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Vince Bufalino
THERE IS NO LAW in Canada that says you must file income tax returns!!!!!

The B.N.A. act of 1867 says. The federal gov. has NO right to collect any tax on the Canadian people. The provinces are the only ones allowed to collect any tax. In fact its the... greatest fraud perpetrated on the Canadian people in the history of the country. In fact there is no parliamentary law that says we have to pay. Parliament can’t even pass a law to do so because it is unconstitutional. We have been ripped-off by our own gov.

Taking income tax from workers in Canada is illegal. Income tax was an agreement that was to last for the duration of world war one and then was to end. Legally you don't have to pay it, but they will harass & intimidate you to death. You can not go to jail!!
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John MacKay
the BANK OF CANADA is a privately owned central bank, sister of the US federal reserve, and daughter of the BANK OF ENGLAND. guess who owns that? "The Crown" which is the inner city of London, a sovereign city-state operating outside the ju...risdiction of its host country- the illuminati center for monetary control. like washington DC, the center for military control, and Vatican City, the center for Religious control. the 3 Illuminati city-states, guess who owns the crown? the income tax goes solely to pay the interest on the loans from the bank of canada THEY DO PRINT OUR MONEY. we are all slaves of this bank so long as we pay the unlawful income tax. central banking will die and the illuminati along with it. if the BOC buys our govt securities, its theft, those are OURS! the peoples! how dare the government sell our property theyve been lying to us about since day 1. the number on the back of ur birth certificate= your security, its worth millions and you OWN IT! the dont want u 2 knoRead More

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The issuance of currency is a government's most sacred responsibility. Why would the Government of Canada allow private banks, who have no accountability to The People, the power to issue currency to the Government itself, at interest?

This is the greatest fraud within organized society; and potentially one of the most damaging. If we do not change this system of money generation, we will be doomed to an ever increasing debt. This massive debt to private banks owed by The People can only result in the loss of our power as the public tax payers to control anything, including public policy.

"When a government is dependent upon
bankers for money, they and not the
leaders of the government control the
situation, since the hand that gives
is above the hand that takes. Money
has no motherland; financiers are
without patriotism and without decency;
their sole object is gain."
-- Napoleon Bonaparte


Bank of Canada theme song by Sydney White

Sing to the tune of O Canada

Bank of Canada
The one that saved this land
With the Bank of Canada
We had social programmes

Without usury
We will lead the way
The true north strong and free
There'll be no poor
And what is more
We'll save our sovereignty!

Bank of Canada
We'll stand on guard for thee
Bank of Canada
We'll set your charter free
Bank of Canada
Our country's liberty!

§ --------- A Sad Truth ---------

Starting in 1974 the same Liberal government which nationalized our Bank of Canada (in 1938), slowly stopped using it... Now Canada's national bank is responsible for only 2% of the money in circulation Today. Since 1974 Canada has borrowed from the same banks as you and me, and a debt of just $18 billion in 1974 (accumulated, since confederation) has ballooned a debt of over $500 billion; 95% of which is compound interest.

Let us state that again, 95% of our $500 billion debt is compound interest which we would not have had to pay if the Canadian Government had borrowed the money from our national bank. This massive debt was inflicted on us by politicians too stupid, lazy or corrupt (pick whichever one you think is true) to use The Bank of Canada's ability to loan Canada money interest free.

On this debt we the tax payers are on the hook for an average of $34 billion per year (that's $93,150,685 PER DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR) through various levels of taxation. This is money that is paid to private banks and investors and is the reason that infrastructure, social programs, education, healthcare, arts and culture funding and more have suffered through the years while our taxes kept going up.

This amount does not include provincial and municipal payments on debt interest which brings the figure closer to $60 billion per year. That's $164,383,562 PER DAY, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR coming out of our economy going directly to private international bankers, rather than simply paying off the borrowed money, back to the Canadian population.

"It is well enough that people of
the nation do not understand our
banking and monetary system, for
if they did, I believe there would
be a revolution before tomorrow
-- Henry Ford

§ --------- What Changed? ---------

The self-serving members of our own governments took Canada down a bad road by embracing the principles of globalization... It's not surprising that Canada became a member of the then G7 in the same year. There are no coincidences in politics...

It was nothing less than treason perpetrated upon the Canadian People without their knowledge. It was this first treason that has led to all the others that have followed. The FTA, NAFTA and now the SPP which is leading us into a North American Union which will be the death of our Nationalized Central Bank. The common currency called the Amero we hear about will most certainly be controlled by the privately owned United States Federal Reserve Corporation.

