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RFID Supply Chain Visualization

Alex Jones: Sets The Record Straight and Reaches Out to The Military

RAW: INSIDE Noah's Ark

Prince William, the Shadow King?

Prince Harry to become army helicopter pilot

Whose SWAT Teams Are On All Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rigs And What The Hell Are They Doing?

Whose SWAT Teams Are On All Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rigs And What The Hell Are They Doing?

Oil spill emergency spreads to Florida

WalMart sued for Mind Control

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Judge hears $2-billion lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Microsoft over brain control - Rose's claim states "that he has been subject to invasive brain computer interface technology, research, experiments, field studies and surgery" and also named the University of B.C. and the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons as defendants -

Walmart starts it's own intelligence agency, beings massive spy campaign on 1.7 million employees -,,

Wal-Mart launches world's largest private satellite communication system, transmissions are sent via the Satellite Business System SBS 4 satellite, one of about a dozen Ku-band satellites. -

With the vaunted supercomputer housed in the David Glass Technology Center, which is second only to the Pentagon's supercomputer in the world, Wal-Mart is able to... -

According to one consumer activist, Katherine Albrecht, even the wildest conspiracy buff might be surprised at just how much Wal-Mart knows about its customers - and how much more it would like to know. -

Walmart CEO's and List of Senior Staff Throughout History:

I haven''t shopped at Walmarts in probably five years or more. I haven't lived in the States for over three. What the heck are the "spy balls" at Walmart? Surveillance cameras that look like balls?

I can't find a current photo because I don't think they allow photography in there (bad excuse I know), but there are some stores which have many rows of those large hanging ball cameras, right near the checkouts. Tons of them. WHy would that be?

The advantages of living off grid

The advantages of living off grid

By Lorne Oja Science

No power poles, no power bill, master of your own energy destiny.

That’s living off the grid.

A popular misconception about living off grid relates to giving up most of our modern conveniences. To the contrary, modern, proven technologies, namely inverters, allow for a home not connected to the utilities to have all the conveniences of a home that is grid-tied.

The economics of off-grid living becomes viable when building a new home on a rural site and the power grid has to be brought in any distance.

The cost of an alternate energy system is comparable, and occasionally more cost effective, and it can be tailored to your budget and expanded as you can afford it.

An off-grid system has the advantage of no monthly utility bill, a bill that can and likely will increase as the demand on electrical supplies increases.

A typical new off-grid home will meet or exceed all the new building standards and have a very low to non-existent carbon footprint.

Photovoltaic cells, or solar panels as they are more commonly known, will be assembled into arrays large enough to meet the demands of the family in residence. Usually the system is supplemented with a wind turbine, to provide extra power in those low light but windy conditions.

Charge controllers will take the DC voltage from the solar array and the wind turbine and through a little technological magic; they will squeeze all sunshine’s available power into a battery bank, designed to store accumulated DC power, until power is required by the home.

The charge controller also keeps the batteries from overcharging.

DC current is fed from the battery bank into an inverter, which will provide the house with the familiar alternating current (AC).

AC is the standard type of current all household appliances are designed to run on and without it, the off-grid system would require more expensive and hard to find direct current appliances.

Using the sun is not restricted to electricity production. Heating for household needs can be supplemented by solar thermal panels.

These ingenious devices take heat from sunshine and collect it in insulated reservoirs. When heat is required, the under-floor or modern radiator system draws on this stored heat from the reservoir and distributes it where needed.

The hybrid off-grid system is backed up with a natural gas or propane generator.

This device is required by the residential insurance companies and it makes sense. For those rare fogged-in weeks, the generator will automatically start and pick up the slack when the battery bank is drawn down to a programmed set point. As long as the solar array and or wind turbine are sized correctly, the generator will rarely run.

A typical off-grid system is cost effective and can be customized to fit the owner’s needs and budget.

It goes a long way towards energy independence, a low carbon footprint and stewardship of the environment.

Lorne Oja is an energy consultant, power engineer and a partner in a company that installs solar panels, wind turbines and energy control products in Central Alberta. He built his first off-grid home in 2003 and is in the planning stage for his second. His column appears every second Friday in the Advocate. Oja, who lives in west Central Alberta, can be contacted at

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

The global elite has chosen the Bank For International Settlements, which financed Hitler’s war machine, to boss the financial arm of the new world order

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy 300410top

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 30, 2010

European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet’s announcement that the Bank for International Settlements is to become the primary engine for global governance is a shocking admission given the fact that this ultra-secretive menagerie of international bankers was once controlled by top Nazis who, in collusion with global central banks, funneled money through the institution which directly financed Hitler’s war machine.

During a speech to the elitist CFR organization earlier this week, ECB head Trichet said that the Global Economy Meeting (GEM), which regularly meets at the BIS headquarters in Basel, “Has become the prime group for global governance among central banks”.

The GEM is basically a policy steering committee under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements. In its current form, the BIS, which itself is not accountable to any national government, is comprised of banking chiefs from global central banks, most of which are private and also have no responsibility to their nation states or their citizens.

The board of directors who control the BIS include Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and Bank of England head Mervyn King, as well as Trichet himself.

