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Afghans Protest Against NATO Killing Civilians

Afghans Protest Against NATO Killing Civilians

Hundreds of Afghans took to the streets to protest against the killing of 10 civilians, mostly teenagers,
in a raid by foreign forces, which heightened tensions between the Afghan government and NATO.

KABUL The head of a presidential delegation investigating the deaths of 10 people in eastern Afghanistan concluded Wednesday that civilians — including schoolchildren — were killed in an attack involving foreign troops, disputing NATO reports that the dead were insurgents.

Asadullah Wafa, a senior adviser to President Hamid Karzai, told The Associated Press by telephone that eight schoolchildren between the ages of 12 and 14 were among the dead discovered in a village house in the Narang district of Kunar province.

A NATO official has said initial reports from troops involved in the fighting on Sunday indicated that those killed were insurgents — all young males.

Kabul Afghan Protest NATO Killing Civilians Afghanistan Canada U.S. United States War Government Taliban Obama Harper ISAF Civilian Death America Army Kunar Province


CLIMATEGATE: Hitler flips out over the CRU hacked emails

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You know, as humorous and basically true as that little video is, it plays directly into the hand of the globalist Big Oil polluter-for-profit corporatists. I'm sorry I totally disagree with Alex on this issue. Both he and most of us all have been cleverly duped into going right down the road to perdition they have so deliberately and maliciously engineered for us to follow all along.

Just ask yourself why oil magnate mega-billionaires who have piled up profits to the gunnels by polluting and disowning more totally destroyed wastelands than any of us could imagine ever even owning in the first place (Occidental/Hooker for instance) would want to support and finance their arch opposition, the "environmental stewardship" movement?

What is the best way to discredit their opponents?

The engineered scientific answer is childishly simple, just latch on to a clearly false theory (global warming) bring it to the forefront of the public mind, corrupt it's authors and the entire scientific "community" you "selflessly and magnanimously" finance beyond all reasonable sanity to "prove" for you. Then at the moment of truth, smash the entire movement to dust with a cleverly arranged and inevitable-all-along "leak".

Meanwhile you know perfectly well that the real issue is saline de-acidification of acid rainfalls, being buffered by the dissolution of the calcified ocean bed's hardened fossil stabilization layers (the colossal de-calcification of reefs, encrustations and chalks) that will lead to the volcnic ice age you see as the inevitable result of your fossil-fuel energy monopoly businesses. You know perfectly well that the Sun goes through cycles and it is not matter of the earth's capacity to self-regulate it's own optical energy-absorbing libido (color) but it is really a matter of the earth ecosystem's reserve PH ability to deal with solar variations, while also maintaining a stable crust.

Also, you have cornered and monopolized all the supplies of all the readily available and easily useful life sustaining fossil fuels and further deliberately encouraged and abetted wasteful (SUV) abuse of them to create a mildly artificial and yet getting more acute "false scarcity" and a resulting fever-pitch toxic and destructive global false "black gold rush" for them. (bankrupting the economies of many nations for them) And not only this, you are further exacerbating and accelerating your deliberately and maliciously planned "disaster" by seeding chemtrails in aviation fuel to accelerate the cooling you know is inevitable!

Now suppose also that you are an influential and powerful eugenicist who can't wait to cull the population of "useless eaters" that wreck the grass on your lawns, and leave their paw prints on your beaches. Let's also assume that you have safe sanctuaries to retreat to with all your ill-gotten gains and you wish to also capitalize on the competing and destructive hateful religious-socialist "prejudices of the people" to eagerly and gladly turn them even moreso against one another with deliberate nd righteously engineered irrational outrage and self-isolation that can only end in a "prophesied" final paroxysm of "Armageddon Battle" that will add nuclear winter to your ice age "culling" operations, and permanently contaminate 80% of the world's oil supplies (you do not own and control) in the bargain!

In Bridge this sort of exquisitely well-tailored invincible "playback" against your opponent's (and partners) lesser bids with your trump holdings is called a "Grand Slam"...

Whenever one can get one's enemies to act with the same reckless depravity and disregard for morality that you yourself have you have completely achieved your most dearly coveted counter-intuitive, counter-intelligence goals!

There's no CO2 tax or "global governance" because that was never the goal nor purpose of their "global warming" bids.T were just smoking-out their partners.

