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Food Death Bill

S.B. 510: A Food "Safety" Bill or Something Else Entirely?

New York City : NY : USA | Nov 03, 2009
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By James J. Gormley

Do you grow heirloom tomatoes you sell on your own property or at a local farmer’s market? If so, you will be in for a whopper of a surprise if Senator Durbin’s Senate Bill 510 (S.B. 510) passes: you may be receiving a visit from inspectors.

Products not grown according to designated standards will be considered adulterated and your business records will be subject to warrantless searches by inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all this without any evidence that you have violated any law.

Wonder why the National Guard or Federal agents have effectively imposed martial law by quarantining your town? Under S.B. 510’s House counterpart bill, H.R. 2749 (Section 133b, “Authority to Prohibit or Restrict the Movement of Food”), sponsored by Congressman Dingell, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will have the power to prohibit all movement of all food within a geographic area, whether the food is in your grandmother’s grocery bag in her Toyota Hybrid or on a flatbed. No court order will be needed, just a phone call to the appropriate state official and a public announcement will be sufficient.

Upset that raw milk or raw milk cheeses (like feta) are no longer available in the U.S.? This could well happen thanks to the “performance standards” powers that would be granted to the FDA by S.B. 510, especially since the agency has made it clear that it is vehemently opposed to the consumption of raw milk products.

Amazed that U.S. food safety regulations strangely match those of other countries? Well, Section 306 of S.B. 510 would require “Recommendations to harmonize requirements under the Codex Alimentarius.”

And what about food supplement manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and health food stores? Will they be ensnared in this bill’s draconian, 1984-esque net? Very possibly so.

This all may seem far-fetched, but theoretically, this new law would give the government all this authority.

S.B. 510 (which would cost Americans $825 billion in 2010 alone) and the House of Representatives version of this bill, H.R. 2749, which did pass under suspended rules, do not address the root causes of the U.S.'s food safety problems, which were highlighted in both a recent campaign by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) and by a letter to 99 U.S. senators by the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund (R-CALF USA).

According to Citizens for Health (, if this proposed law is enacted it would:

• Undermine DSHEA and move the U.S. one step closer to harmonizing our standards under Codex with those of supplement-restrictive regimes like the European Union. (DSHEA, or the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, asserts that supplements are food and are safe for consumption unless proven otherwise – ensuring that millions of Americans are able to enjoy access to safe, effective and affordable dietary supplements).

• Give the FDA unprecedented control over farms and direct-to-consumer distributors. If passed, the bills would charge facilities an annual $500 registration fee, require additional record keeping, and expand FDA authority to quarantine geographic areas for alleged food safety problems – all without significantly improving food safety.

• Cost U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars ($825 billion in 2010 alone) while providing fewer physical inspections and less food safety overall.

• Harm U.S. organic farmers by imposing overlapping regulations.

• Hurt food supplements and health-food stores by imposing standards that are already covered by the AER (Adverse Event Reporting) Law, cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and food facility registration.

• Cripple local food co-ops, farm stands, independent ranchers and artisanal food producers by imposing unnecessary standards and unfair bureaucratic burdens.

Clearly, S. 510, while purporting to increase food safety would actually leave consumers more vulnerable to foodborne disease since the FDA would be required to use a risky, risk-based food safety system rather than doing old-fashioned, effective physical, on-site inspections in plants, factory farms and slaughterhouses, where the actual food safety concerns are.

Furthermore, the U.S. has abrogated its duty to inspect and enforce food safety standards, both here and abroad, by allowing processing plants to regulate themselves under a failed system; and it has embraced policies that have driven independent U.S. farmers and ranchers out of business and replaced them with corporate-owned, industrialized food production units that are known to cut food safety corners to maximize corporate profits.

So what can consumers do? One thing consumers can do is click here for an opportunity to learn more about this bill and to send a letter to their senators opposing S.B. 510 as it is currently written.

Complicit Environmental Crimes

BP, Halliburton, Transocean, US Government are all directly complicit in this environmental crime of the millennium

The Safety & Data Fraud Iceberg in the exploration industry – Part IIIa of Root Causes

Posted by BK Lim
Independent Geohazards Specialist
Friday, October 29, 2010

As the blame game continues and the truth trickle out little by little, many will be left wondering how the disaster will play out and the imminent threats of future disasters. It is blatantly clear beneath the dog and pony shows, such mega disaster could not have happened if the checks and balances in place had been functioning as they should. It is fortuitous that all of them should expediently fail one after another. More likely, the checks and balances had long been subverted and broken. It is an industry speeding down the highway with its driver drunk with greed and power. If the “drunken speedster” is not stopped in time, the result can only be a big bang when the road runs out.

The answer to the second question is dependent on how the perpetrators of this crime of mass destruction are handled. This disaster was no “unexpected accident”. Anyone who is not blinded by corruption can see that. At the very least BP’s the exploration managers knew trouble was brewing and did nothing to avert it. They should be prosecuted for willful negligence.

At worst, with prior knowledge that such environmental disasters are inevitable, BP invested heavily into researching “deplorable means” of harvesting windfalls from such “accidental natural disasters”. Connect the dots behind The-Gulf-Blue-Plague.

Is it morally right to invest millions into searching for a “profitable” cure when a tiny fraction could have been better spent in advancing prevention techniques? Is prevention not better than cure? Although less environmentally friendly and more devastating; the Cure is preferable for its profit potential and numerous windfall opportunities for the privileged few. Prevention on the other hand offers no such windfall opportunities.

Most dirty tricks of insiders’ trading have already been tried out, exposed and prosecuted. As disasters are still perceived to be accidental, no one will be prosecuted for insider’s trading, even though the massive shares sellout by BP’s directors, Goldman Sachs and several more insiders, were unmistakably linked to the privileged few. See A Pattern Of Massive Shares Sell Off By BP Directors Prior To Expected Disasters. The fact that SEC is still sitting on the matter shows how untouchable they are.

Unbelievable it may seem, the reported safety lapses and violations, system malfunctions and cost-cutting corners are only a tip of the Safety & Data Fraud Iceberg. Unscrupulous profiteering, corruption, data frauds, falsified calibration, inspection and installation certification are widespread and not only confined to third world countries. The Safety Farce Iceberg has completely engulfed the oil exploration industry. Even professional regulatory bodies and heads of governments dare not stymied their growing power and influence. The BP’s mega oil spill disaster is that arrogant display of corruptive power of giant multinational corporations.

At the end of the day, it is about the corrupted business strangle-hold that is going to tilt the world into an Environmental Armageddon. It is already happening. The recent Toxic Dam Spill in Hungary and BP’s Mega Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico are Crimes of Mass Destruction propagated by unscrupulously greedy multinational corporations. It is about the struggle between Good and Evil. It is about the brave few struggling to bring out the truth behind all these mega disasters that is destroying Mother Earth.

Does the world care? Are we fooling ourselves with half measures and deceptions that are meaningless to the survival of this planet? Even after more than 6 months, the world has still not awoken from BP’s hypnotizing deception of capping the wrong well. The capped well (Well A) was drilled down to only 5000ft bml; 13000 ft short of the targeted reservoir. While the world was mesmerized with the pony and dog shows at the wrong well, the actual well (S20BC, 720ft NW of well A) was openly gushing more than 50,000 barrels of oil per day into the gulf. Is the world awake yet?

Sadly, BP is not the only guilty multinational corporation and US is not the only first world country plagued with this problem. Documented evidence of criminally liable unethical practices ranging from falsified calibration reports and certificates, fraudulent authorization of globally banned environmental-hazardous installations to pure data frauds, will be presented to press home the point that the safety violations, defective critical fail-safe equipments, willful negligence and ignorance which surfaced recently in the investigation of BP’s disaster are industry-wide; not the exceptions.

How can oil exploration be safe when international insurance companies, international accreditation organizations and government regulatory authorities in so many countries simply turned a blind eye to such improprieties? Have this safety lapse problem proliferated to the extent that it is already too big to solve. How did these multinationals managed to have such powerful strangleholds on these regulatory authorities? Why must the tail wag the dog?

Contrary to popular beliefs, more regulations do not translate into safer exploration. Being the most heavily regulated industry with stringent HSE standards, does not make it any safer unless enforcement is effective. More regulations mean higher costs, more corruption and cost-cutting opportunities to circumvent difficult to comply regulations. As witnessed in the BP’s disaster, compliance in form but not in spirit is meaningless. The increase in oil exploration costs also means insanely high wages for the industry workers. To avoid being caught in the severe cyclic oil crashes of the mid eighties professionals were taken off permanent employment and offered lucrative short term contracts. These freelance professionals can command from 500 to 5000 USD/day in various field positions. With such lucrative remunerations, it is difficult to go against oil companies or contractor’s vested interests. Safety and environmental considerations were the first to be thrown out the windows.

The high freelance wages also caused an aberration in the remuneration scheme where short-term contract field personnel earn many times more than their long term colleagues doing the same job offshore. As soon as new recruits can learn to walk, they move out of the contractors’ permanent employment to become freelance. Permanent salaried employees like the logistics, operation and technical managers (without their offshore allowances) earned a mere fraction of their freelance employees under their control. For example a senior professional with permanent employment contract in Australia earning AUD100 000 per year, can easily earn that amount in less than 3 months; offshore without tax. In the peak exploration years with oil prices above 50 USD/barrel, most freelancers had no problems finding work in excess of 200 days a year.