So how did the Bank for International Settlements get started? The BIS was founded in 1930 by Governor of The Bank of England, Montague Norman and his German colleague Hjalmar Schacht, who later became Adolf Hitler’s finance minister.

The bank was initially founded in order to facilitate money transfers related to German reparations arising out of the Treaty of Versailles, but by the start of the second world war, the BIS was largely controlled by top Nazi officials, people like Walter Funk, who was appointed Nazi propaganda minister in 1933 before going on to become Hitler’s Minister for Economic Affairs. Another BIS director during this period was Emil Puhl, who as director and vice-president of Germany’s Reichsbank was responsible for moving Nazi gold. Both Funk and Puhl were convicted at the Nuremberg trials as war criminals.

Other BIS directors included Herman Schmitz, the director of IG Farben, whose subsidiary company manufactured Zyklon B, the pesticide used in Nazi concentration camp gas chambers to kill Jews and political dissidents during the Holocaust. IG Farben worked closely with John D. Rockefeller’s United States-based Standard Oil Co during the second world war.

Baron von Schroeder, the owner of the J.H.Stein Bank, the bank that held the deposits of the Gestapo, was also a BIS director during the war period.

As Charles Higham’s widely acclaimed book Trading With The Enemy, How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War Two points out, several parties at the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944 wanted to see the Bank for International Settlements liquidated, because its role in aiding Nazi Germany loot occupied European countries during the war. Norway called for the bank to be shut down, a view supported by Harry Dexter White, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Henry Morgenthau, but the BIS survived despite its highly contentious Nazi influence.

Higham writes that the BIS became, “A money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler’s coffers and to help Hitler build up his machine,” founded by Nazi finance minister Hjalmar Schacht on the basis that the “Institution that would retain channels of communication and collusion between the world’s financial leaders even in the event of an international conflict. It was written into the Bank’s charter, concurred in by the respective governments, that the BIS should be immune from seizure, closure or censure, whether or not its owners were at war.”

“The BIS was completely under Hitler’s control by the outbreak of World War II,” writes Higham. “Among the directors under Thomas H. McKittrick were Hermann Shmitz, head of the colossal Nazi industrial trust I.G. Farben, Baron Kurt von Schroder, head of the J.H. Stein Bank of Cologne and a leading officer and financier of the Gestapo; Dr. Walther Funk of the Reichsbank, and, of course, Emil Puhl. These last two figures were Hitler’s personal appointees to the board.”

Higham details how the gold looted from countries invaded by the Nazis was packed into vaults controlled by the Bank for International Settlements, and how Nazis who controlled the bank then forbade any discussion of the theft.

“The BIS was an instrument of Hitler, but its continuing existence was approved by Great Britain even after that country went to war with Germany, and the British director Sir Otto Niemeyer, and chairman Montagu Norman, remained in office throughout the war,” writes Higham, explaining how Washington State Congressman John M. Coffee objected to American money being invested with the bank in 1944.

“The Nazi government has 85 million Swiss gold francs on deposit in the BIS. The majority of the board is made up of Nazi officials. Yet American money is being deposited in the Bank,” complained Coffee.

In 1948, the BIS was finally compelled to hand over a mere £4 million in looted Nazi gold to the allies, and thanks to people like Harry Truman and the Rockefeller family, the bank was not dissolved. One of its most influential directors, Nazi banker Emil Puhl was later invited to the United States as a guest of honor in 1950.

Despite its inglorious past, the Bank For International Settlements continues today as a major management arm of the global elite. The bank wields power through its control of vast amounts of global currencies. The BIS controls no less than 7% of the world’s available foreign exchange funds, as well as owning 712 tons of gold bullion, presumably a sizeable portion of which is the bullion which was stolen from occupied countries by the Nazis who controlled the bank during the war.

“By controlling foreign exchange currency, plus gold, the BIS can go a long way toward determining the economic conditions in any given country,” writes Doug Casey. “Remember that the next time Ben Bernanke or European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet announces an interest rate hike. You can bet it didn’t happen without the concurrence of the BIS Board.”

The BIS is basically a huge slush fund for global government through which secret transfers of wealth from citizens are surreptitiously handed to the IMF.

“For example, U.S. taxpayer monies can be passed through BIS to the IMF and from there anywhere. In essence, the BIS launders the money, since there is no specific accounting of where particular deposits came from and where they went,” writes Casey.

The fact that top Nazis were intimately involved in the activity of a global central bank that is now being touted as the primary powerhouse of the economic arm of world government is frightening. Every time we delve into the origins of the march towards world government, we find that top Nazis were instrumental in setting up and managing the same institutions that today seek to manage the imposition of global government.

Just as with the institutions that comprised the embryonic stages of the European Union, Nazi fingerprints are all over the origins of the move towards a global authority ruling the planet with nation states and sovereignty playing second fiddle. This fact demolishes any notion that global government is benevolent, humanitarian or progressive. Centralization of power into the hands of the few is inherently undemocratic, elitist, and to the detriment of the people.

The Nazis who breathed life into the same framework of global authoritarianism being used to set up world government today may have been usurped by an elite altogether more patient in their bid to impose a dictatorship run by banking dynasties, but the ultimate agenda remains the same – world government by consent or conquest.