So Long 2009

Tom Gross: The three most important events of 2009

Posted by Oped 7 hours ago National Post| tom gross important events All — I was asked by Iran’s main opposition, pro-democracy website, Radio
Farda, which claims 8 million listeners daily in Iran, as well as a
strong online presence, to outline the three most important global
political events of 2009.(I joined journalists from The Guardian, Huffington Post, France24 and The Christian Science Monitor in doing so.)These were my choices, in their original English. (They appear on the website and were read out on air on Radio Farda in Persian.)(1) The unrest in Iran.
The widespread protests that have continued unabated since June’s
rigged presidential elections, now increasingly look like the
beginnings of what could turn into a full-fledged movement to overthrow
the entire Islamic Republic. Were Iranians to do this and bring in a
government that respected human rights, suspended its nuclear program,
and extended a hand of friendship to the West, to the Arab world, and
even to Israel, it would have enormous repercussions far beyond the
Middle East.
(2) The inauguration of Barack Obama:
but not for the reason others may give (i.e. he is the first
African-American president), but because he is the most inexperienced
president America has had for a long while – and it shows, especially
in foreign policy. Obama has already mishandled Russia, Eastern Europe,
China, the Arab world, Israel and Japan to name only some. I am a
believer in a strong America that supports democracies and doesn’t
coddle up to dictators, so let us hope Obama changes course in 2010.(3) The increased destabilization in Pakistan.
Although Pakistan’s army and secular elite are still firmly in control,
the increasing insurgency and terror attacks by al-Qaeda-inspired
Islamic radicals trying to take over a country which has a large
nuclear arsenal, is a cause for deep concern globally.

National Post

Tom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.

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1984 in 2010

Welcome to Orwell’s World 2010

By John Pilger

December 30, 2009 - "Information Clearing House" -- In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell described a superstate called Oceania, whose language of war inverted lies that “passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’, ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past’.”

Barack Obama is the leader of a contemporary Oceania. In two speeches at the close of the decade, the Nobel Peace Prize winner affirmed that peace was no longer peace, but rather a permanent war that “extends well beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan” to “disorderly regions and diffuse enemies”. He called this “global security” and invited our gratitude. To the people of Afghanistan, which America has invaded and occupied, he said wittily: “We have no interest in occupying your country.”

In Oceania, truth and lies are indivisible. According to Obama, the American attack on Afghanistan in 2001 was authorised by the United Nations Security Council. There was no UN authority. He said the “the world” supported the invasion in the wake of 9/11 when, in truth, all but three of 37 countries surveyed by Gallup expressed overwhelming opposition. He said that America invaded Afghanistan “only after the Taliban refused to turn over [Osama] bin Laden”. In 2001, the Taliban tried three times to hand over bin Laden for trial, reported Pakistan’s military regime, and were ignored. Even Obama’s mystification of 9/11 as justification for his war is false. More than two months before the Twin Towers were attacked, the Pakistani foreign minister, Niaz Naik, was told by the Bush administration that an American military assault would take place by mid-October. The Taliban regime in Kabul, which the Clinton administration had secretly supported, was no longer regarded as “stable” enough to ensure America’s control over oil and gas pipelines to the Caspian Sea. It had to go.

Obama’s most audacious lie is that Afghanistan today is a “safe haven” for al-Qaeda’s attacks on the West. His own national security adviser, General James Jones, said in October that there were “fewer than 100” al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. According to US intelligence, 90 per cent of the Taliban are hardly Taliban at all, but “a tribal localised insurgency [who] see themselves as opposing the US because it is an occupying power”. The war is a fraud. Only the terminally gormless remain true to the Obama brand of “world peace”.

Beneath the surface, however, there is serious purpose. Under the disturbing General Stanley McCrystal, who gained distinction for his assassination squads in Iraq, the occupation of one of the most impoverished countries is a model for those “disorderly regions” of the world still beyond Oceania’s reach. This is a known as COIN, or counter-insurgency network, which draws together the military, aid organisations, psychologists, anthropologists, the media and public relations hirelings. Covered in jargon about winning hearts and minds, its aim is to pit one ethnic group against another and incite civil war: Tajiks and Uzbecks against Pashtuns.