After the mid-eighties oil crash, most capable professionals opt to work offshore with the less capable or inexperienced filling in the office managerial positions. In the insane rat race, the price tag becomes the badge of honour. The common joke was; “you must have screwed up to be cooked up in the office”. Smart contractors’ managers formed “close alliances” with their oil companies’ counterparts. It is no secret that many in the oil companies receive lucrative pay-offs from “Body Shops” peddling “offshore professionals”. Some even secretly hold shares under their spouses’ name. With 30 to 60% cut on the daily chargeable rates to the oil companies, it was the sellers’ market especially when oil prices shot beyond 100 USD/day (courtesy of the Peak Oil theory). Greedy offshore professionals were no better than prostitutes, selling themselves directly or through body shops to the highest bidder. Naturally, body shops did their best to sell inexperienced or incompetent professionals since they make the best margins on these unmovable products. The active third world exploration countries (Asia, Africa & Middle East) was choked with incompetent or inexperienced professionals who could not enter the exploration workforce in their own countries for lack of credentials. UK was the biggest exporter of such offshore professionals. Experience, unethical practices and improper training gained from the “rough and tumble” exploration of the wild and poorly regulated third world countries, might not be the best. But it is the numbers and years that count, not the quality.

This unhealthy development is one of the many fundamental reasons for the reckless and aggressive competition among exploration and contractors’ managers in a volatile cyclic industry. It is not surprising short term gains and interests override long term sound and safe judgment. In the dog-eat-dog competition, true professionals who refused to yield their professional integrity were quickly edged out by those who would.

Disasters do not occur on a daily basis not because cut-corners and imprudence are not practiced widely but because more than 80% of the exploration locations are in no immediate danger of any geohazards. In the remaining 20% with some geohazards risks, geohazards disasters might not have ripened for explosion yet. As in the BP’s Macondo blowout, the timing is important rather than the luck. Most however, would not wake up to this realty.

If only special safety attentions are focused on these 20% high geohazards risk areas, it would be almost impossible for any major disaster to be blown out of control from any accidental human errors. This is where independent geohazards assessments can contribute significantly. In the next posting, we will examine how this first line of defence against geohazards disasters had been seriously compromised and monopolized by the world’s largest geohazards survey contractor, Fugro.

BP dispersants causingsickness

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BP dispersants 'causing sickness'

Investigation by Al Jazeera online correspondent finds toxic illnesses linked to BP oil dispersants along Gulf coast.
Dahr Jamail Last Modified: 29 Oct 2010 16:01 GMT
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Denise Rednour of Long Beach, Mississippi, has been sick with chemical poisoning since July [Erika Blumenfeld]
Two-year-old Gavin Tillman of Pass Christian, Mississippi, has been diagnosed with severe upper respiratory, sinus, and viral infections. His temperature has reached more than 39 degrees since September 15, yet his sicknesses continue to worsen.

His parents, some doctors, and environmental consultants believe the child's ailments are linked to exposure to chemicals spilt by BP during its Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

Gavin's father, mother, and cousin, Shayleigh, are also facing serious health problems. Their symptoms are being experienced by many others living along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Widely banned toxic dispersants

Injected with at least 4.9 million barrels of oil during the BP oil disaster of last summer, the Gulf has suffered the largest accidental marine oil spill in history. Compounding the problem, BP has admitted to using at least 1.9 million gallons of widely banned toxic dispersants (one that has been banned in the UK), which according to chemist Bob Naman, create an even more toxic substance when mixed with crude oil. And dispersed, weathered oil continues to flow ashore daily.

Naman, who works at the Analytical Chemical Testing Lab in Mobile, Alabama, has been carrying out studies to search for the chemical markers of the dispersants BP used to both sink and break up its oil.

According to Naman, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from this toxic mix are making people sick. PAHs contain compounds that have been identified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic.

Fisherman across the four states most heavily affected by the oil disaster - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida - have reported seeing BP spray dispersants from aircraft and boats offshore.

"The dispersants are being added to the water and are causing chemical compounds to become water soluble, which is then given off into the air, so it is coming down as rain, in addition to being in the water and beaches of these areas of the Gulf," Naman added.

"I’m scared of what I'm finding. These cyclic compounds intermingle with the Corexit [dispersants] and generate other cyclic compounds that aren’t good. Many have double bonds, and many are on the EPA's danger list. This is an unprecedented environmental catastrophe."

Commercial fisherman Donny Matsler also lives in Alabama.

"I was with my friend Albert, and we were both slammed with exposure," Matsler explained of his experience on August 5, referring to toxic chemicals he inhaled that he believes are associated with BP's dispersants. "We both saw the clumps of white bubbles on the surface that we know come from the dispersed oil."

Gruesome symptoms

"I started to vomit brown, and my pee was brown also," Matsler, a Vietnam veteran who lives in Dauphin Island, said. "I kept that up all day. Then I had a night of sweating and non-stop diarrhea unlike anything I’ve ever experienced."

He was also suffering from skin rashes, nausea, and a sore throat.

At roughly the same time Matsler was exposed, local television station WKRG News 5 took a water sample from his area to test for dispersants. The sample literally exploded when it was mixed with an organic solvent separating the oil from the water.

Naman, the chemist who analyzed the sample, said: "We think that it most likely happened due to the presence of either methanol or methane gas or the presence of the dispersant Corexit."

"I'm still feeling terrible," Matsler told Al Jazeera recently. "I'm about to go to the doctor again right now. I'm short of breathe, the diarrhea has been real bad, I still have discoloration in my urine, and the day before yesterday, I was coughing up white foam with brown spots in it."

As for Matsler's physical reaction to his exposure, Hugh Kaufman, an EPA whistleblower and analyst, has reported this of the effects of the toxic dispersants:

"We have dolphins that are hemorrhaging. People who work near it are hemorrhaging internally. And that’s what dispersants are supposed to do..."

By the middle of last summer, the Alabama Department of Public Health said that 56 people in Mobile and Baldwin counties had sought treatment for what they believed were oil disaster-related illnesses.

A dispersed oil tar ball in Orange Beach, Alabama [Erika Blumenfeld]
"The dispersants used in BP's draconian experiment contain solvents such as petroleum distillates and 2-butoxyethanol," Dr. Riki Ott, a toxicologist, marine biologist, and Exxon Valdez survivor, told Al Jazeera.

"Solvents dissolve oil, grease, and rubber," she continued, "Spill responders have told me that the hard rubber impellors in their engines and the soft rubber bushings on their outboard motor pumps are falling apart and need frequent replacement."

"Given this evidence, it should be no surprise that solvents are also notoriously toxic to people, something the medical community has long known," Dr. Ott added.

"In 'Generations at Risk', medical doctor Ted Schettler and others warn that solvents can rapidly enter the human body. They evaporate in air and are easily inhaled, they penetrate skin easily, and they cross the placenta into fetuses. For example, 2- butoxyethanol (in Corexit) is a human health hazard substance; it is a fetal toxin and it breaks down blood cells, causing blood and kidney disorders."

Pathways of exposure to the dispersants are inhalation, ingestion, skin, and eye contact. Health impacts include headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, chest pains, respiratory system damage, skin sensitization, hypertension, central nervous system depression, neurotoxic effects, genetic mutations, cardiac arrhythmia, and cardiovascular damage.

Even the federal government has taken precautions for its employees. US military officials decided to reroute training flights in the Gulf region in order to avoid oil and dispersant tainted-areas.

Growing number of cases

And Al Jazeera is finding a growing number of illnesses across the Gulf Coast.

Denise Rednour of Long Beach, Mississippi, has been taking walks on Long Beach nearly every day since the disaster began on April 20, and she is dealing with constant health issues.

"I've had health problems since the middle of July," she said. "At the end of August, I came home from walking on the beach and for four days had bloody, mucus-filled diarrhea, dry heaves, and blood running out of my ear."

Karen Hopkins, in Grand Isle, Louisiana, has been sick since the middle of May. "I started feeling exhausted, disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, and my chest was burning and I can’t breath well at times," she said.

Dean Blanchard, who runs a seafood distribution business in Grand Isle, is Hopkins' boss. He too is experiencing similar symptoms.

"They [BP] are using us like lab rats," he explained, "I'm thinking of moving to Costa Rica. When I leave here I feel better. When I come back I feel bad again. Feeling tired, coughing, sore throat, burning eyes, headaches, just like everyone around here feels."

Lorrie Williams of Ocean Springs says her son's asthma has "gotten exponentially worse since BP released all their oil and dispersants into the Gulf."

"A plane flew over our house recently and sprayed what I believe are dispersants. A fine mist covered everything, and it smelled like pool chemicals. Noah is waking up unable to breath, and my husband has head and chest congestion and burning eyes," Williams said.

Like others, when Lorrie's family left the area for a vacation, they immediately felt better. But upon coming home, their symptoms returned.