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Solar Dynamics Observatory

1 gev_20100430_0017 2010/04/30 00:17:00 00:21:00 00:21:00 B1.8 N18W49 ( )

Flare Locator Image

Difference: AIA20100430_001906_0171.fits - AIA20100430_001706_0171.fits


Earthquakes April 29th 2010



Global Exchange Visualizations

I have this fantastic KML for Google Earth
it lets you see



April 29th 2010 Global Exchange Visualization

2 Bankers Hanging Off A Cliff

2 bankers stood on a cliffs edge admiring the view when a sudden gust of wind blows them over the edge..
a passer by sees them hanging on to the cliffs edge so he rushs over to help them..
he says to the first "Give me your hand and i will pull you to saftey...."
the bankers eyes glaze over and replies "No" and lets go to fall to his death..
the passer by stunned by this goes to the second banker and says "take my hand and i will pull you to saftey!"
the second banker smiles and reaches for the resucers hand who in turn pulls him up to saftey...
the rescuer ask the second banker why did the first banker lept to his death...
"arr well all bankers would rather die than give any thing to some one unconditionally" replies the second banker

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PositiveID Corporation Achieves Milestone In Development Of Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip

PositiveID Corporation Achieves Milestone In Development Of Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip

Main Category: Diabetes
Also Included In: Medical Devices / Diagnostics
Article Date: 28 Apr 2010 - 1:00 PDT

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PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: PSID), in conjunction with its development partner RECEPTORS LLC, ("Receptors") announced today that the companies have achieved a milestone in the development of their in vivo glucose-sensing RFID microchip to detect glucose levels in the body. The companies have completed the synthesis of a new chemical building block that will serve as the anchor of their next generation of Combinatorial Artificial Receptor (CARA™) surfaces for the sensing system component of the implantable glucose sensor.

The Company is currently in Phase II development of its glucose-sensing microchip. As previously announced, the goal of Phase II is to optimize the sensing system for its glucose response in the presence of blood and interstitial fluid matrix components and demonstrate the integration of the components into a stable and reproducible glucose sensor.

Receptors' CARA Affinity by Design™ Discovery Platform enables the discovery and application of binding environments to any target. In order for an affinity binding system to be useful, it must specifically and sensitively detect the target glucose molecule within the complex in vivo blood and interstitial fluid matrices. The design and development of this new "anchor" building block was based on the successful Phase I proof-of-principle study. The anchor building block will be used in conjunction with the Phase I CARA technology to produce an expanded library of surfaces specifically tailored to matrix selective and sensitive glucose binding. The Company believes this development is significant because it enables an expanded range of control over the paramount in vivo glucose specificity and sensitivity parameters.

Robert E. Carlson, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer at Receptors, said, "The development of a commercially successful in vivo glucose sensor requires the execution of a comprehensive plan that recognizes the critical nature of each of the component parts of the system and their integration into a functional system. Phase I established the glucose sensing system proof-of-concept. Phase II builds on that foundation and is designed to achieve three critical goals: development of the second generation glucose sensing system based on the anchor strategy; evaluation of the sensing system to electronics interface/signal transduction methods that fit our key criteria of signal stability and dynamic range; and initiation of model system in vivo biocompatibility evaluation of the system critical components. The production of the "anchor" building block establishes the foundation for all of the subsequent development effort."

Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID, said, "The Phase II development of our in vivo glucose-sensing microchip is on target to be completed in mid-2010. We are pleased with our progress and we believe the development of this anchor will enhance glucose binding within the sensor to make for a better, more effective product to potentially help the more than 23 million diabetics in the U.S. manage their disease."

According to a November 2009 study by researchers at the University of Chicago published in the journal Diabetes Care, the number of diabetics in the U.S., which currently stands at 23.7 million, may almost double in 25 years, and the annual cost of treating them may triple to $336 billion.

PositiveID Corporation
Receptors LLC

RFID Madness

Lufthansa Expands RFID Use

The airline's various divisions are using Mojix RFID hardware to track aircraft-part maintenance and hazardous cargo, while testing the use of handheld readers and its own tags to track safety devices on planes.

New RFID Tag Could Mean the End of Bar Codes


Lines at the grocery store might become as obsolete as milkmen, if a new tag that seeks to replace bar codes becomes commonplace.

sciencenewsResearchers from Sunchon National University in Suncheon, South Korea, and Rice University in Houston have built a radio frequency identification tag that can be printed directly onto cereal boxes and potato chip bags. The tag uses ink laced with carbon nanotubes to print electronics on paper or plastic that could instantly transmit information about a cart full of groceries.

“You could run your cart by a detector and it tells you instantly what’s in the cart,” says James M. Tour of Rice University, whose research group invented the ink. “No more lines, you just walk out with your stuff.”

RFID tags are already used widely in passports, library books and gadgets that let cars fly through tollbooths without cash. But those tags are made from silicon, which is more expensive than paper and has to be stuck onto the product as a second step.

Read More

Malaysian Oil Rig Deploys RFID for Man-Down Monitoring

Axcess International developed the system, which features personnel badges containing active RFID tags and motion sensors to detect if a worker stops moving.

