Thursday, May 6, 2010

Possible North Korea target: Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Possible North Korea target: Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Suspicions that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a deliberate act gained strength with news that North Korea may have played a role in it. Reports that North Korea torpedoed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig by many outlets include reports of a government-ordered a news blackout concerning details. If the oil disaster was caused by an intentional act, the dispatch of SWAT teams to the Gulf by the Obama regime makes sense.

Although the Obama regime has made incredible concessions and overtures to the communist regime in North Korea, the nation is still part of the original Axis of Evil defined by President Bush in 2002.
North Korea has equipped itself to produce nuclear weapons, and has recently been involved in acts of aggression against its neighbor to the south. Most recently, North Korea was in the news for sinking a South Korea Navy vessel.

Act of War?

The Daily Paul and several other outlets are now reporting evidence distributed by the Russian government that suggests that North Korea attacked the Deepwater Horizon as an act of war.

According to reports, the Deepwater Horizon was built and financed by South Korean manufacturing giant Hyundai and is considered by North Korea to be a legitimate target since the Korean war has technically never ended.

How it Happened

Reports suggest that a North Korean ship staffed with military personnel and a mini submarine departed from Cuba and then unexpectedly deviated from its course toward Venezuela, sailing within 150 miles of the targeted Deepwater Horizon.

The Russian report supposedly says that the mini-sub launched two torpedoes at the rig before exploding itself underneath the rig, causing it to sink.

Nuclear Conspiracy?

The Russian sources being quoted by various Internet outlets say that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can be easily sealed of through a powerful explosion of the magnitude generated from a nuclear device.
The Koreans knowing this, are said to want force the United States to use such an option to mitigate the effects of the disaster, thereby giving every energy producing nation the right to have nuclear weapons for environmental purposes.

The specter of an American nuclear detonation during this nuclear proliferation meetings in New York would be an incredible embarrassment for the Obama regime and for the nation.

News Blackout

The Daily Paul and other sources are reporting that the Obama regime is actively working to contain the details of the Russian report for obvious reasons.

After all, if it becomes common knowledge that the United States was deliberately attacked, pressure would come to bear on the Obama regime to respond in self defense, risking an untenable escalation of the Korean conflict. If the United States did not respond to such an attack, it would send a dangerous signal of weakness to the rest of the world.


The credibility of the Russian reports has not been sufficiently established yet, giving readers reason to be cautious about accepting this information as valid. If the reports are true, however, the Obama news blackout would keep essential facts concerning the validity of the Russian sources out of the public domain for a long time to come, so mainstream media sources will not be immediately available to give the report credibility.
Readers should probably accept this information with caution and evaluate it in light of future information and events before assuming that it is either true or false.

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