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Vaccine will sterilize you

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Well, what sucks about this is that no long-term fertility studies have been done on squalene-based adjuvants, although some Gulf War Syndrome-afflicted vets had fertility issues, i think.

Let me look it up some more, though Wink

Your comment instantly made me think of this ... Wives having allergic/immuno reactions to Gulf War Vet's "fluid".

Bernstein JA, Perez A, Floyd R, Bernstein IL.

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0563, USA.

OBJECTIVE: To identify an index population of Gulf War couples with burning semen syndrome and to determine whether burning semen syndrome was secondary to seminal plasma hypersensitivity. METHODS: Questionnaire surveys, screening laboratory testing for underlying medical disorders, including sexually transmitted diseases and immunoglobulin G and E immunoassays specific for seminal plasma protein, were performed. If subjects met the criteria for seminal plasma hypersensitivity, the Gulf War male veteran's seminal plasma proteins were used to desensitize his female sexual partner. RESULTS: Eighty-nine percent (188 of 211) of respondents had either personally experienced burning after contact with their own semen or had a sexual partner who had burning after contact with their semen. Asymptomatic female partners (three of five) of Gulf War veterans who exhibited specific immunoglobulin E skin and antibody responses to seminal plasma proteins responded successfully to rapid desensitization. Treatment results were confirmed by a provocative office challenge, consisting of instillation of whole seminal fluid into the female's vaginal vault and, if negative, subsequently by natural coitus. CONCLUSION: The results of this study indicate that seminal plasma hypersensitivity may present as burning semen syndrome in a subpopulation of Gulf War couples. Proper screening of Gulf War couples with clinical features of burning semen syndrome should include assessment for seminal plasma hypersensitivity reactions, as seminal plasma protein desensitization may induce remission of burning semen syndrome.

All of those Gulf War Vet's received multiple new injections, and even had to "field test" the protection against chemical weapons (nerve agents) with thigh injection epipens.

Checking the content of those vaccines, and nerve agent epipens for the same additives could be fruitful.

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