Sunday, October 25, 2009


- This forum is my attempt to see if theres anyone on this site that actually knows whats going on in this world.
- Or anyone that wants too.
- Watch / Read everything you see with an open mind.
- The moment I see ANYTHING that even resembles the way people are in Teens I start handing out bans.
- This forum is for a place where these things can actually be discussed, and researched.

If you dont believe a video or article, I strongly urge you, do research! You might just find you end up believing it! Free speech protects our ability to express Truth, and once the truth becomes fiction and fiction becomes truth we are unable to make sense or reason. Truth is the center of all Wisdom and Knowledge, and all that is Right. If what is being said cannot be heard may it still be true, but forgotten? Never before has our society had so much potential, with the equal burden of absolute annhilation. What we do absolutely matters, but we must be armed with the truths that even the long dead Free Press dared not express. Everyone has to know as much as they can so they they can become the most of themselves, to do any less is to fail at being. It is equal to sitting on a nail in my mind. As long as there are those who are hungry, uncared for, needing shelter or care, all of the money in the world is worthless to me if we cannot achieve as basic a principle as caring for everyone. To EXXON who made more money last year than any other company has ever made ever before, do the right thing, and damn the system. We need peace

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