By Claire Swedberg

Apr. 28, 2010—An oil company that asked to remain unnamed has begun installing an RFID-based "Man-Down" monitoring and locating system on an oil-drilling platform in Malaysia. The firm plans to soon begin providing badges to its dozens of high-risk workers for each shift on the platform, to track when they become inactive, possibly indicating injury. Axcess International Inc. developed the system specifically for this customer, based on its own existing DotWireless technology, but is now offering it to other oil companies, as well as those in other industries, such as mining, says Axcess' CEO, Allan Griebenow.

Axcess International offers wireless credential solutions to oil companies and other customers, and provides badges that employees can wear, as well as interrogators and software to interpret data from those badges, thereby allowing management to better track workers' locations as they come and go during their shifts. Users can install portal readers, or use handheld interrogators, at such locations as mustering areas, in the event of a drill or emergency. In that way, companies can track when staff members arrive, where they are working, and when they report to a mustering area. In 2009, one of Axcess' customers—the oil company with a platform in Malaysia—requested a better solution to track the status of its workers in high-risk jobs, thus allowing it to receive an automatic alert if an individual seems to have been injured.

designed to bring speed, accuracy, and control to diamond and jewelry inventory management. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology tractech effortlessly scans hundreds of items in seconds. For more information go to…

5 Ways Your TV Is Slowly Killing You

5 ways your TV is slowly killing you

Too much boob tube also makes you weaker, research shows

Image: A cable box is  seen on top of a television in Philadelphia

Recent research reveals the weirder ways television is ruining your life.
Matt Rourke / AP file

By Linda Carroll contributor
updated 6:11 a.m. MT, Fri., March. 5, 2010

You’ve accepted the idea that TV makes you dumber. You know there are lots of more edifying things you could be doing with your time than cheering on the contestants on "Survivor."

And unless you’re working out to an exercise video, you know those hours sprawled out in front of the screen are going to make you fatter — not to mention the impact of all that junk food you’ve been tempted to scarf down during the commercial breaks.

But you’ll be surprised to learn the host of other bad things TV can do to you.

1. TV makes you deader.
TV-viewing is a pretty deadly pastime, research suggests. No matter how much time you spend in the gym, every hour you spend in front of the TV increases your risk of dying from heart disease, according to a recent report in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Australian researchers studied 8,800 adult men and women for an average of six years and found that every hour spent in front of the TV translated into an 11 percent increase in the risk of death from any cause, a 9 percent increase in the risk of death from cancer and an 18 percent increase in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. So, compared to people who watched less than two hours of TV a day, those who watched four or more hours a day had a 46 percent higher risk of death from any cause and an 80 percent higher risk of death due to cardiovascular disease. And that was true even among people who didn’t smoke, were thin, ate healthy diets and had low blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. TV makes you drunker.
TV may make you drink more. When it comes to drinking, we’re apparently very susceptible to what we see on TV, according to a report published in Alcohol and Alcoholism. To discover whether what we view actually affects drinking habits, researchers rounded up 80 male university students between the ages of 18 and 29 and plunked them down in a bar-like setting where the students were allowed to watch movies and commercials on TV. The researchers found that men who watched films and commercials in which alcohol was prominently featured immediately reached for a glass of beer or wine and drank an average of 1.5 glasses more than those who watched films and commercials in which alcohol played a less prominent role.

3. TV can make your kid pregnant.
Teens who watched a lot of TV that included sexual content were twice as likely to get pregnant, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Once a year for three years, Rand Corporation researchers surveyed 1,461 youngsters — ages 12 to 17 at the beginning of the study — about TV-viewing habits and sexual behavior. Boys were asked if they had ever gotten a girl pregnant and girls were asked if they had ever been pregnant. To get a handle on how much sexually charged TV kids were watching, the researchers asked teens if and how often they viewed 23 specific programs.

Another study showed that kids who watch two or more hours of TV a day start having sex earlier, according to a report in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. Researchers followed 4,808 students for a year. The kids — all ages 15 or younger — had never had sex at the beginning of the study. Among kids with parents who disapproved of teen sex, those who watched two or more hours of TV per day were 72 percent more likely to start having sex by the end of the study. The researchers said they weren’t surprised to find no TV effect among kids with parents who didn’t care about teen sex since those kids were at high risk of early sex anyway.

4. TV weakens your bones.
Hours spent watching TV can set a kid up for later problems with brittle bones, according to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics. Until we hit 25 or so, we accumulate bone in a kind of savings account. The more bone we build when we’re younger, the less likely we are to develop the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis.

To see whether TV watching might impact kids’ bone growth, researchers followed 214 3-year-olds for four years. The children’s height and weight were checked every four months, along with their activity levels. At each checkup, parents were asked about their kids’ TV-viewing habits. The more TV kids watched, the less bone they grew, regardless of how active they were at other times.

5. TV makes you less engaging.
A recent study found that when the TV is on — even if it’s just in the background — parents interact less with their kids. To learn more about TV’s effects, researchers brought 51 infants and toddlers, each accompanied by a parent, to a university child study center, according to the report published Child Development. Parents and kids were observed for half an hour in a playroom without a TV and then for a half hour with the TV tuned to an adult program such as "Jeopardy!" When the TV was on, parents spent about 20 percent less time talking to their children. And when parents did pay attention to their kids, the quality of the interactions was lower: With a program on in the background, parents were less active, attentive and responsive to their youngsters.