Wilma Subra, a chemist in New Iberia, Louisiana, recently tested the blood of eight BP cleanup workers and residents in Alabama and Florida. "Ethylbenzene, m,p-Xylene and Hexane are volatile organic chemicals that are present in the BP Crude Oil," Subra said,

"The blood of all three females and five males had chemicals that are found in the BP Crude Oil. The acute impacts of these chemicals include nose and throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, lung irritation, dizziness, light-headedness, nausea and vomiting."

Indications of exposure

Subra explained that there has been long enough exposure so as to create chronic impacts, that include "liver damage, kidney damage, and damage to the nervous system. So the presence of these chemicals in the blood indicates exposure."

Testing by Subra has also revealed PAHs present "in coastal soil sediment, wetlands, and in crab, oyster and mussel tissues."

Trisha Springstead, is a registered nurse of 36 years who lives and works in Brooksville, Florida.

"What I'm seeing are toxified people who have been chemically poisoned," she said, "They have sore throats, respiratory problems, neurological problems, lesions, sores, and ulcers. These people have been poisoned and they are dying. Drugs aren’t going to help these people. They need to be detoxed."

Chemist Bob Naman described the brownish, rubbery tar balls that are a product of BP's dispersed oil that continue to wash up on beaches across the Gulf:

"Those are the ones kids are picking up and playing with and breathing the fumes that come off them when you crush them in your hand. These will affect anyone who comes into contact with it. You could have an open wound and this goes straight in. Women have a lot more open mucus membranes and they are getting sicker than men. They are bleeding from their vagina and anus. Small kids are bleeding from their ears. This stuff is busting red blood cells."

Dr Ott said: "People are already dying from this… I’m dealing with three autopsies' right now. I don’t think we’ll have to wait years to see the effects like we did in Alaska, people are dropping dead now. I know two people who are down to 4.75 per cent of their lung capacity, their heart has enlarged to make up for that, and their esophagus is disintegrating, and one of them is a 16-year-old boy who went swimming in the Gulf."

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Mortgage Fraud Crimes

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Same Person Forged Billions of Dollars Worth of Mortgage Documents for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Dozens of Other Lenders and Shells

The Washington Post notes:

In Georgia, an employee of a document processing company, Linda Green, for years claimed to be executives of Bank of America , Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and dozens of other lenders while signing off on tens of thousands of foreclosure affidavits. In many cases, her signature appeared to be forged by different employees.

Green worked for a foreclosure document company owned by Lender Processing Services. The company is being investigated by a U.S. attorney in Florida for allegedly using improper documentation to speed foreclosures.

Lenders have already started to withdraw foreclosures that had Green's name on them.

Green also submitted to courts documents that listed "Bogus Assignee" as the owner of a mortgage instead of the real name. In another case, she signed as the vice president of "Bad Bene," a made-up company.


"There are procedures to be followed in order to get a foreclosure, and you either get it right or not. Either you're pregnant or not. There's no in-between," [Arthur M. Schack, a Kings County Supreme Court judge in Brooklyn,] said

Foreclosure attorney Lynn Szymoniak located numerous signatures of "Linda Green" from pleadings filed in various courts. has rounded up some examples of "Linda Green's" signatures in one image:

In February 2010, posted one of Green's signatures on an assignment of title to "Bogus Assignee":

(And here are numerous other assignments to "Bogus Assignee" signed by Green, start with the fourth document down.)

Szymoniak pointed out in July:

There are examples of the many different Linda Green signatures/forgeries. Green’s “signature” appears on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of mortgage assignments – as an officer of at least 20 different banks and mortgage companies.

Doing the Math

The total mortgage loan amount on 500 “Linda Green” Mortgage Assignments is $126,956,912, or approximately $125 million for each 500 Assignments. The average output of Assignments from the Docx office in Alpharetta [Green's actual employer], Georgia in 2009 was 2,000 Assignments per day.

This would be equivalent to (4 x $125 million) or $500 million each day. Assuming that Docx operated 5 days a week for 51 weeks (allowing for holidays), the office was open, producing Assignments, 255 days. It is likely that the Linda Green/Docx crew prepared and filed Mortgage Assignments showing One Hundred Twenty-Seven Billion, Five Hundred Million ($127,500,000,000) in mortgages were Assigned in 2009.

Remember also that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems - which Green repeatedly signed for - is itself a shell company which holds 60% of all American residential mortgages.

DocX is also the company which published price lists for forging documents, including such gems as:

"Create Missing Intervening Assignment" $35

"Cure Defective Assignment" $12.95

"Recreate Entire Collateral File" $95

Given the above, it is clear why the Florida Attorney General has issued a subpoena to Linda Green's real employer - DocX - requesting the following documents:

2. Copies of any and all underlying documentation that allows for your employee or ex-employee, Linda Green to sign documents in the following capacities:

a. Vice President of Loan Documentation, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. successor by merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.;

b. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for American Home Mortgage Acceptance, Inc.;

c. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing as successor-in-interest to Option One Mortgage Corporation;

d. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for American Brokers Conduit;

e. Vice President & Asst. Secretary, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., as servicer for Ameriquest Mortgage Corporation;

f. Vice President, Option One Mortgage Corporation;

g. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for HLB Mortgage;

h. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.;

1. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Family Lending Services, Inc.;

J. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. as Successor -ininterest to Option One Mortgage Corporation;

k. Vice President, Argent Mortgage Company, LLC by Citi Residential Lending, Inc., attorney-in-fact;

1. . Vice President, Sand Canyon Corporation f/kJal Option One Mortgage Corporation;

m. Vice President, Amtrust Funsing (sic) Services, Inc., by American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., as Attorney-in -fact;

n. Vice President, Seattle Mortgage Company.

3. Copies of every document signed in any capacity by Linda Green.

Subpoena DT to Docx L.L.C

Of course, its not just Linda Green.

As Szymoniak points out:
The offices of Lender Processing Services in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, seems likely to also have produced 2,000 Assignments each working day.

Jeffrey Stephan from the GMAC offices in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania also is likely to have produced 2,000 Assignments each day.

Bryan Bly of Nationwide Title Clearing also is likely to have produced 2,000 Mortgage Assignments each day.

Scott Anderson of Ocwen Loan Servicing in West Palm Beach, Florida, almost certainly produced an average of 2,000 Assignments a day.

Herman John Kennerty of America’s Servicing Company in Ft. Mill, South Carolina, also is likely to have produced 2,000 Assignments each day.

Erica Johnson-Seck was almost certainly producing Assignments at this same level for IndyMac.

Christina Trowbridge, Whitney Cook, and Stacy Spohn of Chase Home Finance in Franklin, Ohio likely had the same output.

Keri Selman and Renee Hertzler of BAC Home Loan Servicing (formerly Countrywide) in Texas almost certainly produced an average of 2,000 Assignments a day.

If these nine offices each produced 2,000 Assignments a day, the value of the Mortgage Assignments filed by all nine offices in 2009 was One Trillion, One Hundred Forty Seven Billion, Five Hundred Million ($1,147,500,000,000).

Huge Oil Plumes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reappearance of Huge Plumes of Oil is Making It Hard to Pretend that the Problem Has Disappeared

There is a flood of information coming out on the Gulf oil spill.


The reappearance of huge plumes of oil is making it hard to pretend that it has all gone away.

Here's a roundup of some of the Gulf oil headlines from just the last 4 days:

And Frontline and ProPublica released a new documentary called The Spill which says:

  • BP has a terrible track record of safety
  • Workers had "an exception degree of fear" and worried about dying at BP's texas oil refinery, and BP's own plant manager pleaded for safety measures to be implemented. Headquarters said no.
  • BP's giant Alaska facility was only designed to last until 1987, and then was supposed to be torn down. But instead, according to one of BP's Alaska workers: "They're going to run everything to failure".
  • BP's philosophy is: "How many lives can we afford to lose before we have to deal with this?"
  • BP stopped doing a basic oil pipeline safety measure, which caused a huge spill in Alaska
  • BP used too few inspectors, and used unqualified inspectors
  • The giant Thunderhorse platform fell over because a key part was installed backwards
  • Internal documents show BP engineers trying to find ways to cut costs and cut corners, so BP bypassed numerous normal safety measures.
  • When Tony Hayward took over as CEO, he said he was going to increase safety ... at the same time he insisted on substantial new cost cutting measures.
  • Because BP is not being reined in or restricted, and still has a cost-cutting culture, giant, future accidents will occur.

But as Greg Palast notes, The Spill is a whitewash sponsored by Chevron, rehashing information which Palast and others reported on years ago, and falsely implying that other oil companies have stellar safety records.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crash Of 2010

The Crash of 2010 predictions: Part 4 BREAKING NEWS TRENDS for rest of october and the year (PLEASE SHARE, REPOST, AND REWRITE)

by Andrew Tiger Lee on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 11:21pm

Related Articles on the crash of 2010 predictions:

Crash of 2010 part two

There is now breaking news from the Tiger Media Newsroom. I believe that the crash of 2010 will happen in 1-4 weeks because now the foreclosure gate scandal is now breaking news (which we knew all along). Now the banks are going to TRY and orchestrate another flash crash 2.0 of 2010 because now Bank of America as been forced to admit that yes they did a lot of BAD foreclosures like foreclosuring a home because the person paided off his or her mortage OR the banks did a lot of bad practices betting against the home like and once the homeowner who can't pay off his or her mortage the bankers MAKE millions when the homeowner goes belly up.

Worse of all, the bank that forclosed the home the other bank will foreclose the same home. These are some of the atrocities to name there are many others. We ALL KNOW that in 2004, according to William K. Black stated on record the FBI were "investigating" an epidemic of mortage fraud and they say it will cause a major economic downturn and they said that 80% of the fraud committed were done NOT by the borrowers. Most of the rage has been at the borrowers, IF you want REAL rage go after the CEO's who are very wealthy by making money through fraud. For the article related on William K. Black on the foreclosure mess follow here

Now this is all over mainstream news the people are going to lose it! BUT of course there will be some kind of cover-up like the goldman sachs fraud scandal on April 20, 2010 when it was uncovered of the fraud like the timberwolf deal that senator Carl Levin of Michigan said "that was a ****** deal, you knew this was a ******* bad deal" etc. There were a LOT more bad deals than the timberwolf debacle. This was on the news until April 29th 2010.

Then it was put on the back burner then one week later the flash crash happened dow jones down 1000 points in 15 minutes. The mainstream media said it was a fat finger. NO! 8 stocks went to almost 0 during the flash crash like Accenture; it went from $40 a share to 1 cent!

We all know tuesday the markets took a leg down when the NY fed threaten to sue Bank Of America on the bad mortgages fraud, plus China surprisingly raised interest rates of 25 basis points like deposit rate to 2.5% from 2.25% plus bad earnings took a toll on the markets the dow jones dropped 165 points to 10978, S&P 500 down 19 points to 1166. Nasdaq down 44 points to 2437. For the article see here

Why i am believing between october 27th and november 23rd?

There is a LOT of uncertainty in the markets plus we got the elections on November 2nd, 2010 it has already been admitted in MSM that there is a lot of election fraud under way. Here in NY state for the governor's race there is only 2 candidates on the debate in Buffalo if Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) will debate with Carl Palandino (Republican on the tea party line). Those are the 2 candidates and there were 4 or 5 other including the best quote of the night by Jimmy McMillan a candidate for the NY governor as well said "my rent is too damn high" of course NY has the highest rent price and the cost of living just about anywhere has skyrocketed. For the full article see here

There is a chance also that the feds may manipulate the markets in any way possible to sucker the people to vote in the same scums they landed in office by either driving the dow jones up a little higher than the 1998, 1999 levels or April 24, 2010 levels OR drive the markets down 2000-3000 points so the feds can threaten everyone with martial law and suspension of the elections this year.

Also what i have found on CNBC a strategist said that the feds move to QE2 will cause a flash crash and this strategist may be right because the debt, derivatives, housing 2.0, treasury, and many other bubbles there are out there that will burst for good to the point of no return. It will matter for the private central bank in the US as in the feds. For the full article see here

There is a lot of uncertainty is in how will the feds and the big central banks to crash our economy with the IMF and world bank. But I do know based on my current events/trends, i found that there will be the crash of 2010 then high or some predict HYPER inflation. That is not a good sign take a lot at China for example their GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was 9.6% the slowest growth in china for a little while. What is also scary is that the CPI or the Consumer Price Inflation Index was up 3.6%. The normal inflation rate the Chinese Government want to be is 3.0%. 3.6% is starting to get uneasy for China. Plus there was a slowing growth in industrial production meaning that exports are starting to ease. Not good either. Why do you think China raised their interest rates 25 basis points that rattled the world markets on tuesday. For the full article on the China GDP report, slowdown and concerns see here

Now this brings me up to the point: why am i saying that the stock market may have a panic next week is because of the what has been going on with the foreclosure mess and the week before the mid-term elections. There is a chance like i said the feds will try to suspend the elections with the big banks with the panic in the stock market and either they will try and calm you down barely and suspend elections and they will say "give them one more chance or give us more power" or suspend elections and there will be martial law implemented.

Then there is the fed minutes committee meaning on QE2 or Quantitative easing 2 meaning government buying of debt BUT the debt is so quantum sized that it will force the need to flood the system with more cash and this will create high inflation some predict hyper inflation. "You can not create/print more/phantom money backed by nothing without destroying the economy" -Gerald Celente.

What will the rest of this year hold?

A really bad holiday season filled with riots, world war III possibly, more predator drones in Pakistan, and the final crisis well underway.

Currency War already underway and unfortunately United States can't continue to shoot themselves in the head and get hollywood to revive them! China will probably screw up the American Economy/Dollar with Gold prices going up to the point will the dollar collapse!

For the link see here

Hyper-Inflation and a dollar panic maybe collapse knowing the feds will continue their arrogance on markets and finance.

Then Obamaggedon.

Then the global currency possibly for the picture see here

That is your rest of the trends. GET READY TO BUY FOOD, WATER, GOLD, SILVER, and defense! If you can't get enough of my articles please add me at Andrew Tiger Lee and find me on your fan page at Andrew Tiger Lee and FCUK THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

OH GOD! both articles new global currencies agreement and soros calls for a stimulus package!

Stichin Fortells Iraq


The continuing carnage in Iraq is reflected in many readers’ letter to me. The “Land Between the Rivers” is where civilization began, where Abraham began his actual and spiritual journey, where the story of Man and his gods began. The questions I am asked are not only about the antiquities that are destroyed, not only about the past, but also about the future: Is there anything in the biblical prophecies that foretells where it is all leading?

FATE Magazine published a short article of mine on the subject in its October 2005 issue, here are excerpts:


Breaking Apart to Repeat History?

The conflict involves a host of issues – democracy, religious freedom, women’s rights stand out. A core issue that divides the three main religious-political-ethnic groups is the extent of autonomy that each will have – the majority Shiites in the south, the distinct Kurds in the north (both in oil-producing regions) and the minority Sunnis in the central region (which includes Baghdad but no oil). The concern is that the greater the autonomy, the greater the chances that Iraq will break up into three parts and will no longer be one national state.

Whether such an outcome is desirable or need be prevented at all costs can be argued pro and con. The arguments should not ignore the fact that “Iraq” is an artificial entity created after World War I by Britain and France when they divided the remnants of the Ottoman (Turkish) empire. How far in history should one go in untangling the ethnic-religious issues? It is a fact that Saddam Hussein saw himself as a reincarnation of the famed Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and envisioned Iraq as a great New Babylon; and it is a fact, even if little noticed, that the Shiites of southern Iraq intend to call their autonomous region or independent state Sumer!

The Biblical Prophecies

Old Testament Prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel – predicted both the sacking of Jerusalem and its Temple by Nebuchadnezzar as well as the subsequent downfall and destruction of Babylon; both prophecies came true, in 586 B.C. and 539 B.C.

In the New Testament, Babylon and its fate are the main subject of three chapters in the Book of Revelation (“The Apocalypse of St. john”). Those prophecies of wrath against Babylon have posed a problem for both biblical scholars and theologians, since when the Book of Revelation was written, “Babylon” had already long been forsaken and in ruins for centuries. Most scholars therefore believe that the book was composed after the start of the persecution of Christians in Rome and that “Babylon” was a code word for Rome.

But if one believes that Revelation is indeed a book of prophecies – of events to come – and that it says what it means and means what it says, then “Babylon of the future” is a “code word” for today’s Iraq! And if so, what Revelation prophecied becomes both intriguing and relevant.

The Merchants of Evil

The future fall of “Babylon,” according to Revelation, will follow and will be hastened by a period of “harlotry,” during which “merchants of the Earth… have committed fornication with her… and waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies” (chapter 18:2). Applying this to current events, one can easily find here an allusion to Iraq’s main “delicacy” – oil – and the parallel to the “Food for Oil” program of the United Nations through which “merchants of the Earth,” committing ethical and business “adultery,” enriched themselves while providing the Iraqi dictator with funds to stay in power and commit more atrocities.

But when the judgements were pronounced upon Babylon, “the Mother of Harlots” with whom “the kings of the Earth have committed fornication,” those very beneficiaries of the trade abandoned her, stood aside when the destruction began:

The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her,
shall stand far off for fear of her torment,
weeping and wailing, and saying:
Alas, alas that great city that was clothed in fine linen
and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold…
For in one hour so great riches is come to naught;
And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships,
and as many as trade by sea,
stood far off, and cried when they saw the smoke
and her burning, saying:

Alas, alas that great city… for in one hour is she made desdolate.

Revelation 18:15-18

The Breakup Into Three Parts

Once the destruction of “Babylon” was so swiftly carried out, the seventh angel “poured out his vial into the air, and there came a great voice out of the Temple of Heaven, from the throne, saying: IT IS DONE.”

And the great city was divided into three parts…
And great Babylon came in remembrance before God
to give unto her the cup of wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

Revelation 16:17, 19

As events in Iraq unfold, we will see whether they will follow the prophetic script to its cataclysmic conclusion.

© Z. Sitchin, 2005

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mag7.5 Quake Indonesia

The Associated Press
Indonesia braces for eruption of volcano
By Slamet Riyadi
Associated Press / October 26, 2010


MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia — Indonesia warned yesterday that its most volatile volcano could erupt at any time and started evacuating some of the thousands of villagers living on the mountain’s slope.

