Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"If serious men and women get involved and research the architecture of the NWO and all the PUBLIC blueprints, we can fix this still. Its one thing to know its coming, but to come to a roadsign on the road to tyrrany that signifies we are deep inside shakes me, because I love innocent people, hard working people, the power of individuals and the free market.. there is no doubt we are IN a scientific tyrrany, and deeper into a scientific dictatorship, with the most horrific goals. " Alex Jones, live
"They call Afghanistan a LABORATORY where they practice their craft. The Endgame is population reduction, and its not even a secret. I understand why you don't want to focus on this. All im telling you is this is an emergency worldwide beacon, that I have done the research and it is written on the wall clearly for all to see. So I just want to say, ALERT ALERT ALERT, EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY!"

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