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Hello friends,

I've been researching Cydonia and the Face on Mars seriously for about 5 years now although I've been interested and learning about it for nearly 20 years.

I should preface what I'm about to show you with the caveat that I've come to a point where I feel my whole website could stand a major revision.

Especially given the conclusions drawn from my most recent paper, Humble Pie.

Having said that, to follow is a very quick & brief introduction along with a description of the core premise of my research.


Through a method of applied precision geometry I developed utilizing Photoshop 7.0, I have discovered many exacting truths and come to a few inescapable conclusions regarding Cydonia & the Face on Mars.

The most profound being that the Face doesn't just mean something, it means everything. It is the Way, the Truth, & the Light.

How I came to this conclusion is described in detail here.

Another major and inescapable conclusion is that Face is not 'just' a Face.

It is a symbolic representation of our Sun and real physics that drives it.

The geometry underpins the reflections while the reflections underpin the physics.

Study and observation of the geometry and symbolism that abounds Cydonia leads to the realization that the Face is a symbolic representation of our Sun depicted through the ancient & legendary battle between Horus and Set...

The Battle of the Face on Mars.

In order to fully comprehend how I arrived at the above sequencing and interpretation of the above reflections, one will need to read all of the web pages linked two clicks in from my home page.

However, for those of you who are impatient, see the end of this paper which is really just a continuation of this one.


Now onto the 'core premise' of my research.

Knowing the Gizamids, Teotihuacan, ancient and modern art, cities, etc... are all intentionally and precisely aligned according to Earth's True N/S/E/W grid, should we not expect the same kind of accuracy from the layout of Cydonia if it is indeed artificially constructed? Shouldn't we expect it to be aligned in a precise and meaningful way to Mars' True North?

Of course we should.

The question is... how? And more importantly... how might one be able to prove it?

At this point, I should probably note that until ~2 years after I started publishing my work to my website, ALL available data, be it MSSS, THEMIS, Viking, ESA, etc... was conspicuously missing the customary North notation. Feel free to search this fact out for yourselves.

As it turns out there was a reason for this omission of T. North which I describe and illustrate in detail during my website presentation.

When I first started, regarding any possible connection between the geometry and Mars' T. North, the only real assumptions I had available to me to test was the notion that the above space agencies were presenting and orienting their images according to custom... T. North being straight up.

My other testable assumption was given by Erol Torun through S.V. McDaniel in his book The McDaniel Report. The same claim is also made by Richard Hoagland in his book Monuments of Mars. In their detailed analyses, they state that the western buttress of the D&M pyramid is aligned precisely to Mar's T. North.

With regards to the Face and it's apparent bifurcated appearance:

Given the fact that fusion in art is nothing new...

... it is reasonable to assume there might be something to the orignal assertion that the Face is a half human/half feline Sphinx.
Especially if the reflection correlates precisely within the geometric framework I've begun to develop with the above 60 degree D&M/Face/City Square relationship.
This first reflection was done utilizing Viking image#70a13

The next two reflections were done utilizing MSSS MOC data.

(this final reflection and overlay comparison is taken from Enterprise Mission's website)
(Incidentally, I can also conclusively prove... through the geometry... that Dr. Malin published falsified orthographically rectified data of the Face.)

All bias aside, a fair trace by myself (in black) compared to that of a fair and honest trace of an ardent skeptic (in red) produced nearly the same result which reinforces the notion we're all in agreement, at least, of what's actually there.

So there's my core premise in a nutshell.

It led me to many astonishing and meaningful reflections, like the follwing, which are all inexorably connected through the geometry;

Noteworthy is the above .gif of Cydonia's "Fort".

It is an explict prediction of my research that the Fort is a symbolic representation of a (currently undetected) Dark Star orbiting our Sun.

While the Face represents our Sun through the contention of Horus and Set, the Fort represents a dark star (most likely a brown dwarf) through the contention of Isis and Set.

This notion (while not exactly new) has recently been supported by two recent articles published by and

It would only be fair to note that Hoagland also made this prediction through this graph he produced in his latest book Dark Mission.

What he doesn't explain in the book is what gave him the idea to plot luminosity vs angular momentum.

Obviously, it was the Face itself &....

The Fort... Reflectivity = Luminosity.

For more on that, see this paper... Stubborn Assumptions.


My website is

The 'meat' of my presentation can be found 2 clicks in from there.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

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