§ --------- Must-watch Videos ---------

Part 1 The Crime of the Canadian Banking System

Part 2 The Great Canadian Experiment

Part 3 Gerald G. McGeer: A True Canadian Hero

Banking and the Canadian Government

Money as Debt
An Introduction to the subject "What is Money?" It doesn't talk about the Bank of Canada directly, but explains in simple terms the concept of money creation and banking in the modern world.


The Money Masters

"This is a staggering thought. We
are completely dependent on the
commercial Banks. Someone has to
borrow every dollar we have in
circulation, cash or credit. If
the Banks create ample synthetic
money we are prosperous; if not,
we starve. We are absolutely
without a permanent money system.
When one gets a complete grasp of
the picture, the tragic absurdity
of our hopeless position is
almost incredible, but there it is.

It is the most important subject
intelligent persons can investigate
and reflect upon. It is so
important that our present
civilization may collapse unless
it becomes widely understood and
the defects remedied very soon."
-- Robert Hemphill

§ ----- Where your federal tax dollar goes -----

This is the best argument yet for the proper use of our publicly owned Bank of Canada. Right out of the government's own mouth...




Did you know that the last of The People's shares in Petro Canada, the company that Canadian Taxpayers paid for, have been sold now been sold off? The money was used to "pay down the debt".

"Once a nation parts with the control
of its currency and credit, it
matters not who makes the nations
laws. Usury, once in control,
will wreck any nation. Until the
control of the issue of currency and
credit is restored to government and
recognized as its most sacred
responsibility, all talk of the
sovereignty of parliament and of
democracy is idle and futile."
-- Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who nationalized the Bank of Canada in 1938

"Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes her laws."
-- Mayer Amschel Rothschild (A major international banker)

"The most powerful force in
the universe is compound interest"
-- Albert Einstein

"If a nation can issue a dollar
bond, it can issue a dollar bill.
The element that makes the bond
good makes the bill good also.
It is absurd to say that our
country can issue $30 million
in bonds but not $30 million in
currency. Both are promises to
pay, but one promise fattens the
usurers, and the other helps
the people."
-- Thomas Edison (On his government borrowing from private banks).

§ --------- The Hope ---------

Before going forward it is important to understand the difference between the U.S. Federal Reserve and our Bank of Canada.

The Federal Reserve, is a private corporation disguised to look like government. It prints the money and lends it to the government at interest. Our Bank of Canada is a nationalized (publicly owned) bank. It has the capacity to lend money to our governments to be used for infrastructure and social programs at near zero interest. The interest amounts to the administration costs for running the Bank. Any interest paid by government to the Bank of Canada would be returned to the coffers of the Government (that's you and me).

Our governments did borrow from the Bank of Canada from 1938 to the mid-70's and that's how we brought ourselves out of the depression, paid for WWII, built roads, bridges, seaways, airports, funded Canada Pension and universal healthcare. But everything changed when Canada became a member of the G7, embraced globalization and we adopted the "free-floating market" monetary theories of Milton Friedman. Its been downhill ever since. You can track the progression of the dismantling of Canada since the mid-70's. Monetary sovereignty Its the key to everything we hold dear in Canada.

Currently the Bank of Canada prints about 2% of the money in circulation in Canada (the cash in our wallets). But the Bank could print 50% of that money. Our governments borrow the rest from private banks and we pay combined interest (federal, provincial & municipal) upwards of $60 billion per year. If our Bank of Canada were used properly, we could save that money, pay off our debts, lower our taxes (including progressive elimination of personal income tax) and have the best of everything in Canada! All without sacrificing our sovereignty!

§ --------- Where Do We Go From Here ---------

Take Canadian citizens money out of the hands of private foreign banks and put it back in the trust of The Bank of Canada.

The Government of Canada, take back its constitutionally authorized control of credit (for the purposes of national programs) from the private financiers and managing it within the government as a public utility, as it SHOULD BE!!

"Sovereign creation of credit
is not based on debt. It is and
should be based on direct
spending of money into circulation
by the government itself.
Obviously the government should
do this in a way that promotes
the best interests of the members
of society while respecting the
varying degrees of contribution by
those of different levels of skill
and achievement. It is quite
possible to enact such a program
with due regard to all established
conventions of private property
and the private ownership and
control of existing wealth"
-- Richard C. Cook

Go to and click on Tutorials and then follow some of the Bank of Canada tutorials. Make sure you're sitting down so you don't hurt yourself!

An excellent essay by Richard C. Cook

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