Sunday, October 4, 2009

no dobut

This was in August 2009 the N.G. is preparing for the H1N1 Pandemic by having dril...
2 weeks ago 1,051 views
Obama almost has me convinced that this time something is going to happen with Isr...
1 week ago 1,101 views
UNDERCOVER video shows the inside workings of ACORN. PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN ...
3 weeks ago 3,010 views
The media is ignoring S. 2028, the flu pandemic bill that was unanimously passed b...
1 month ago 2,740 views
There is no room for Christianity in the NWO. Update to the Coming New Age World r...
7 months ago 9,726 views
nodoubt257 file
2 weeks ago 276 views
Mike Huckabee and constitutional lawyer Michael Farris discuss a UN treaty the US ...
5 months ago 8,846 views
This is an amazing testimony from someone who tried the Ouija Board and found out ...
4 months ago 392 views
Part 3 the Wrath to come during the Tribulation and the Endtime Martyrs, choosing...
1 month ago 172 views

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