© 2010 Reprints


33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason joins with 36 North Americanlodges to take identification to the next level.

Masonichip International, a Masonic non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization, has initiated a new child identification program. The program is aimed, according to their websites, at keeping a detailed record of children in perfect synchronization with law enforcement databases in order to aid law enforcement in the event of a missing or abducted child. Each child receives a kit to collect all the child’s information including: photos, video, voice recordings, digital fingerprints, dental impressions, saliva swabs, DNA, as well as traditional statistical information (height, weight, hair and eye color, etc.). The information is now being stored on multiple servers on the Internet and kept synchronized and shared with law enforcement.

Even though the website says there is no chip, just the gathering and cataloging of so much detailed information on any child or individual should be a reason for concern. Data Mining is a process of extracting patterns from data and transform this data into valuable information. It is commonly used in a wide range of profiling practices, such as marketing, surveillance, fraud detection and scientific discovery. A good example of this are grocery cashiers asking for your zip code, or trying to get you to signup for a membership card or enforced RFID cards for toll roads and traffic cameras. All of these are examples of very effective Data Mining that when put together are extremely powerful.

The more information that some company, organization or government institution gathers from you the more effectively this information can be put together and used against you. The more information that entity has, the more control or power that entity has over you. Consider for example, even if you were willing to trust this Masonic organization, how this information can be misused if it falls in the wrong hands like hackers (crackers) advertising companies and criminals. As numerous security bridges and stolen information from databases has been reported by many companies, it’s now obvious how weak and fragile security is regardless of the efforts made to keep private information secure and confidential.

Masons of one of the Canadian lodges taking part in Masonichip

The President of Masonichip, Denny Robinson has been involved in all aspects of Masonry for over 35 years. He is a Past State Master Councilor of DeMolay, Past Master of two Masonic Lodges, 33° Scottish Rite Mason and served in 2007 as CEO of South Dakota Freemasonry in the office of Grand Master. He organized and performed the Re-dedication of Cornerstone laying of the South Dakota State Capital on the 100 year anniversary of that event and was instrumental in starting the MasoniChip program in South Dakota named SD-CHIP and expanded it state-wide its first year. International.

Many would argue about the ethical concerns of branding and cataloging children like cattle. Civil rights organizations would point out the clear violation of privacy, not to mention the concerns of Christians and Muslims of something that can be seen, with all reason, as the a stepping stone if not the mark of the beast itself.

Currently Masonichip International has deployed a massive advertising campaign (refer to Website links at the bottom for a few examples). By constantly seeing this kind of suggestive advertising on the media, as lots of people agreeing and taking part of it, we may slowly be convinced to the idea of giving up our individual privacy and freedom for the sake of security. Is fear a good enough reason for people to give away their liberty of privacy so easily? Benjamin Franklin, Provincial Grand Master Mason of Pennsylvania, would disagree as one of his most famous quotes was: “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”

To inform yourself as to how far the privacy and security problem has come, you may want to watch the following special report created by CNBC. Click here to Watch the Video: Big Brother Big Business.


(VERX Article)

RFID Tagged Cows Tweet

RFID Tagged Cows Start Tweeting

A herd of dairy cows from the University of Waterloo might be the first of the bovine species to use Twitter. The cows brag about milk production, RFID transponder glitches, eating habits, technical issues with the “Mr. Terminator” milking machines and the specific nuances of which teats perform best.

Some of the cattle even let loose with an occasional literary quotation from Virgil. We’re hoping for Twitpics soon.

The tweets are actually a project from the University’s Critical Media Lab (as whimsical as we like to be at Mashable (Mashable), we know cows lack the necessary opposable thumbs for tweeting). Lab members Ron Broglio, Marcel O’Gorman and Pouya Emami have teamed up with dairy farmer Chris Vandenberg and a dozen of his favorite milk cows on Buttermine Farms in Brant, Ontario.

The data for the tweets comes from a modern, computer-operated and cow-initiated milking system. The team explained:

Each cow wears a RFID tag that is used to coordinate her activities with a central computer. As a cow approaches the robotic milking pen, the computer reads the tag and determines whether or not the cow is scheduled to be milked, based on her stage of lactation and average daily output. If the cow is ready for milking, she is allowed into the pen. Once inside, a robotic arm washes her teats, latches on, and extracts the milk while the cow eats high-grade feed to make her happy. The milk output and feed input is recorded by the main computer and stored in a database, along with the total milking time, time/teat, and total time in pen.

Fascinating, isn’t it? The cows basically milk themselves, and the amount of information this system generates is enough to power a Twitter-based stream of data on milk production and dairy farm life.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the project in action, check out this Twitter list of the 12 dairy cows on Twitter. I feel that I should close this post with a cow-related pun, but I’d rather simply say that I think this is a pretty sweet idea and wonder what other kinds of fascinating data could be auto-tweeted with a “human” voice

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Project Bluebeam of NASA

Noahs Ark Found In Turkey


Search ... worker examines wooden beams inside 'Noah's Ark'

THE remains of Noah's Ark have been discovered 13,000ft up a Turkish mountain, it has been claimed.

