Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lindsey Williams Is FREAKING ME OUT... AGAIN!

Lindsey Williams Is FREAKING ME OUT... AGAIN!

So here are the notes I got from him so far:

- Within two years you will not recognize America

- They (elite) have altered their time line
- because we gave 2 1/2 trillion dollars to the Fed
- created artificial crisis

- McCain is their man
- Obama is causing trouble w/arrogance, doing things without their permission (possible assassination if he continues)

- After two years you will be so poor you will not be able to rebel

- Inflation will escalate over a period of two years by the end the dollar will have collapsed (2012)
- Stock market will continue to go up and up

- Crude oil prices will remain around current rate

- Gold/silver are all you can rely on (this is what the elite use as money)

- War is planned after two years
- will start in Iran and their relationship with Israel and spread around the world (WWIII)

- Within two years nearly everyone will be working for the government
- last group to be touched by government will be radio talk shows
- moment they limit the media is the moment they limit themselves.

- "The Devil's Messiah" - working through the Churches and Pastors with Homeland Security/FBI/FEMA since 1965/66
- Pastors asked to have congregation fill out a form asking personal info
- DHS has asked to get this info to have it at their fingertips
- Elite have a god and moral code (evolution and eugenics/control)
- Had to remove America's God to get things the way they wanted (to destroy America)

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