Mount Merapi has seen increased volcanic activity over the past week and officials have raised the alert level for the 9,737-foot-high mountain to the most urgent level, said government volcanologist Surono, who uses only one name.

Also yesterday, a powerful earthquake hit off western Indonesia, briefly triggering a tsunami warning that sent thousands of panicked residents fleeing to high ground. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The 7.7-magnitude temblor struck at a depth of 13 miles off Sumatra island, the US Geological Survey said.

Mount Merapi last erupted in 2006, when it sent an avalanche of blistering gases and rock fragments racing down the mountain that killed two people. A similar eruption in 1994 killed 60 people, and 1,300 people died in an eruption in 1930.

“Officials have predicted that if it erupts, magma would flow to the southern side,’’ said Sri Purnomo, the head of Sleman district on Java island, where Mount Merapi is located.

He said officials were warning some 11,400 villagers living on the mountain’s southern slope to prepare for “urgent evacuation.’’ About 40,000 people live close to the mountain.

Purnomo said camps to take in the evacuees were being set up at buildings and sports fields more than 6 miles away. Hundreds of senior citizens and children have been moved from villages near the slopes of Mount Merapi to Umbulharjo village, where they are being placed in government buildings and tents prepared by local officials.

There are more than 129 active volcanoes to watch in Indonesia, which is spread across 17,500 islands and is prone to eruptions and earthquakes because of its location within the so-called “Ring of Fire,’’ a series of fault lines stretching from the Western Hemisphere through Japan and Southeast Asia.

When yesterday’s earthquake struck, at least five towns in the provinces of Bengkulu and West Sumatra were badly jolted, officials and witnesses said, as were the nearby Mentawai islands.

Areas closest to the epicenter of the 9:42 p.m. quake were sparsely populated, and there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, said Ade Edward, a disaster management agency official.

A 5.0-magnitude aftershock hit less than an hour after the original quake, and a 6.1-magnitude aftershock was recorded early this morning.
© Copyright 2010 Globe Newspaper Company.

Earthquakes Worldwide
in the Last 30 Days

(of magnitude >= 4.0)

DATE links are into the IRIS WILBER system where you can see seismograms and request datasets.