The Americans did this in Iraq and destroyed a multi-ethnic society. They bribed and built walls between communities who had once inter-married, ethnically cleansing the Sunni and driving millions out of the country. The embedded media reported this as “peace”, and American academics bought by Washington and “security experts” briefed by the Pentagon appeared on the BBC to spread the good news. As in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the opposite was true.

Something similar is planned for Afghanistan. People are to be forced into “target areas” controlled by warlords bankrolled by the Americans and the opium trade. That these warlords are infamous for their barbarism is irrelevant. “We can live with that,” a Clinton-era diplomat said of the persecution of women in a “stable” Taliban-run Afghanistan. Favoured western relief agencies, engineers and agricultural specialists will attend to the “humanitarian crisis” and so “secure” the subjugated tribal lands.

That is the theory. It worked after a fashion in Yugoslavia where the ethnic-sectarian partition wiped out a once peaceful society, but it failed in Vietnam where the CIA’s “strategic hamlet program” was designed to corral and divide the southern population and so defeat the Viet Cong -- the Americans’ catch-all term for the resistance, similar to “Taliban”.

Behind much of this are the Israelis, who have long advised the Americans in both the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures. Ethnic-cleansing, wall-building, checkpoints, collective punishment and constant surveillance – these are claimed as Israeli innovations that have succeeded in stealing most of Palestine from its native people. And yet for all their suffering, the Palestinians have not been divided irrevocably and they endure as a nation against all odds.

The most telling forerunners of the Obama Plan, which the Nobel Peace Prize winner and his strange general and his PR men prefer we forget, are those that failed in Afghanistan itself. The British in the 19th century and the Soviets in the 20th century attempted to conquer that wild country by ethnic cleansing and were seen off, though after terrible bloodshed. Imperial cemeteries are their memorials. People power, sometimes baffling, often heroic, remains the seed beneath the snow, and invaders fear it.

It was curious,” wrote Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, “to think that the sky was the same for everybody, in Eurasia or Eastasia as well as here. And the people under the sky were also very much the same, everywhere, all over the world … people ignorant of one another’s existence, held apart by walls of hatred and lies, and yet almost exactly the same people who … were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world.”

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More War, More Attacks On Liberty

Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty
Congressman: "I am concerned what they are going to do to the American people"
Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Congressman Ron Paul fears that the agenda behind the Flight 253 bombing incident is to expand the war on terror into Yemen while stripping Americans of more liberties, warning that it’s time people woke up and realized that the government cannot guarantee their safety.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Conrad Black

