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G8/G20 - Open Meetings, Announcments and Events

G8/G20 - Open Meetings, Announcments and Events
*please forward widely**




1. Next Toronto Community Mobilization Network Meeting
2. Request for housing/transportation/billeting and funds!
3. Poster in your area!
4. G20 Alternative Media Centre
5. Request for donations from Movement Defense Committee – Summit Legal Support Project


6. G20 Alt Media Centre Radio Workshop
7. Spring 2010 Anarchist Free University’s “Open Media Initiative”
8. G20 Art Making/ Performance/ Sound
9. Marxism 2010 Conference
10. Toronto VS. G20 Teach-In
11. Current schedule of actions



Seventh Community Mobilization Network Open Planning Meeting for G8/20
Resistance in Toronto

29 May, 2010
11am – 1pm
Steelworkers Hall
25 Cecil Street

Hearing so much about the G20 but don’t know how to plug in? The open planning meetings are a great way to meet folks, hear updates and get a sense of what is needed from various committees.

We will be giving updates on schedules, distributing posters and flyers and discussing logistical details.

Followed by Outreach in different parts of the city – please come prepared to give an update!

The Community Mobilization Network is organizing the community based outreach, independent media, convergence for the days of action leading up to and during the G8/20 Summits in Ontario (June 25-27,2010).

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate in one of the committees, get more information or host a G8/G20 related event, email

If you haven't done so already - join our announcements list

and the facebook group

Keep visiting us online at:



Need a ride to Toronto? Can you give someone a ride?

Need housing? Or can you provide floor space?

Let us know if you need transportation or housing, or if you can provide
anything for people in Toronto. Please fill out the housing and rideshare
forms on the website.

• If you need housing, please go here:
• If you can provide housing, please go here:
• Need a ride? Offer a ride? Go to our ride share board:
<>• Other Info about Coming to

While at the website, please donate what you can to the Network. We are
organizing a convergence space, providing food, training, education and
outreach. We need all the help we can get. To donate via Paypal, please go
to and click on the link called “donate by Paypal”
or send cheques and cash to:

360A Bloor Street West, PO Box 68557, Toronto, ON M5S 1X0.


Poster in your area!

With one month to go, we need you to spread the word in your community,
work and hang out places. If you can poster in your neighbourhood, please
let us know and we’ll get you posters.

Please email and we’ll connect you with the
Outreach team for posters and flyers.

If you can download and print materials, visit


The G20 Alternative Media Centre is looking for community radio activists,
web writers, editorialists, bloggers, journalists and videographers who
want to contribute to during the G20 protests.

If you are interested in volunteering or can donate equipment, please go

And fill out the form!

For more questions, email


i'm writing on behalf of the movement defense committee summit legal support project (mdc-slsp). the legal office is getting in gear though we need a bunch o'stuff! it would be great if the word could be spread about acquiring the following for the month of june:

1) computers/monitors (that work! or could be fixed to work!)
2) printer
3) computer desks and chairs
4) floor lamps
5) working telephones

all of this stuff could be returned after we're done w/ it...ideally we'd like to start collecting stuff in early June so we can test everything out before the week of action, etc. and could arrange for pick-up...

Please contact Karin if you can help at



You are invited to a radio workshop!
Presented by the G20 Alternative Media Centre

Sunday, 23 May, 2010
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
318 Harbord Street (one long block south of Christie Station, behind/east
of the Linux Caffe)

Part 1: Radio Interviewing Workshop
Learn how to present a focussed 15-minute news/current affairs radio
interview that inspires social change. The workshop is adapted from one
originally designed by the Redeye news collective at Vancouver's Coop Radio.
It includes a section on pre-interviews, the difference between a topic and
a focus, how to order your questions, and interviewer etiquette for radical
allied media-makers. There is no tech component, so the workshop may also be
useful for video journalists.

Part 2: Field Recording and Digital Audio Editing
Learn how to capture the best sounds for radio using a digital recorder
(provided). Includes a section on mic techniques. Also learn how to
digitally edit your collected audio using free, open source software
Audacity on your own laptop or the ones provided. Also includes a section on
how to share your work for radio broadcast on local and national community

Part 3: GroundWire: Community Radio News
Learn how to produce a short, 2-minute news headline for GroundWire:
Community Radio News, a project of the National Campus and Community Radio

Facilitators: Anabel Khoo, Candace Mooers, and Jacky Tuinstra-Harrison.
Combined, they share over 25 years of experience working and volunteering in
community-based radio projects, including CHSR in Fredericton, CHRY in
Toronto, CKCU in Ottawa, CKDU in Halifax, and CKUT in Montreal.


Spring 2010 | Anarchist Free University

Open Media Initiative

Filmmaker Joseph Cami will facilitate an *EIGHT-WEEK* media initiative that will combine the diverse interests and concerns of the participants into a film that will be openly disseminated during the G20. This will be an interactive, creative and collaborative effort to help each person learn more about media by experiencing different aspects of the filmmaking process while learning how to creatively explore the social issues that matter most to us...