26-OCT-2010 03:28:33 -3.16 100.44 4.9 39.8 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
26-OCT-2010 02:08:29 -41.49 -85.71 5.4 10.0 WEST CHILE RISE
25-OCT-2010 22:59:53 -3.28 100.50 6.2 21.5 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 22:10:03 -2.84 99.99 4.9 19.8 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 19:37:30 -2.98 100.39 6.1 22.9 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 15:21:12 -3.41 99.93 5.0 25.6 SOUTHWEST OF SUMATERA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 14:42:22 -3.46 100.08 7.5 14.2 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 12:05:28 -0.08 125.09 5.7 32.0 SOUTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
25-OCT-2010 10:08:00 24.61 -109.22 4.6 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
25-OCT-2010 10:06:14 24.63 -109.19 4.8 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
25-OCT-2010 07:45:20 -34.92 -72.56 4.9 24.6 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
25-OCT-2010 07:40:44 34.71 23.57 4.8 18.9 CRETE
25-OCT-2010 07:28:13 -6.13 113.18 4.5 577.8 JAWA, INDONESIA
25-OCT-2010 02:59:12 19.34 146.39 5.3 49.4 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
24-OCT-2010 23:15:49 -5.48 154.20 5.5 125.5 SOLOMON ISLANDS
24-OCT-2010 17:43:59 43.63 -110.33 4.6 5.0 WYOMING
24-OCT-2010 15:13:13 -22.41 171.41 4.8 113.6 LOYALTY ISLANDS REGION
24-OCT-2010 10:46:56 -22.02 -66.85 4.5 159.1 JUJUY PROVINCE, ARGENTINA
24-OCT-2010 10:46:43 -21.47 -66.17 4.9 28.1 SOUTHERN BOLIVIA
24-OCT-2010 09:26:27 -20.20 -177.68 4.9 457.6 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
24-OCT-2010 09:11:12 -19.67 168.05 5.1 73.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
24-OCT-2010 08:20:26 -47.23 165.54 4.7 35.0 OFF W. COAST OF S. ISLAND, N.Z.
24-OCT-2010 02:17:54 19.07 -64.62 4.7 43.7 VIRGIN ISLANDS
24-OCT-2010 00:52:31 76.10 7.68 4.6 25.0 SVALBARD REGION
23-OCT-2010 21:58:59 63.16 -24.11 4.8 10.0 ICELAND REGION
23-OCT-2010 21:51:19 0.85 -78.17 4.6 35.0 COLOMBIA-ECUADOR BORDER REGION
23-OCT-2010 21:49:26 51.70 -175.53 4.5 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
23-OCT-2010 20:38:29 63.40 -23.74 4.9 8.7 ICELAND REGION
23-OCT-2010 18:37:51 9.40 125.77 5.1 10.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
23-OCT-2010 15:47:40 -36.85 -71.87 4.7 35.0 CENTRAL CHILE
23-OCT-2010 11:08:22 4.71 35.79 4.8 10.0 KENYA
23-OCT-2010 10:56:59 -36.72 -73.44 5.1 28.9 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
23-OCT-2010 06:17:44 39.95 21.41 5.0 22.6 GREECE
23-OCT-2010 05:58:30 -37.77 -73.47 5.7 35.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
23-OCT-2010 02:28:39 42.81 144.92 4.8 25.8 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
23-OCT-2010 01:38:14 -29.59 -71.11 5.2 44.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
23-OCT-2010 00:54:24 -20.32 -173.64 5.1 17.2 TONGA ISLANDS
23-OCT-2010 00:53:46 31.19 141.87 4.8 31.7 SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN
22-OCT-2010 19:31:33 -20.86 -68.45 5.6 88.4 CHILE-BOLIVIA BORDER REGION
22-OCT-2010 18:23:26 7.66 126.64 5.0 141.9 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
22-OCT-2010 15:38:14 55.40 -35.19 4.7 17.1 REYKJANES RIDGE
22-OCT-2010 12:11:11 -18.80 -177.70 4.6 628.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
22-OCT-2010 12:08:54 -18.95 -177.62 4.8 662.3 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
22-OCT-2010 09:08:29 38.28 49.10 5.1 26.0 CASPIAN SEA
22-OCT-2010 08:34:29 38.10 48.98 4.4 57.0 ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN-IRAN BORD REG
22-OCT-2010 08:26:26 -18.34 -71.12 4.7 51.9 OFF COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
22-OCT-2010 08:00:39 38.06 49.01 4.5 26.5 CASPIAN SEA
22-OCT-2010 04:18:59 -5.38 146.82 4.9 283.8 EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G.
22-OCT-2010 04:10:17 24.47 -109.13 4.1 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
22-OCT-2010 02:52:55 -20.24 -173.84 5.1 42.3 TONGA ISLANDS
22-OCT-2010 02:08:41 8.70 -40.40 4.7 10.0 CENTRAL MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
22-OCT-2010 00:04:24 -5.83 129.96 4.8 215.3 BANDA SEA
21-OCT-2010 22:38:35 24.67 -109.51 4.1 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
21-OCT-2010 17:53:14 24.84 -109.17 6.9 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
21-OCT-2010 15:38:06 24.84 -109.16 4.6 26.8 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
21-OCT-2010 15:14:08 24.51 -109.17 4.2 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
21-OCT-2010 14:26:41 24.56 -109.29 4.7 26.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
21-OCT-2010 13:56:26 -20.18 -173.95 5.0 10.0 TONGA ISLANDS
21-OCT-2010 12:46:00 15.09 122.38 4.8 73.0 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
21-OCT-2010 12:09:43 1.16 126.19 4.9 66.5 NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
21-OCT-2010 11:50:32 -33.38 -178.62 5.2 16.4 SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
21-OCT-2010 11:00:35 -6.18 150.84 5.3 59.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
21-OCT-2010 07:25:44 -25.73 -177.57 5.0 160.4 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
21-OCT-2010 07:03:50 4.57 124.57 4.8 350.9 CELEBES SEA
21-OCT-2010 04:45:43 -34.74 -72.97 4.8 27.6 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
21-OCT-2010 04:23:43 32.47 137.74 4.4 364.0 SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN
21-OCT-2010 02:49:56 -34.71 -73.76 5.8 6.7 OFF COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
20-OCT-2010 23:01:54 31.36 -116.06 4.3 10.0 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
20-OCT-2010 16:05:56 -0.33 -80.70 4.6 38.4 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR
20-OCT-2010 14:35:57 -20.36 -173.77 5.2 35.2 TONGA ISLANDS
20-OCT-2010 13:00:44 -20.37 -178.68 4.5 583.8 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
20-OCT-2010 11:27:26 -31.34 179.90 4.4 395.0 KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION
20-OCT-2010 07:35:45 24.33 -108.95 4.4 10.1 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 07:12:36 12.86 124.72 5.1 70.5 SAMAR, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
20-OCT-2010 06:58:18 24.69 -109.00 5.8 23.7 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 05:51:22 24.35 -109.11 4.2 10.7 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 04:30:38 24.28 -109.27 4.7 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 04:15:39 24.50 -109.12 5.5 26.9 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 04:09:44 24.60 -109.10 5.9 13.2 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 03:53:41 -19.34 -174.03 4.9 61.4 TONGA ISLANDS
20-OCT-2010 03:39:29 24.76 -108.86 4.7 8.1 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
20-OCT-2010 01:05:59 -0.45 -80.78 4.8 38.2 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR
19-OCT-2010 23:04:06 -4.90 102.44 4.7 42.7 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
19-OCT-2010 21:16:24 -20.28 -173.72 5.1 44.5 TONGA ISLANDS
19-OCT-2010 20:49:08 -6.40 104.91 5.0 41.8 SUNDA STRAIT
19-OCT-2010 20:39:38 -20.47 -173.58 5.5 21.1 TONGA ISLANDS
19-OCT-2010 20:17:54 -43.52 172.47 4.0 19.2 SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
19-OCT-2010 18:48:03 -4.88 133.61 4.8 23.9 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
19-OCT-2010 10:58:17 -19.77 -173.13 5.0 10.0 TONGA ISLANDS
19-OCT-2010 10:06:13 55.14 160.25 5.0 39.8 KAMCHATKA
19-OCT-2010 08:06:51 -63.64 -166.99 5.0 10.0 PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE
19-OCT-2010 03:56:56 19.30 -68.16 4.0 22.0 NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
19-OCT-2010 00:24:05 -41.30 -90.34 5.0 10.6 SOUTHEAST OF EASTER ISLAND
18-OCT-2010 23:13:14 -3.62 101.39 4.7 62.4 SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
18-OCT-2010 22:32:13 -43.63 172.56 4.7 9.0 SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
18-OCT-2010 12:11:30 -6.60 147.39 4.5 75.9 EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G.
18-OCT-2010 09:09:45 -21.90 -175.35 4.8 46.9 TONGA ISLANDS
18-OCT-2010 08:02:17 -6.58 153.64 5.1 41.2 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
18-OCT-2010 01:46:15 -18.79 -177.45 4.9 620.3 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
17-OCT-2010 21:49:39 27.97 104.12 5.0 14.0 YUNNAN, CHINA
17-OCT-2010 21:21:04 6.16 94.50 4.6 91.0 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA
17-OCT-2010 20:28:22 -43.62 172.41 4.4 9.0 SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
17-OCT-2010 20:11:20 28.54 85.67 4.9 53.0 NEPAL
17-OCT-2010 17:55:05 39.32 20.63 4.8 16.0 GREECE-ALBANIA BORDER REGION
17-OCT-2010 16:25:01 -0.52 149.13 4.9 88.0 NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G.
17-OCT-2010 11:49:55 -45.20 -76.29 4.7 35.0 OFF COAST OF SOUTHERN CHILE
17-OCT-2010 10:15:12 12.97 92.36 5.0 35.0 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA
17-OCT-2010 09:15:35 -10.49 -78.40 4.9 79.0 NEAR COAST OF PERU
17-OCT-2010 09:15:20 8.69 127.11 4.7 59.0 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
17-OCT-2010 08:27:49 -11.71 -72.23 5.2 10.0 CENTRAL PERU
17-OCT-2010 08:19:43 36.35 141.14 4.8 41.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
17-OCT-2010 05:54:19 -22.41 -175.42 4.7 122.2 TONGA ISLANDS REGION
17-OCT-2010 05:54:08 -22.52 -175.19 4.8 36.0 TONGA ISLANDS REGION
17-OCT-2010 01:07:01 -7.43 125.72 4.7 36.0 BANDA SEA
16-OCT-2010 23:59:46 -55.49 -28.06 5.2 10.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
16-OCT-2010 20:08:31 -20.33 -173.74 6.0 12.6 TONGA ISLANDS
16-OCT-2010 19:51:50 6.76 94.47 5.7 82.1 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA
16-OCT-2010 15:44:32 -7.34 125.66 6.1 20.6 BANDA SEA
16-OCT-2010 13:51:41 -55.57 158.37 5.2 20.0 MACQUARIE ISLANDS REGION
16-OCT-2010 13:27:46 -20.40 -173.96 5.7 9.5 TONGA ISLANDS
16-OCT-2010 12:03:07 -34.99 -72.13 5.1 33.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
16-OCT-2010 06:43:12 14.10 -91.51 4.6 58.0 GUATEMALA
