Friday, October 9, 2009

Now For Some Crazy

OBAMA ZIP CODE IS 60606 (666)

Go verify it for youself.

You have to understand it’s all about numbers for them. This is NOT an accident.

I did Obama’s numbers a while ago. They aligned very deeply with evil, but I refused to believe it. It just didn’t make sense. I couldn’t imagine it. Plus, the way the system works, the brightest light will also align with these evil numbers, because true God did not make alphabets, EVIL did. So, if they align, it could be because that person is the opposite of that dark vibe. That is one thing that kept me silent on Obama numbers, I might have assumed wrongly. But, I am still thinking about it.

If you are Jewish, you better start waking up and reading about the 911 Tuth movement my friend. You might have been BUSHED.

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