A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say they have found wooden remains on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

They claim carbon dating proves the relics are 4,800 years old — around the same time the ark was said to be afloat.

Noah's Ark
Biblical tale ... Noah filled the ark with two of each animal species

Yeung Wing-Cheung, from the Noah's Ark Ministries International research team, said: "It's not 100 per cent that it is Noah's Ark, but we think it is 99.9 per cent that this is it."


He said the structure contained several compartments, some with wooden beams, that they believe were used to house animals.

The group of evangelical archaeologists ruled out an established human settlement on the grounds none have ever been found above 11,000ft in the vicinity, Yeung said.

Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted.

The biblical story says that God decided to flood the Earth after seeing how corrupt it was.

He then told Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal species.

After the flood waters receded, the Bible says, the ark came to rest on a mountain.

Many believe that Mount Ararat, the highest point in the region, is where the ark and her inhabitants ran aground.


You probably have seen it before Jen you just haven't noticed it. Its deeply embedded in our media, even Ironman is transhumanism. But specifically, the "popular" artists are all reenacting the Metropolis ritual, and engaged in their own transhumanist efforts.

Transhumanism Video

NWO Goes To Toronto

Monday, April 26, 2010

Police State Canada 2010 and the G20 Summit

By Dana Gabriel

The G20 summit will be held on June 26-27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre preceded by the G8 summit which will take place in Huntsville, Ontario. The secretive meetings will be attended by world leaders, finance ministers, central bank governors, along with thousands of other delegates. It will be the largest security event in Canadian history exceeding the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Downtown Toronto will be turned into a security fortress with fences, barricades, checkpoints and street closures thus greatly affecting local residents. While the G8/G20 summits will attract their share of peaceful protesters, other more radical and fringe elements may try to capitalize on the event. Agent provocateurs might also be used whose actions could then justify a police crackdown and as a means to demonize all demonstrators. The G20 summit will deepen police state measures, as well as further integrate local, provincial, federal law enforcement agencies and the military.

Security for the upcoming G20 summit will be the responsibility of the Integrated Security Unit, “comprised of the RCMP, the OPP (in the G8 context), the Canadian Forces, Toronto Police Service, Peel Regional Police and other law enforcement and security experts who will work collaboratively.” Ed Boltuc, a member of the G20 planning team for the Toronto Police Service stated, “The Olympics that you saw recently in Vancouver was actually the largest security event ever to take place here in Canada. The G20/G8 surpasses that completely.” He went on to say, “There’s going to be a massive — absolutely massive — presence of police and security on the ground like you’ve never seen before.” The Globe and Mail reported that as many as 10,000 uniformed officers, along with a 1,000 private security guards will be deployed together with an unspecified number of Canadian soldiers. Foreign dignitaries attending the meetings will also have their own security detail. The federal government security costs are expected to top $179 million.

As part of the operation, a two fenced security perimeter will encircle the Metro Convention Centre and nearby hotels where delegates will be staying. The RCMP are entrusted with protecting the inner security zone which will be controlled by a 3-metre-high unscalable fence, as well as five levels of security screening. Toronto police will be in charge of the outer zone and will deal with any protests beyond the perimeter. Canadian Forces responsibilities involve, “large-scale operational planning, land and air surveillance, underwater safety and security for the venues and some logistic and ceremonial functions. Support also includes drawing on the CF’s ongoing partnership in the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD).” Heightened security will begin two weeks before the summit. In order to gain access to the outer security zone, residents and workers will need to be registered or accredited. Designated free speech zones will also be put in place for demonstrators. Toronto Police have announced that they will be using an old movie studio as a temporary jail to house unruly protesters during the event.

The G8/G20 summits have become a platform for protests on issues such as social justice, anti-globalization and the environment. A government website section entitled Information for Demonstrators points out that freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are not limitless. The Criminal Code of Canada contains provisions that limit certain activities including blocking or obstructing a highway, causing a disturbance, mischief, riots, unlawful assembly, breach of the peace and others. Some of these laws could be subjectively enforced and just as government grants you rights, they can just as easily take them away. Most protesters will probably remain peaceful, but some groups and individuals might have different ideas. In the past, police have been caught using provocateurs at rallies and activists need to be mindful of those who may attempt to infiltrate their ranks and engage in unlawful behaviour. Council of Canadians spokesman Dylan Penner wants the government to promise it will not use agents provocateurs like it did at North American Leaders Summit in Montebello, Quebec, back in 2007. In advance of G20 summit, some Toronto activists have been subjected to harassment and intimidation by police. Similar tactics were also employed in Vancouver before the Olympics.