16-OCT-2010 05:36:25 31.14 141.80 4.6 43.0 SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN
16-OCT-2010 05:12:30 -1.44 -80.34 4.5 68.0 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR
16-OCT-2010 03:23:59 -24.79 -179.67 4.8 472.0 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
15-OCT-2010 23:41:11 14.16 -91.27 5.0 101.0 GUATEMALA
15-OCT-2010 21:14:49 40.28 140.83 4.7 179.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
15-OCT-2010 21:14:28 40.20 142.19 4.7 45.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
15-OCT-2010 17:54:02 46.99 -27.22 5.0 10.0 NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
15-OCT-2010 12:43:55 3.65 95.45 5.1 49.0 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATERA
15-OCT-2010 11:23:40 14.29 -89.99 4.7 109.0 GUATEMALA
15-OCT-2010 10:20:18 35.27 -92.32 4.4 5.0 ARKANSAS
15-OCT-2010 09:56:51 -4.50 153.64 5.0 70.0 NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G.
15-OCT-2010 07:39:01 -18.66 -69.14 4.5 104.0 NORTHERN CHILE
15-OCT-2010 02:49:06 6.04 123.51 4.7 586.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
14-OCT-2010 13:58:55 42.36 142.97 5.4 46.7 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
14-OCT-2010 12:59:27 60.35 -140.63 4.3 1.0 SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA
14-OCT-2010 10:47:18 5.48 -82.73 4.8 31.0 SOUTH OF PANAMA
14-OCT-2010 10:03:31 -10.31 42.83 5.2 15.0 NORTHWEST OF MADAGASCAR
14-OCT-2010 06:26:53 6.82 -73.04 4.5 145.0 NORTHERN COLOMBIA
14-OCT-2010 06:06:15 21.66 121.10 4.6 27.0 TAIWAN REGION
14-OCT-2010 05:59:00 -43.62 172.53 4.1 5.0 SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
13-OCT-2010 23:32:51 -13.85 167.80 4.9 75.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
13-OCT-2010 14:06:29 35.21 -97.31 4.7 5.0 OKLAHOMA
13-OCT-2010 10:36:14 51.60 -173.14 4.5 24.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
13-OCT-2010 05:59:02 13.98 146.66 4.9 25.0 SOUTH OF MARIANA ISLANDS
13-OCT-2010 05:40:26 73.07 12.94 4.6 14.0 NORWEGIAN SEA
12-OCT-2010 12:02:55 -20.49 -173.95 6.1 9.9 TONGA ISLANDS
12-OCT-2010 12:01:10 -20.35 -174.20 5.5 23.2 TONGA ISLANDS
12-OCT-2010 11:10:33 -20.02 -177.61 4.9 270.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
12-OCT-2010 10:21:35 -4.94 133.72 5.9 9.9 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
12-OCT-2010 08:47:20 6.71 -72.95 4.4 172.0 NORTHERN COLOMBIA
12-OCT-2010 07:01:03 -21.14 -68.53 4.7 97.0 CHILE-BOLIVIA BORDER REGION
12-OCT-2010 04:20:34 2.64 122.16 4.8 540.0 CELEBES SEA
12-OCT-2010 03:00:34 32.16 -115.29 4.2 6.0 CALIF.-BAJA CALIF. BORDER REGION
11-OCT-2010 23:16:38 25.35 124.78 5.2 109.0 NORTHEAST OF TAIWAN
11-OCT-2010 14:11:33 14.68 -92.43 4.4 78.0 NEAR COAST OF CHIAPAS, MEXICO
11-OCT-2010 08:35:31 -33.80 -71.75 4.9 38.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
11-OCT-2010 03:17:26 19.08 144.85 4.6 609.0 MARIANA ISLANDS
11-OCT-2010 02:07:45 -8.25 120.26 4.5 41.0 FLORES REGION, INDONESIA
10-OCT-2010 21:44:26 33.94 72.85 5.1 33.0 PAKISTAN
10-OCT-2010 07:53:20 31.04 141.76 4.8 44.0 SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN
10-OCT-2010 06:25:30 51.48 -175.18 5.1 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
10-OCT-2010 06:08:15 51.43 -175.22 5.4 37.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
10-OCT-2010 05:48:19 -23.32 -179.83 4.8 550.0 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
10-OCT-2010 02:27:51 31.07 141.61 5.1 14.0 SOUTH OF HONSHU, JAPAN
10-OCT-2010 02:10:28 0.85 -85.19 4.7 53.0 OFF COAST OF ECUADOR
10-OCT-2010 01:41:48 39.28 72.44 4.7 61.0 KYRGYZSTAN
09-OCT-2010 21:46:10 25.85 127.77 4.8 30.0 RYUKYU ISLANDS
09-OCT-2010 19:04:52 38.20 22.77 5.1 27.0 GREECE
09-OCT-2010 18:36:51 48.24 154.21 4.7 62.0 KURIL ISLANDS
09-OCT-2010 17:19:46 55.05 160.02 4.7 52.0 KAMCHATKA
09-OCT-2010 14:04:47 -2.66 -76.60 5.3 123.0 PERU-ECUADOR BORDER REGION
09-OCT-2010 13:16:20 26.21 144.51 4.8 22.0 BONIN ISLANDS REGION
09-OCT-2010 10:58:12 38.79 72.88 4.9 10.0 TAJIKISTAN
09-OCT-2010 10:15:16 39.28 70.23 4.9 15.0 TAJIKISTAN
09-OCT-2010 06:12:22 35.81 140.47 4.8 24.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
09-OCT-2010 03:25:03 18.25 146.48 5.0 74.0 MARIANA ISLANDS
09-OCT-2010 01:54:06 10.31 -84.23 5.5 98.0 COSTA RICA
08-OCT-2010 23:32:26 51.45 -175.16 5.0 43.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 21:45:01 1.64 126.62 4.5 76.0 NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
08-OCT-2010 21:22:47 51.50 -175.30 5.2 43.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 20:16:55 -13.88 -49.22 5.0 10.0 BRAZIL
08-OCT-2010 18:28:03 51.52 -175.09 4.7 45.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 17:44:32 51.55 -175.17 4.4 49.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 17:00:29 58.87 -152.91 4.8 62.0 KODIAK ISLAND REGION
08-OCT-2010 11:45:21 31.21 -115.90 4.0 10.0 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
08-OCT-2010 10:15:35 -58.84 -25.59 4.8 10.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
08-OCT-2010 07:21:03 -33.60 -71.83 4.8 30.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
08-OCT-2010 06:47:22 25.93 124.41 4.6 178.0 NORTHEAST OF TAIWAN
08-OCT-2010 05:43:10 2.75 128.20 5.9 144.9 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
08-OCT-2010 05:41:00 51.30 -175.30 4.6 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 04:28:26 51.28 -175.34 4.6 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 04:19:16 51.45 -175.34 5.3 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 03:49:11 51.50 -175.26 5.9 35.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
08-OCT-2010 03:26:13 51.42 -175.43 6.3 20.6 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
07-OCT-2010 22:17:13 -5.16 151.39 4.8 140.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
07-OCT-2010 20:04:27 -20.57 -178.39 4.7 555.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
07-OCT-2010 09:11:01 33.50 90.80 4.9 8.0 QINGHAI, CHINA
07-OCT-2010 07:25:29 53.48 160.35 4.8 49.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA
07-OCT-2010 03:41:10 42.20 137.53 4.2 291.0 EASTERN SEA OF JAPAN
07-OCT-2010 01:42:51 0.95 124.41 5.0 181.0 MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAWESI
07-OCT-2010 01:40:05 39.13 70.26 5.1 14.0 TAJIKISTAN
07-OCT-2010 01:21:27 28.84 65.94 4.6 10.0 PAKISTAN
06-OCT-2010 21:57:41 6.62 124.89 5.2 52.1 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
06-OCT-2010 21:07:12 -6.05 150.88 5.1 35.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
06-OCT-2010 19:43:38 -17.85 -173.98 5.7 89.3 TONGA ISLANDS
06-OCT-2010 17:49:43 29.75 69.56 5.2 10.0 PAKISTAN
06-OCT-2010 08:00:20 51.11 -179.18 4.8 46.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
05-OCT-2010 23:42:40 -57.27 -24.51 5.2 57.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
05-OCT-2010 22:35:57 41.42 142.07 4.9 61.0 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
05-OCT-2010 21:22:46 37.15 -117.38 4.1 9.2 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION
05-OCT-2010 20:29:50 -4.77 153.33 5.3 75.0 NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G.
05-OCT-2010 19:34:23 -8.54 118.54 4.4 166.0 SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA
05-OCT-2010 19:22:04 -3.42 150.98 5.1 35.0 NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G.
05-OCT-2010 16:54:35 -5.19 144.09 4.8 106.0 NEW GUINEA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
05-OCT-2010 15:15:25 40.96 -124.83 4.4 7.0 NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CALIF.
05-OCT-2010 09:44:47 -18.91 -176.09 4.8 241.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
05-OCT-2010 08:26:28 6.76 123.69 5.0 602.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
05-OCT-2010 05:45:47 25.46 141.13 5.1 10.0 VOLCANO ISLANDS REGION
05-OCT-2010 04:15:52 62.03 -124.07 4.4 1.0 NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA
05-OCT-2010 03:44:33 -36.11 178.65 4.3 147.0 OFF E. COAST OF N. ISLAND, N.Z.
05-OCT-2010 03:36:47 -20.86 -177.77 5.2 467.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
05-OCT-2010 00:32:03 -6.68 154.89 4.9 82.0 SOLOMON ISLANDS
05-OCT-2010 00:22:22 -14.91 -76.00 5.0 31.0 NEAR COAST OF PERU
04-OCT-2010 16:43:17 -36.31 -73.30 5.0 38.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
04-OCT-2010 15:52:41 -59.50 149.39 4.9 10.0 WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND
04-OCT-2010 15:19:19 -5.71 149.65 4.8 83.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
04-OCT-2010 14:51:56 49.32 -129.23 4.8 10.0 VANCOUVER ISLAND REGION
04-OCT-2010 14:35:26 48.02 154.01 5.1 71.0 KURIL ISLANDS
04-OCT-2010 13:28:39 24.29 125.30 6.2 35.9 SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISLANDS
04-OCT-2010 12:08:27 19.67 121.78 4.9 39.0 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
04-OCT-2010 11:48:34 19.81 -75.42 5.1 26.0 CUBA REGION
04-OCT-2010 11:32:22 36.41 141.15 4.9 49.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
04-OCT-2010 10:45:34 25.48 105.74 4.6 19.0 SOUTHEASTERN CHINA
04-OCT-2010 09:21:51 -43.51 172.47 5.2 10.0 SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
04-OCT-2010 05:56:18 49.44 -129.11 4.5 10.0 VANCOUVER ISLAND REGION
04-OCT-2010 05:11:33 -14.83 -75.88 4.9 49.0 NEAR COAST OF PERU
04-OCT-2010 01:38:27 19.31 122.06 5.6 11.8 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
03-OCT-2010 17:20:56 -6.59 105.04 4.8 75.0 SUNDA STRAIT
03-OCT-2010 16:54:18 51.43 -175.30 4.8 52.0 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
03-OCT-2010 16:42:48 -32.52 -179.45 5.1 105.0 SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS
03-OCT-2010 15:49:56 1.57 126.86 4.6 81.0 NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
03-OCT-2010 15:35:36 35.01 26.49 4.4 35.0 CRETE
03-OCT-2010 15:21:02 35.11 26.46 5.2 38.0 CRETE
03-OCT-2010 13:28:12 3.81 127.06 4.7 58.0 TALAUD ISLANDS, INDONESIA
03-OCT-2010 13:04:43 -5.80 127.48 5.0 19.0 BANDA SEA
03-OCT-2010 11:28:06 -7.02 129.56 4.3 166.0 BANDA SEA
03-OCT-2010 10:31:57 16.95 -100.32 4.0 10.0 NEAR COAST OF GUERRERO, MEXICO
03-OCT-2010 08:21:28 -6.56 104.98 5.1 53.0 SUNDA STRAIT
03-OCT-2010 08:10:22 52.79 -167.01 4.7 35.0 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
03-OCT-2010 07:31:04 -16.68 167.51 4.9 39.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
03-OCT-2010 06:29:34 -0.89 120.53 4.8 44.0 MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAWESI
03-OCT-2010 04:35:11 53.62 -163.71 4.8 22.0 UNIMAK ISLAND REGION
03-OCT-2010 04:30:15 -47.34 100.34 5.2 10.0 SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE
03-OCT-2010 02:58:11 14.01 93.01 4.8 40.0 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA
03-OCT-2010 00:26:53 37.08 138.22 5.0 25.0 NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
02-OCT-2010 21:37:53 37.12 138.22 4.7 19.0 NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
02-OCT-2010 21:28:06 -11.10 161.76 5.2 36.0 SOLOMON ISLANDS
02-OCT-2010 21:26:02 76.52 7.90 4.9 19.0 SVALBARD REGION
02-OCT-2010 19:23:12 24.32 121.74 5.0 20.0 TAIWAN
02-OCT-2010 14:54:04 -4.37 -76.18 4.8 124.0 NORTHERN PERU
02-OCT-2010 11:29:05 -6.55 128.76 5.4 238.0 BANDA SEA
02-OCT-2010 07:51:52 44.64 -129.84 4.4 10.0 OFF COAST OF OREGON
02-OCT-2010 07:17:42 43.57 145.17 4.4 91.0 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
02-OCT-2010 06:31:52 -19.06 168.97 4.7 180.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
02-OCT-2010 03:35:12 36.98 138.25 4.5 35.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
02-OCT-2010 02:54:22 -17.44 168.05 5.0 56.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
02-OCT-2010 02:33:58 -21.76 -174.55 5.0 35.0 TONGA ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 10:51:40 -58.87 -25.15 4.7 56.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
01-OCT-2010 09:09:35 5.86 125.60 4.8 98.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 08:55:43 52.39 -170.11 4.6 45.0 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 07:58:24 -4.14 128.69 4.7 159.0 BANDA SEA
01-OCT-2010 07:26:20 -18.87 169.58 5.0 286.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 07:26:09 -17.60 -173.07 5.1 10.0 TONGA ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 06:28:59 52.33 -169.57 4.6 39.0 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 05:00:18 5.28 125.42 4.9 188.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
01-OCT-2010 04:52:58 13.66 -90.56 4.6 81.0 NEAR COAST OF GUATEMALA
01-OCT-2010 03:18:40 13.28 -89.08 4.8 117.0 EL SALVADOR
01-OCT-2010 01:24:26 -10.93 113.78 5.5 18.0 SOUTH OF JAWA, INDONESIA
01-OCT-2010 00:20:13 3.45 -75.48 4.5 51.0 COLOMBIA
30-SEP-2010 23:30:45 -7.92 -71.32 5.0 623.0 WESTERN BRAZIL
30-SEP-2010 21:47:19 1.02 97.28 4.3 35.0 NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 15:56:40 6.72 -73.01 4.4 168.0 NORTHERN COLOMBIA
30-SEP-2010 15:28:49 -5.10 134.19 4.5 35.0 ARU ISLANDS REGION, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 14:10:00 -5.22 152.63 5.1 48.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
30-SEP-2010 13:32:22 -5.13 152.58 5.4 35.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
30-SEP-2010 12:47:10 37.08 140.94 4.9 51.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
30-SEP-2010 09:54:10 5.10 94.79 5.5 52.0 NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 09:00:24 19.76 121.44 5.6 15.3 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
30-SEP-2010 08:37:35 37.14 -117.38 4.4 9.0 CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION
30-SEP-2010 05:39:17 -4.94 133.78 4.7 10.0 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 05:31:22 45.52 26.25 4.5 133.0 ROMANIA
30-SEP-2010 04:53:42 72.83 -152.18 4.7 10.0 BEAUFORT SEA
30-SEP-2010 04:30:57 34.52 26.18 4.5 32.0 CRETE
30-SEP-2010 03:45:04 -0.26 133.44 5.8 23.2 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 02:11:03 -4.98 133.85 5.6 10.0 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 01:07:38 -5.20 133.88 5.4 10.0 ARU ISLANDS REGION, INDONESIA
30-SEP-2010 01:02:53 -37.75 -70.67 4.6 23.1 SOUTHERN ARGENTINA
30-SEP-2010 01:02:46 -37.99 -72.98 4.6 40.0 CENTRAL CHILE
30-SEP-2010 00:26:19 -36.53 -73.11 5.8 9.9 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
30-SEP-2010 00:24:10 24.67 141.20 5.3 208.0 VOLCANO ISLANDS REGION
29-SEP-2010 22:36:39 2.38 126.77 5.0 51.0 NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
29-SEP-2010 21:03:26 -4.86 133.68 5.2 18.0 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
29-SEP-2010 19:06:49 -7.29 129.16 5.2 137.0 BANDA SEA
29-SEP-2010 18:49:36 -15.49 -172.28 5.4 35.0 SAMOA ISLANDS REGION
29-SEP-2010 17:11:24 -4.92 133.78 7.2 12.3 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
29-SEP-2010 17:10:52 -4.93 133.75 6.2 21.2 IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA
29-SEP-2010 16:29:50 -34.66 -71.53 4.9 46.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
29-SEP-2010 16:23:43 37.20 140.00 4.6 24.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
29-SEP-2010 14:10:46 2.66 128.62 4.3 237.0 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
29-SEP-2010 11:33:32 4.95 94.72 5.2 57.0 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATERA
29-SEP-2010 10:43:57 25.75 -110.16 4.2 10.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
29-SEP-2010 07:59:57 37.24 139.93 5.6 10.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
29-SEP-2010 04:14:48 -36.69 177.02 5.3 300.0 OFF E. COAST OF N. ISLAND, N.Z.
29-SEP-2010 03:01:59 37.24 140.07 5.1 22.0 EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
29-SEP-2010 02:31:08 -6.87 150.48 4.4 71.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
29-SEP-2010 02:19:01 13.01 124.78 4.7 54.0 LUZON, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
29-SEP-2010 02:16:01 -55.94 -27.37 4.4 35.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
29-SEP-2010 02:00:38 56.34 162.82 4.8 35.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA
28-SEP-2010 23:48:46 -22.81 -175.29 5.2 63.0 TONGA ISLANDS REGION
28-SEP-2010 23:44:36 1.91 96.95 5.2 19.0 OFF W COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATERA
28-SEP-2010 20:38:36 1.39 122.33 4.6 47.0 MINAHASSA PENINSULA, SULAWESI
28-SEP-2010 18:35:47 39.71 142.07 4.5 78.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
28-SEP-2010 17:41:51 -30.23 -69.27 4.5 89.0 CHILE-ARGENTINA BORDER REGION
28-SEP-2010 17:33:52 24.08 121.71 4.9 6.0 TAIWAN
28-SEP-2010 13:13:32 -3.35 145.99 4.8 35.0 NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA, PNG.
28-SEP-2010 12:31:19 25.73 126.33 5.1 29.0 RYUKYU ISLANDS
28-SEP-2010 09:37:46 -65.34 178.29 5.1 10.0 BALLENY ISLANDS REGION
28-SEP-2010 04:39:13 22.31 143.60 4.7 155.0 VOLCANO ISLANDS REGION
28-SEP-2010 03:15:03 11.88 143.24 5.3 11.0 SOUTH OF MARIANA ISLANDS
28-SEP-2010 01:48:15 -29.39 -71.03 5.1 62.0 NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE
28-SEP-2010 01:44:01 42.09 142.51 4.7 66.0 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
27-SEP-2010 20:35:30 -14.88 -75.39 4.8 75.0 NEAR COAST OF PERU
27-SEP-2010 19:18:14 -22.70 -175.41 5.0 97.0 TONGA ISLANDS REGION
27-SEP-2010 16:49:49 -20.97 -179.15 4.7 628.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
27-SEP-2010 16:13:38 43.57 145.63 5.0 106.0 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
27-SEP-2010 15:49:22 24.96 123.53 5.3 36.0 SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISLANDS
27-SEP-2010 14:01:16 -21.87 170.90 4.7 156.0 LOYALTY ISLANDS REGION
27-SEP-2010 13:00:03 53.27 108.61 4.4 10.0 LAKE BAYKAL REGION, RUSSIA
27-SEP-2010 11:22:47 29.67 51.66 5.5 35.3 SOUTHERN IRAN
27-SEP-2010 09:25:05 -26.38 -64.58 5.1 10.0 TUCUMAN PROVINCE, ARGENTINA
27-SEP-2010 08:55:31 27.74 142.89 4.6 10.0 BONIN ISLANDS REGION
27-SEP-2010 06:43:16 -1.08 127.20 4.9 10.0 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
27-SEP-2010 06:33:50 -9.13 118.78 5.0 10.0 SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA
27-SEP-2010 04:36:54 12.52 92.50 4.6 30.0 ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA
27-SEP-2010 01:39:15 10.04 126.32 4.8 62.0 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
27-SEP-2010 00:45:44 -18.07 -68.99 4.6 146.0 CHILE-BOLIVIA BORDER REGION
27-SEP-2010 00:28:13 57.72 -32.75 5.0 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE
27-SEP-2010 00:16:13 57.73 -32.71 5.4 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE
27-SEP-2010 00:08:45 57.67 -32.78 5.5 10.0 REYKJANES RIDGE
26-SEP-2010 22:50:03 -14.03 167.76 4.9 43.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
26-SEP-2010 18:27:58 52.49 179.77 5.7 226.0 RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS
26-SEP-2010 17:55:00 35.61 140.06 4.9 58.0 NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
26-SEP-2010 17:20:34 -21.03 -178.87 4.8 551.0 FIJI ISLANDS REGION
26-SEP-2010 12:12:38 -5.31 133.93 6.1 8.7 ARU ISLANDS REGION, INDONESIA
26-SEP-2010 11:08:43 -5.59 146.46 5.4 87.5 EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G.
26-SEP-2010 10:40:37 -21.09 -68.35 4.6 109.0 CHILE-BOLIVIA BORDER REGION
26-SEP-2010 10:16:15 -21.16 -68.13 5.1 92.0 CHILE-BOLIVIA BORDER REGION
26-SEP-2010 09:34:15 -4.49 152.03 4.8 189.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
26-SEP-2010 09:26:22 -12.64 166.74 4.9 144.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
26-SEP-2010 08:03:42 13.58 -88.42 4.6 83.0 EL SALVADOR
26-SEP-2010 06:44:36 -14.34 167.88 5.2 74.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
26-SEP-2010 06:43:17 21.71 143.28 4.6 269.0 MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
26-SEP-2010 06:20:02 -24.19 -70.25 4.7 28.0 NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
26-SEP-2010 05:33:31 5.75 126.06 5.3 148.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS
26-SEP-2010 05:29:51 -40.40 -72.87 5.1 61.0 CENTRAL CHILE
26-SEP-2010 00:23:25 -14.38 167.82 5.1 59.0 VANUATU ISLANDS

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