Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 Bankers Hanging Off A Cliff

2 bankers stood on a cliffs edge admiring the view when a sudden gust of wind blows them over the edge..
a passer by sees them hanging on to the cliffs edge so he rushs over to help them..
he says to the first "Give me your hand and i will pull you to saftey...."
the bankers eyes glaze over and replies "No" and lets go to fall to his death..
the passer by stunned by this goes to the second banker and says "take my hand and i will pull you to saftey!"
the second banker smiles and reaches for the resucers hand who in turn pulls him up to saftey...
the rescuer ask the second banker why did the first banker lept to his death...
"arr well all bankers would rather die than give any thing to some one unconditionally" replies the second banker

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