People in Toronto are already getting a taste of what to expect during the G20 summit. A recent training exercise simulated a hostage taking in the concourse level of Commerce Court, in the downtown core of the city. The operation was comprised of Toronto Police Emergency Task Force, along with private security personnel. The joint exercise was designed to train police and security guards on how to communicate through a shared radio system. During the G20 summit, private security will play an important role in crowd control and emergency response. This is part of the continued merging of the public and private security sectors. Another training exercise involved two military helicopters flying around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and then landing in front of the CN Tower. This was to test the capability of the landing area and practice transporting delegates to the venues site. These various security drills are intended to check coordinated responses and ultimately to confirm readiness for the summit. They are also used to further acclimate increased police and military presence.

More than anything, it is protests and the threat of terrorism which are used to justify these huge security operations. The deployment of the military alongside police is increasing with their roles seemingly interchangeable. Police tactics and training have become more militarized. New weapons and technology first developed for the military are often being incorporated into police departments. At last year’s G20 summit in Pittsburgh, the LRAD which is capable of emitting painfully loud blasts of sound was turned against protesters. This illustrates a more aggressive approach in trying to control public dissent. Events such as the G20 have become a testing ground for new police state measures and a trial run for a military style occupation. In June, downtown Toronto will essentially be on lockdown with rights and liberties severely restricted.

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Dana Gabriel is an activist and independent researcher. He writes about trade, globalization, sovereignty, as well as other issues. Contact:

Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA

This Article Is Biased

Anti-Israel bias could infect new UK Government

Nick Clegg’s Sickening Israel Bashing
April 23rd, 2010 at 11:00 am by FrumForum Editors | 31 Comments |

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg may be surging in the U.K. election polls, but as Nile Gardner, Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation, argues below, his eagerness to demonize Israel while encouraging her enemies deserves closer scrutiny.

After Thursday night’s UK party leaders’ foreign policy debate, it’s important to take a look at Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg’s willingness to vilify Israel, and his inclination towards bashing the Israelis over the head. I’ve written about Clegg’s distinctly anti-American views and his complete disregard for the NATO alliance, but his policies towards Israel deserve attention as well.

Israel is a close ally of both Great Britain and the United States, the only full democracy in the Middle East along with Iraq, and is under constant fire from Iranian and Syrian-backed terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizbollah. Its very existence is threatened by the rise of a nuclear-armed Iran, which has malevolently warned of another Holocaust. Yet, the leader of the Liberal Democrats still thinks it’s necessary to demonise Israel, one of our only friends in the region. He’s doing everything but directly calling Gaza an Israeli-administered concentration camp.

In his statements, Clegg has drawn a dangerous and false parallel between the Israelis and Islamist terrorist groups. For example he wrote a piece for The Guardian in January 2009 entitled “We Must Stop Arming Israel” condemning Israel’s response to Hamas attacks, and in effect calling for the EU to isolate and even sanction Israel:

Brown must stop sitting on his hands. He must condemn unambiguously Israel’s tactics, just as he has rightly condemned Hamas’s rocket attacks. Then he must lead the EU into using its economic and diplomatic leverage in the region to broker peace. The EU is by far Israel’s biggest export market, and by far the biggest donor to the Palestinians. It must immediately suspend the proposed new cooperation agreement with Israel until things change in Gaza, and apply tough conditions on any long-term assistance to the Palestinian community.

In December 2009, Clegg was the lead signatory to an Observer letter by a group of MPs which made sensational claims about Israel “imprisoning” millions of Palestinians:

One year on from Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government continues to imprison 1.5 million Palestinians and prevent the rebuilding of its shattered infrastructure. Israel’s blockade of Gaza, described by the UN fact-finding mission as “collective punishment”, stops reconstruction materials and humanitarian aid from reaching those who so desperately require it… The confinement and punishment of an entire population is no way to bring about peace for all the people of the Middle East.

Also in December 2009, Nick Clegg penned another piece for The Guardian entitled “Lift the Gaza Blockade: The Suffering is Shocking”, which in parts reads like an anti-Israeli propaganda document drawn up by the Palestinian Authority:

The legacy of Operation Cast Lead is a living nightmare for one and a half million Palestinians squeezed into one of the most overcrowded and wretched stretches of land on the planet. How is the peace process served by sickness, mortality rates, mental trauma and malnutrition increasing in Gaza? Is it not in Israel’s enlightened self-interest to relieve the humanitarian suffering? … No peaceful coexistence of any kind is possible as long as this act of collective confinement continues.

While Nick Clegg has made it a personal mission to publicly whip the Israelis for defending their own country, he has remained remarkably silent in the media about Iranian backing for terrorist groups, Tehran’s calls to wipe Israel off the map, and the massive levels of hatred directed at Israel from within the United Nations, not least the UN’s Human Rights Council. I don’t recall any op-eds by Clegg warning against Iran’s nuclear ambitions, or calling for an end to the persecution of Israel by Islamist states. Nor has he written pieces in support of the democracy protestors in Iran, many of whom have been brutally beaten, raped, and in some cases murdered by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s regime.

As a former EU bureaucrat, Clegg brings with him to Westminster the sneering condescension towards Israel which is so pervasive in Brussels and Strasbourg. It is a destructive approach that undermines a close British ally while encouraging Israel’s enemies. There is an important distinction between a free, democratic society like Israel, acting in self-defence, and brutal terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizbollah. Clegg’s drawing of moral equivalence between the two sides is both sickening and offensive.

