Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome To The North American Union

Originally posted by: Bigchuckers
Ever notice this one world government stuff is typically U.S./U.K. based? Where is Canada's coffins? Give me info about Conus Canada and Fema Canada. There are lots of countries where I don't see it happening.

I know its hard when you're not paying attention, but the SPP was a plan for North American Union integration by 2010-- meaning we are not living in a separate country with its own separate plan.. you have to remember that this is about destroying nations, and setting up a REGIONAL governance system, where people and goods can flow freely between nations.

See this blue flag with three stars? Thats your NAU flag.

Along with the other world regions.

Bilderberg planned after WW2 to set up a common currency in Europe and break down the barriers, and then the celebrated in the 90s because they had this UNITED EUROPE leading the NWO into realization... now they've got their Asian Union, African Union, and well America is the last to fall, and it wont be ANNOUNCED that theres an official NAU, until people are ready to accept it-- namely another 911 false flag terror event, which will easily fear the Canadian population into accepting North American allegiance.

The point is, this liberal democracy has been a lie! We were tricked, because since 1945 they have been undertaking Silent Wars with Silent Weapons, setting up the scientific dictatorship of today incrementally. NAFTA was never about trade, it had everything to do with a common North American market, and a common currency, and establishing their super-governmental organizations to serve the bankers, who are now our eternal masters.


You go here, underground.

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