Conrad Black: What a dismal decade

Posted by Oped 12 hours ago National Post| conrad black dismal decade All — As we say farewell to this rather dismal decade, which opened with Millennial celebrations of a New World Order and The End of History, and has been thoroughly disfigured by terrorism, economic stupidity, inept political leadership and untrammeled vulgarity of public tastes, I dare to hope for somewhat better things (for the world as well as my family and self).
Readers will have noticed that Copenhagen was about as complete a mockery as was forecast, here and elsewhere. Thousands of protesters, festooned with banners about the water level in Tuvalu, and dressed as polar bears and seals, inanely screaming at the earnest Global Coolers, had to be restrained by the gentle Danish police.
Most of the world’s most odious leaders were present, demanding trillions of dollars to assist them in green development. Zimbabwe’s infamous Robert Mugabe, who has violated every clause of the Clarence House agreement which conferred independence on Rhodesia, and has terrorized the country and reduced its standard of living by 99%, accused the advanced nations of trying to disguise the baleful effect of their carbon emissions on all mankind behind trivial concerns about the absence of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, now challenging Fidel Castro (“Papa Castro” to the Trudeau family) as Latin America’s shabbiest tyrant, announced the death of capitalism, to the rapacity of which he imputed the impending destruction of the world’s environment, as well as the dissipated prosperity of his own oil-rich country which he has master-minded.
The chief spokesman of the aggrieved despots, Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir (whose country’s government’s cupped hands are dripping with the blood of a million victims of domestic genocide) dismissed a European offer of $11-billion to promote green industrial growth in the Third World as a pittance.
I can’t be the only person who wondered if sincere dupes of this nonsense, from the Prince of Wales to Elizabeth May, have the remotest idea of what mayhem they have brought down on the world. At least Al Gore has made a lot of money from it. Indeed, it must be said that this unlikely man has had the greatest revenge of anyone ever wrongfully deprived of the U.S. presidency, except perhaps Richard Nixon. Gore has grown rich, eminent, won a Nobel Prize, completely disrupted the world and turned international relations into a gigantic slap-stick farce. The absence of evidence that global warming is actually occurring, and that human activity affects the world’s temperature at all, was scarcely mentioned. The real result, however, is the pledged objective of not permitting the world’s temperature to increase more than two centigrade degrees by 2050. Since it has only risen one degree in the last 35 years, and not at all in the last ten, this should be safe enough. The heads of government fellowship will pat itself hydraulically on the head and back, and money will be handed over to the toads of despotism when pigs fly and shrimps sing.
This must be the supreme coruscation of what Malcolm Muggeridge christened the “great liberal death-wish;” a canard about a fraud, invoked to impoverish the world’s advanced countries in favour of its most rancid despotisms, which have already squandered and embezzled a trillion dollars of Western aid; all for a nonsensical purpose, solemnly agreed to, and then ignored.
For the first time in the history of the U.S. Presidency, Mr. Obama had to badger a foreign head of government to meet him (China’s premier Wen). Last year, shoes were thrown at the U.S. president. This year we had self-abasement before the Japanese Emperor and (unsuccessful) supplication to the Chinese. If this trend continues, by the end of this new decade, the U.S. president will be invited to international meetings as a shoe-shine boy.
The great stars of Copenhagen were the Chinese and the Canadians. The Chinese strutted and gloried as a mighty economic growth story, a super-power presumptive, while leading the G-77, as the under-developed countries now modishly style themselves, out of the conference in protest against the supposed miserliness of the advanced countries. China has staged the greatest act of international pocket-picking in history, beggaring the U.S. by dumping trillions of dollars of cheap goods in it, which the United States bought with money largely borrowed from China. And as it spurned the importunity of the United States at Copenhagen, and basked in the adoration of the Third World, its leaders po-facedly demanding hundreds of billions of dollars to clean its economic growth, while refusing the donors the right to monitor the use of the money.
All Canadians should be proud of Stephen Harper. Of all the leaders of serious countries, he is the most conspicuously skeptical of this great eco-scam. This is Canada’s finest foreign policy hour since Mackenzie King supported Charles de Gaulle’s takeover of St. Pierre and Miquelon from Vichy at Christmas 1941, against the mindless opposition of the U.S. state department.

The flip-side of this controversy is the emerging U.S. economic miracle, which at this point officially promises increased taxes, faster economic growth, 50% to 100% annual increases in money supply without inflation, for a decade of trillion dollar annual federal budget deficits without seriously raising interest rates, or devaluing the dollar. All 18 wheels will come off this impossible contraption, in all directions of the compass. And all numerate people, including, presumably, the unfathomable Timothy Geithner and the fabulist President whom he serves, know it.
I predict that in a decent interval after his confirmation as Federal Reserve chairman next month or February, Ben Bernanke will announce that the central bank will no longer buy the treasury notes that finance this orgy. The United States cannot drink itself sober. China has now passed on the pleasure of continuing to buy low yield instruments of a country that is doing the necessary to convert its currency into wall paper, if not toilet paper. The Federal Reserve is buying the treasury issues that finance the federal government’s deficit-straight additions to the money supply — the most familiar form of currency debasement and rampaging inflation, from the times of Caligula to Juan Peron and Robert Mugabe.
Obama and Geithner will scream like wounded banshees that Bernanke has betrayed them on how to deal with what they will portray as George W.’s messy leavings, while Bernanke devalues the dollar by about 15%, raises interest rates to about 6% and requires federal government spending cuts of about $500-billion annually, largely from a revisitation of entitlements and some sales and transaction taxes that the Congress will have to agree to in conference as an emergency compromise between the parties. The health care charade of buying individual senators with from $100-million (Christopher Dodd,), to $3-billion (Bill Nelson of Florida — not Ben Nelson of Nebraska who folded at $100 million) can’t slice this Gordian Knot. There will be fewer lawyers and investment bankers in the U.S., and more savers and investors, and if the politicians don’t ruin it again, market forces will shape up the U.S. to meet the Chinese challenge. But both job creation and economic growth will be slow in a transitional period.

In the Christmas spirit of shriving and confession, I thank Anita Kern for pointing out, re my Copenhagen column two weeks ago, that the Silver Skates was not written by Hans Christian Andersen, though he had some similar story titles, but by the American Mary Mapes Dodge, and was about Holland and not Denmark. And I have been intermittently trying for many weeks to apologize for the reference in my column about the visit to Canada of the Prince of Wales, for the reference to Nelson Mandela marrying the widow of Mozambican President Maputo. It was president Machel, and Maputo is Mozambique’s capital. I have no way here of chasing up Andersen’s short story titles, and I believe the Maputo error was editorial, but in the interests of the season, I take these allegations for myself, a character-enhancing process with which I have become familiar in this decade, but do not recommend.
Good riddance to 2009. Let us all have a splendid 2010.


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Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Big Brother

Episode 4 : Big Brother

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carbon Trading Scam In Big Trouble After Copenhagen Failure Green billionaires take a hit as markets nosedives

Carbon Trading Scam In Big Trouble After Copenhagen Failure
Green billionaires take a hit as markets nosedives
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, December 21, 2009
Global warming con men hoping to bag windfall profits from the climate change scam are wincing today after carbon trading markets nose dived following the failure at Copenhagen to secure legally binding targets on restricting CO2 emissions.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sky Eyes For Climate Lies

Spy Drones To Enforce CO2 Regulations
European Union will act as "global warming policeman" to mandate compliance
Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, December 21, 2009
President Barack Obama has said that spy drones will be used to enforce CO2 emission regulations, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has outlined plans for the European Union to police compliance with carbon-cutting targets.

Monday, December 21, 2009


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the apocalypse is upon us!

Theosophy, by Rudolf Steiner, [1910]

Blue tones of color appear in natures full of devotion. The more a man places his Self in the service of a thing the more pronounced become the blue shades. In this class, also, one finds two quite different kinds of people. There are natures with a mediocre power of thought, passive souls who, as it were, have nothing to throw into the stream of events in the world but their "good nature." Their aura glimmers with beautiful blue. One observes the same in the auras of religious and devotional natures. Compassionate souls and those who find pleasure in giving themselves up to a life of benevolence have similar auras. If such people are intelligent in addition to this, green and blue currents alternate, or the blue itself perhaps take a greenish shade. It is the peculiarity of the active souls in contrast to the passive, that their blue saturates itself from within with bright color-tones.

Pope Advises Against Misuse of Religion

Pope Benedict XVI has warned against the misuse of religion for political ends, in a speech to Muslim leaders on the second day of his visit to Jordan.

"Some assert that religion is necessarily a cause of division in our world and so they argue that the lesser attention given to religion in the public sphere the better," he said.

"Certainly, the contradiction of tensions and divisions between the followers of different religious traditions, sadly, cannot be denied.

"However, is it not also the case that often it is the ideological manipulation of religion, sometimes for political ends, that is the real catalyst for tension and division, and at times even violence in society?"

Pope Benedict Meets Muslim Leaders in Amman

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Canada : Hijacked by Big Brother - The Surveillance State

Time to save Canada from losing it's national sovereignty as it heads into a New World Order. We must reclaim our personal liberties that have been stripped from us by Big Brother.

Tamil Toronto Police Canada RCMP police state CFR council foreign relations bilderberg group trilateral commission club of rome think tank IMF world bank WTO bill c-6 consumer protection bill c-15 marijuana weed bill c-51 Big Pharma world trade organization NAFTA north american union amero NAU security prosperity partnership SPP borders h1n1 virus swine flu pandemic inoculations vaccine influenza 1976 GBS world health organization WHO canada toronto cops police force police brutality tasers swat team quarantine FEMA emergency concentration camps military martial law baxter drugs tamiflu side effects symptoms depopulation 2012 New World Order nwo eugenics 9/11 inside job false flag terror attacks iraq war US troops afghanistan al-qaeda george bush operation northwoods mind control CIA MK Ultra MKULTRA project blue beam NASA HAARP technology gerald celente audit the fed ben bernanke federal reserve bank silver gold stocks market inflation dollar currency wall street economic collapse china superpower financial crisis alan greenspan ron paul president 2012 peter schiff economist interest rates unemployment mortgage foreclosure business b nazi rfid gps tracking microchip radio frequency identification real id cards alex jones infowars david icke cctv cameras 1984 orwell hitler federal reserve audit the fed global warming climategate climate change fraud al gore co2 emissions carbon tax copenhagen UN treaty global governance christopher monckton CRU hackers emails scientists canada police state cctv surveillance society vancouver olympics 2010 winter games LRAD sonic waves big brother Tamil Toronto Police

Dr. Tim Ball on Alex Jones 1of4: Climate science fraud is the name of the game

Dr. Tim Ball on Alex Jones 1of4: Climate science fraud is the name of the game

What's so peaceful about Barack Obama?

