Saturday, October 3, 2009

Media Mind Control

Nothing occult, no alien tech, just the way our brains work and others exploit.

A new study shows that even students, with facts staring them in the face, tend to substitute Hollywood fiction for historical fact in their minds.

"What we found is that there's something really special about watching a film that lets people retain information from that film, even when they had read a contradictory account in the textbook," said Andrew Butler, a psychology researcher at Washington University in St. Louis during the time he and his colleagues conducted the study.

But when the film's information contradicted the text, students often wrongly recalled the misinformation up to half the time. Many students expressed their wrong information confidently, and sometimes even misattributed the source of their information as coming from the text, rather than from the film.

Liberalism is one of the slipperiest ideologies you can think of, because its appearance fools us about its consequences. You always hear liberal people talk about equality and individual rights, but when you ask them how they're going to achieve that, their response is a government-sanctioned program. They assure us we should trust the authorities to make us all one and the same. Something's not right here.

Liberals want the government to force us to conform to their nutty equal rights ideals, which not only have proven to increase race and class conflicts, but also bring us bureaucratic tyranny, a robbed middle class, relativist indoctrination at schools, civilization exhaustion, and chaotic multicultural suburbs. To understand the psychology behind liberalism, tune into any random Blockbuster. Here's a handful of their propaganda arsenal:

Hollywood Liberalism Is Disguised Tyranny

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