Thursday, May 6, 2010

Question War

Aaron Skables
Thanks for your great comments everyone! I think these are the best nuggets of all your posts:

Warren Cool: "If you support the troops, then ethically you should be against the war... All war is unfortunately against the troops... theres something wierd going on with those support the troop ribbons, like subconsciously want you to be for the war... See More"

Michael P Richard: "War will never end unless we want it to. If you support the troops, you don't want to send them into a warzone across the world to protect Heroin for drug lords"

Mike Palmatron: "I Support Peace. IF there are so many "terrorists"... maybe we should be talking to them, finding out whats wrong. The problem is there is no communication between people here and people there... The only freedom I'm losing is due to the Government, Police, and Banks in my home."

Julio Garcia: "we def. shouLdnT be supporting the kiLLin of over a miLLion innocent peopLe. over an illegal [war]. that is really about money, power, and oiL. .."

Brenda Harris: "I feel bad for the troops.. they dont realize that they are here to enjoy life and heal their lives. They've been spoon fed to believe that they are doing a proud duty.. 911 has only taken our human rights away and instilled this fear into everyone that they must fight only to find out that its not their fight."

Belinda Saulnier-Maillet: "I support the idea of freedom but dont support the wars... Its all gone way to far over there. I keep saying if they didnt sign up ther'd be no wars to begin with. Its like hating your neighbour and sending your kids to go kill their kids..its stupid."

Richard D. Brinkman: "Its all about RETRIBUTION... HIT FIRST without ever asking questions first...
1 in 3 Canadians doubt the offiial (Bush) 9/11 Commision Story. I put this youtube together to show my point... "

Thanks again and I agree with you all. These are the opinions that the Mainstream Media ignores! These are the opinions that need to be heard. Thank you for speaking your mind!

No fear. No prejudice.

Peace + Love
about an hour ago

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