percent at C$80.42. 
    Energy shares were also down, slipping 1.1 percent. Oil
prices fell for a fifth day running on Tuesday, with U.S. crude
down 8.62 percent, the biggest five-day percentage loss since
    Suncor Energy, Canada's largest oil producer,
dropped 1.5 percent to C$29.77. Canadian Natural Resources
 dropped 3 percent to C$30.69. 
    In other company news, shares of Research In Motion Ltd
 rose 2.1 percent to C$12 after the struggling
BlackBerry maker named chief marketing and operating officers on
Tuesday ahead of the launch of its next-generation BlackBerry 10
smartphones later this year.  
    Canadian Pacific Railway stock fell 1.1 percent to
C$73.69 after the head of U.S. hedge fund Pershing Square
Capital Management said on Tuesday that the future of Canada's
second-biggest railway should be decided by shareholder vote.

  • Dow -76.44

  • Nasdaq -11.49

  • S&P -5.86


The Toronto stock market tumbled more than 200 points mid-morning Tuesday as commodity prices retreated amid worries that Greece could be edging closer to default.
The S&P/TSX composite index fell 207.67 points or 1.75 per cent to 11,652.99 while the TSX Venture Exchange declined 54.91 points to 1,342.51.


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Peru Birds Dying

Whats going on in Peru? MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: More Than 1,200 Pelican Found Mysteriously Dead in Northern Peru - Same Region as the Mass Dolphin (800) Die-Off?!
According to Francisco Nique, president of the Association of Fishermen of Puerto Eten, for about 10 or 12 days have found more than 1,200 dead pelicans along 160 kilometers, between Punta Negra, in Piura , and San Jose creek in Lambayeque .
He reported that seven dolphins were found stranded, which add up to more than 3,000 fish dead in northern Peru so far this year.
The Peruvian Sea Institute (IMARPE) has not yet determined the cause of death of the birds and said the dolphins may have been killed by a virus, while Nique said the cause could be the paucity of species that function as food or seismic waves for exploration activities in the area.