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PLEASE HELP! Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I recently lost custody of my nine year old son due to my refusal to vaccinate. A Guardian was appointed and I was accused of medical neglect. After meeting with me only one time at her office, and my insistence that is was my Constitutional right to refuse to vaccinate, she gave custody of my son to his alcoholic, violent father who agreed to vaccinate. This Guardian did not do many things she was required by law to do.

My son is now with his father who drinks daily, abuses and neglects him, is bipolar, was convicted and served jail time for assaulting a Police Officer, was evicted out of a half way house for violence, has been in in-patient treatment for alcohol and drugs at least two or three times, has violated probation, etc.

My son spends several hours a day home alone, even when very sick, with no phone in a filthy duplex that reeks of body odor. There is rotten food sitting out, grime and hair INSIDE the refrigerator, beer cans, clutter and extremely filthy. He also does not bathe or brush his teeth. He now wears dirty clothing that is two sizes too small and not weather appropriate.

My son's father, in one of his drunken rages, told my son to throw away his beer bottles. Apparently my son was not doing so fast enough, so his dad threw something sharp and hit him in the head. This caused him to drop and break said beer bottle. He was made to pick up the broken glass with his bare hand and then beat with the belt for breaking it.

His dad often calls him stupid. He often misses school. He only attended 10 days in November, 9 days in December and 13 days in January. When he does attend he is frequently late and often in trouble. He has had In School Suspension four days so far. His grades have dropped from straight As to mostly Cs.

I have documentation, photos, recordings and witnesses to back up all of my claims. Please pray for Chance and Lesa.

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