What's so peaceful about Barack Obama?

There are heated debates about Barack Obama's impact on U.S. life and economy especially after he was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. So what is so peaceful about his deals and how are people feeling about the American President ? Lori "The Resident" Harfenist took to the streets of New York to find out.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wise Words

But God has a way of even putting nations in their place.

The God that I worship has a way of saying, "Don't play with me."

He has a way of saying, as the God of the Old Testament used to say to the Hebrews,

"Don’t play with me, Israel. Don't play with me, Babylon.

Be still and know that I'm God.

And if you don't stop your reckless course,

I'll rise up and break the backbone of your power."

And that can happen to America.

Every now and then I go back and read Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

And when I come and look at America, I say to myself,

the parallels are frightening.

And we have perverted the drum major instinct.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Drum Major Instinct mp3


If attacked, Iran wants Syria to hit back at Israel. Damascus hedges
18 December 2009
, (DEBKAfile's)

DEBKAfile's military sources report that this message Iran's defense minister Ahmad Vahidi brought to Damascus where he is attending a session of the high Iranian-Syrian defense committee which went into its second day Thursday, Dec. 10. Syrian defense minister Ali Habib is in the chair.

The Iranian visitor indicated that Tehran expects an Israeli attack within a month. According to Iranian intelligence, Jerusalem will take its green light from President Barack Obama's forced admission after Christmas that his policy of dialogue and stiffer sanctions have failed in the face of Tehran's rejection of the international proposal to send its enriched uranium for overseas processing.

"The countdown for war is coming close to its end," said Vahidi to the joint defense committee. "And we must get our strategic partnership in shape ahead of time."

The leitmotif of the Iranian defense secretary's talks in Damascus was the fate Iran and Syria share and their strategic partnership as the only safeguards against what he called "'American-backed Zionist aggression." Syria must commit itself to joint military action against Israel, because “stronger defense ties between Iran and Syria are elements of deterrence in confronting the Zionist regime's threats to the countries of the region.”

For the first, time, Gen. Vahidi openly threatened to respond to a possible Israel attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by striking Israel's "chemical, microbiological and banned nuclear weapons" production sites.

His message brought forth a tepid Syrian response: The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Syrian Secretary of Defense Ali Habib as commenting early Thursday, December 10, that an attack on Iran by any party would be deemed an attack on Syria and draw commensurate retaliation.

But DEBKAfile's military sources point out that comment did not satisfy Tehran because it is short of clear language pledging specific military action. Iranian officials mean to stay in Damascus and keep up the pressure until they elicit a firm, binding Syrian commitment to strike Israel on its ally's behalf if Iran comes under attack.

Gen. Vahidi arrived in Damascus Tuesday aboard a special Iranian military aircraft. It carried the largest Iranian military delegation ever seen in the Syrian capital, representing every branch of Iran's armed forces, Revolutionary Guards Corps and intelligence.

Preparations for coordinated retaliation for a potential Israeli attack also brought a top Hizballah delegation incoming from Lebanon to Damascus Tuesday night, Dec. 8, headed by its secretary general Hassan Nasrallah.

When they met, Syrian and Iranian military officials proposed that Hizballah and the Palestinian terrorist organizations start heating up Israel's borders in the coming days to draw the attention from the world's focus on the Iranian and Syrian nuclear programs.

Sunday, December 6, DEBKAfile's Washington sources reported that the Obama administration was about to launch a campaign against Syria's covert military nuclear program based on the "smoking gun" of traces of highly processed plutonium found by UN inspectors at the bombed Syrian-North Korean facility at Dir a-Zur. The campaign will focus on this finding as evidence of Iran's covert nuclear activities and proliferation activities.

Tehran expects an Israeli attack after Christmas. Damascus hedges

Ben Nelson says "F*ck the constitution" and gives the 60th vote for Deathcare

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Health reform support crosses crucial 60-vote threshold in Senate
By Raw Story
Saturday, December 19th, 2009 -- 2:16 pm

President Barack Obama's top domestic goal, remaking US health care, is on track to pass by his Christmas deadline.