Originally published by Nile Gardner at

Gold Is Confused

Whatcha gonna do!!??

Arizona Immigration Law


Monday, April 26, 2010

Discovery makes Florida landing

Shuttle touches down (AP)
Discovery touched down on schedule after 13 days in space

The Discovery space shuttle and its six-strong crew have returned to Earth after a 13-day mission to the International Space Station.

The orbiter touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 1314 GMT.

Mission control had raised concerns about weather conditions, but gave the go-ahead shortly before the ship began its hour-long descent.

Nasa hopes the mission's success has drawn a line under doubts over the shuttle programme's safety.

"Welcome back Discovery and congratulations on a great mission," mission control told shuttle commander Steven Lindsey, as the orbiter came to a halt on the runway after deploying its parachute.

"It was a great mission. A really great mission," Lindsey replied.

Discovery was cleared for re-entry over the weekend when inspections revealed no signs of damage to the craft.

Earthquake Rumour Is A Crime? WTF China

April 25, at around 9 p.m., the police found a netizen spreading the rumor online that a major earthquake is expected to hit Nanjing. Internet police have quickly responded to it and started investigation. Yesterday at 4 p.m., the police caught the person who initiated the rumor based on the clues they got. Upon investigation, the initiator, surnamed Ding, is a 25-year-old woman, who is running a fashion photography shop and likes posting stuff online. Ding read a post titled “Experts forecast Nanjing is going to have an earthquake” at one friend’s QQ Zone at around 7 p.m. on April 25, and became more frightened when thinking of the horrible scenes of doomsday movie “2012″, the earhquake in Yu Shu, and abnormal climate in Nanjing recently.


By Dawn Ellen Kiss

"It's a good day to die". How many would think that that statement would bring peace to a person? To me it does. Once again I have seen throughout the past week life shift before my eyes. I have seen people just walk through life without even looking towards where they were going. No notice of what was around them. No connection to life itself.

"Through Death we live
and through life we Die

To live life is to accept death
To die in peace is to accept we did not live fully

My time has I may die as I never lived
Now I may live past my death and die to this hell.

Now is the time to say good-bye, for I will see you soon."

created by Dawn Ellen Kiss
copyright April 26, 2010

Yes "it's a good day to die" when you are at peace with "who you are as you are". If we live life to the fullest in each second we are granted, then when our time does come we will not be plagued with "if only" or "what if". These thoughts and all the rest like them should have no place within our life. To keep them at bay we need to be fully awake. If not, we might as well be the living dead. Harsh statement? Yes.

The time is now to live...not at the end of our days. Those days could be this week, next month, two years from now or even forty. Point is, we don't know when that time will come. I admire those who are courageous enough to truly live. Those who live their Faith. Who live their Truth. Who accept who they are at any given second of the matter what. Those who will die in peace knowing that they have lived as best they could with all their heart and soul. Even if they know they didn't accomplish everything they wanted to...they will know that they at least tried. When you reach out and never lose...for you gain yourself. When you don't even die.

I ask you to please join Living. To extend this Friday from this moment forward and long past Friday into eternity. I ask you to join me in living from your sharing your granting yourself the joy of the moment. I ask you to look deep inside yourself and see what you would like to change about your life and then don't wait. Let your voice be heard and accept the change that comes. Do not wait until it is too late. Live now.

This week was prompted by one of my closest friends who "died" to his old life and had the courage and strength to walk into a new life. He took a leap of faith...
one that I pray brings him happiness. Each of us deserves to be happy.

May your hearts sing with Joy, your souls glow with Love and your life reflect who you are.

I wish you a thousand tiny miracles.

Thank you all for all you do.
Many Hugs

40 Belief-Shaking Remarks From a Ruthless Nonconformist

1. People who have given us their complete confidence believe that they have a right to ours. The inference is false, a gift confers no rights.

2. He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted.

3. The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.

4. There are no facts, only interpretations.

5. Morality is but the herd-instinct in the individual.

6. No one talks more passionately about his rights than he who in the depths of his soul doubts whether he has any.

7. Without music, life would be a mistake.

8. Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.

9. In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad.

10. The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.

11. A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

12. We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the way in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.

13. No victor believes in chance.

14. Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.

15. Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself.

16. It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

17. The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.

18. The future influences the present just as much as the past.

19. The most common lie is that which one tells himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.

20. I counsel you, my friends: Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.

21. Rejoicing in our joy, not suffering over our suffering, is what makes someone a friend.

22. God is a thought who makes crooked all that is straight.

23. Success has always been a great liar.

24. Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment.

25. What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame.

26. Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.

27. When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one.

28. When one has a great deal to put into it a day has a hundred pockets.

29. Whoever despises himself nonetheless respects himself as one who despises.

30. All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.

31. What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.

32. Fear is the mother of morality.

33. A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies.

34. Everyone who has ever built anywhere a new heaven first found the power thereto in his own hell.

35. There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

36. The mother of excess is not joy but joylessness.

37. The Kingdom of Heaven is a condition of the heart — not something that comes upon the earth or after death.

38. What is the mark of liberation? No longer being ashamed in front of oneself.

39. Glance into the world just as though time were gone: and everything crooked will become straight to you.

40. We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.