Starts May 25th, 2010
*Tuesdays*, 18.30 - 21.30
* location tbd (either UFT or Dupont & Ossington)
* facilitated by Joseph Cami
* we've had to *limit the number of people* who can sign up for this
course to *20* because of the resources needed in film production
* Please *RSVP* to attend

for more details about the course click here...

fore more details about the facilitator click here...



Wednesday May 26
6-9 PM

100 St. George (Sydney Smith)
Geography Grad Students' Room
Room SSH621A, accessed through room SSH619
Elevator in the lobby

Things we want to do:
- make stuff
- brainstorm catchy anti-G20 slogans
- design t-shirts with these slogans
- talk about art actions
- plan for arts other than visual arts
- start making puppets

You don't need to be an artist! You just have to be excited about art.


Marxism 2010
A Planet to Save, A World to Win

Including panel “Crisis and Resistance from Greece to the G20.”

May 28 – May 30
Ryerson Student Centre
55 Gould Street

For full schedule and to register, go to


Toronto vs. the G20
“Community Action for Social Justice”

Sat. June 5, 2010
10:30 – 6:00PM

OISE, 252 Bloor Street W., 5th Floor

What are we protesting, again?

It’s a good impulse to feel contempt for the G20. It’s a better impulse to
want to talk about it. Join student and community activists to learn about
the G20 and current social and environmental justice campaigns in Toronto,
and to get involved. Free citywide teach-in. Lunch included!

Check out schedule here:

For more details, go to

June 21 – All Out In Defense of the Rights of All March! 2pm, Allan
June 22 – Gender Justice; Queer and Disability Rights
June 23 – Climate and Environmental Justice
June 24 – Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-Determination! 11am Queen’s Park
June 24 – Confront the Invasions Forum. 95 Charles Street.

June 25 – 27 – DAYS OF ACTION

June 25 – Justice for our Communities. Rally. March. Tent City. 2:30 PM
Allan Gardens. Rally. March. Block Party. Tent City.

June 25 – Shout Out for Global Justice! 7:30 Convocation Hall. Forum

June 26 – People First! We Deserve Better! 1pm Queen’s Park. Rally. March.

June 26 – Get Off the Fence! Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Colonial March to
the Summit. 1pm College and University. March

June 26 – Saturday Night Fever. Radical Street Party. Late to Dawn.

June 27 – Getting Down to Businesses! Autonomous Direct Actions (invites
to Affinity Groups)

June 27 – Fire. Works. For. Prisons. 5pm. Bruce Mackay Park. Dundas and
Wardell. March

People are encouraged to host meetings, film screenings, panel events,
performances, marches, rallies, direct actions in cities across the world
that fit in to these themes. Please let us know what you are planning -

The Community Mobilization Network is not organizing these actions.
Instead it is the networking space to coordinate different interests and
ideas. If your organization, community or group wants to organize on one
of these dates and want to connect with others, email

A People's Summit is also being planned on 18-20 June 2010. Check it out


Protest the G8/G20 in June!


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    Is it time to call NORAD to protect us from BP Oil spill Damage in the Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Ocean

    Damage from spill turning Gulf into a biological black hole

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    Microbursts not unheard of in Muskoka, is the G8 ready for Mother Nature's Wrath too

    Coopers Falls : near where the terrorists played by Washago there was a severe atmospheric depression

    that pushed & twisted trees into a mess that still might be seen across the river from the new bridge out there

    Also much of rural Canada have had to go to back up generators for over 3 days with the likes of this past weekends Leamington storm leading to repeated headlines maybe moreso like " Thousands still without power after tornado "

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    Arrest reports may now or will take 30 business days to receive they said in Toronto G20 ???

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    The pict is similar to an OLG Ontario Lottery & gaming TV advert where a family wins & 2 children are gifted with similar Cottages

    photo Peter Redman/National Post A scene from the real Muskoka.

    The National Post is now on Facebook. Join their fan community today if you wish.

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    G20 Alternative Media Centre is different to other G20 media centre with fake lake to cost$1.9M

    as only some Reporters covering this month's G20 and G8 summits in Ontario will be able to take a break at an artificial lake, without leaving the air conditioned splendour of the media centre in Toronto...

    as Hundreds of journalists are expected to cover the summits, but access to the Huntsville resort will be limited to fewer than 200 reporters and photographers, forcing the rest of the journalists to rely on as yet unknown host broadcaster to pipe the events into the media centre in Toronto ...

    Picture of Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park

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  10. How many G20 Propane Bug Units will be included in your What $1 billion buys you at the G8 ?

  11. G8 Muskoka is populated by many low income families who live near poverty levels in Canada

    story: Ottawa Citizen

    Joy from Huntsville writes, "ritzy, resort-rich Muskokas" !!!

    Come visit us and you will find that 10 months of the year Muskoka is populated by many low income families who live in run down homes,

    work long hours for minimum wage,

    have no health plan, and

    must drive 30K or more to the nearest hospital,

    doctor, pharmacy, dentist, eye doctor, etc.

    Once a year my dentist runs a free clinic...the line up by 7 am is over 50 people,

    and includes children and the elderly.

    Move away from the shoreline and take a look at the REAL Muskoka.

    as Many immigrants get poor health care too : U of O study

    Many immigrants to Canada suffer maladies they don't know are treatable and not enough doctors know to look for them, a study led by researchers at the University of Ottawa has found ...