Senate Democrats cheered on Saturday Democratic Senator Ben Nelson's announcement that he would vote for the bill; an announcement that ensured the 60 votes needed to pass it.

"Change is never easy, but change is what is needed in America today. I will vote for health care reform," said Nelson, who announced he had secured the tough new restrictions he sought on public money from paying for abortions.

The House of Representatives approved similar curbs on its way to passing its own version of the legislation, but abortion-rights Democrats have vowed to strip them when the two chambers craft a final bill for Obama to sign.

Nelson, of Nebraska, warned -- "less as a threat, and more of a promise" -- that he would oppose the final House-Senate compromise if it included "material changes" that stripped out his demands, likely dooming the legislation.
Story continues below...

Nelson's backing allowed Democrats to breathe a sign of relief ahead of a make-or-break 1 am (0600 GMT) Monday vote to end debate on Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's newly unveiled compromise health bill.

A tentative Democratic timeline also calls for key procedural votes around 7 am (1200 GMT) Tuesday and 1 pm (1800 GMT) Wednesday, with a final passage ballot at 7 pm Thursday (0001 GMT Friday) -- Christmas Eve.

If the Senate approves the bill, it would still need to reconcile stark differences with a House of Representatives plan in order to pass a final measure before Obama's State of the Union speech in January or early February.

"Let's bring this long and vigorous debate to an end. Let's deliver on the promise of health insurance reforms that will make our people healthier, our economy stronger and our future more secure," the president said in his weekly radio address.

Reid's measure strips out a government-backed "public option" plan to compete with private insurers, but would extend coverage to 31 million of the 36 million Americans who currently lack it, Democrats say.

It would forbid insurers from denying coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions, and provide subsidies to low-income Americans.

Obama's Republican foes have sharply criticized Reid for only making the bill public Saturday and then pushing ahead with an accelerated schedule in order to meet a self-imposed Christmas deadline.

And Republicans made good on pledges to delay the bill at all costs -- forcing the Senate clerk to read the measure aloud, a process expected to take most of Saturday.

"We will do everything in our power to stop it," vowed Republican Senator John Cornyn.

As a severe snowstorm pounded the US capital, Democrats took steps to ensure that they could call upon all 58 of their senators and the two independents who often side with them to prevail in the coming votes.

And they trumpeted a finding from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office that the bill over the next ten years would cost 871 billion dollars and cut the soaring US budget deficit by about 132 billion dollars -- bringing it in under Obama's top pricetag of 900 billion dollars.

The United States is the world's richest nation but the only industrialized democracy that does not provide health care coverage to all of its citizens.

Washington spends more than double what Britain, France and Germany do per person on health care, but lags behind other countries in life expectancy and infant mortality, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This video was published by the White House on Dec. 19, 2009.

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Hey ladies, ABORT THAT BABY or GO TO JAIL if you serve your country!

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Army general in Iraq issues pregnancy ban
U.S. personnel in the north could face court-martial, jail for failing orders
NBC News
updated 6:24 p.m. ET Dec. 18, 2009

The Army general of U.S. forces in Northern Iraq has banned pregnancy among military personnel in his command, NBC News reported on Friday.

Anyone who becomes pregnant or impregnates another servicemember, including married couples assigned to the same unit, could face a court-martial and jail time, according to an order issued by Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo.

The order, which went into effect on Nov. 4, was first reported by the military publication Stars and Stripes.

No one has been punished or accused under the policy, according to Col. David S. Thompson, the inspector general for all soldiers in Iraq.

Military officials say the order was issued because Army policy requires the force to remove a pregnant soldier from a war zone within 14 days of learning of the pregnancy, creating a hole in a unit that makes it more difficult to complete its mission.

“It is a lawful order,” Thompson said Friday during a phone interview with Stars and Stripes.

Thompson, who has served 29 of the past 39 months in Iraq as an inspector general, told the publication that it’s the first time he can recall pregnancy being prohibited.

So far, there have been no known violations of Cucolo's order, NBC reported.

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“It is a lawful order,” Thompson said Friday during a phone interview with Stars and Stripes.

My ass.

"Don't have sex" I can understand, but forcing, for instance, a rape victim to abort or go to jail?