Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hillary Clinton: Friend Of The Iranian People?

I call BS, just remember what her policy on Iran is..

Hillary Clinton threatens to “obliterate” Iran

By Joe Kay 24 April 2008

Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s pledge to “obliterate” Iran if it attacks Israel marks a sharp escalation of threats against that country and its entire population.

If I could find the video I would post it, but clearly Hillary is not a friend of Iran, and Ahmadinejad was right.

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  1. You will soon begin to see an escalation of the all too familiar rhetoric, threats, increasing useless economic sanctions, warnings, and staunch refusals by the Illuminati controlled satanist, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to halt the bogus enrichment of Uranium to fabricate the inevitable excuse for war.
    This Iran vs. West nuclear standoff/conflict is being fabricated on "Both Sides"
    -Just like the bogus U.N. escalation before the first Gulf War, this will be no different.
    Watch this evil farce play out for yourselves: