Monday, April 11, 2011

Wasting G8 Cash

How the G8 cash was spent

The $50 million the Conservative government allocated to the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund went to projects in Hunstville, Ont. that had nothing to do with the summit, according to newly released documents.

The finding comes on the heels of a report by the Canadian Press that describes how the auditor general was to table a report to Parliament on April 5 that says the Harper government misinformed MPs to get approval for the fund. The report goes on to state that such a process may have been illegal, according to the Canadian Press.

A list of approved projects — which came in response to a question on the order paper during the last day Parliament was sitting before the election call — was released by the Liberal Party Wednesday.

The 32 projects that received funding, many of which appear to have no connection to the needs of the G8 summit, were chosen by Industry Minister Tony Clement, the mayor of Hunstville, and the general manager of Deerhurst Resort.

Clements is MP for the riding of Parry Sound-Muskoka.

“Recipients were not required to report to Infrastructure Canada which facilities were used by G8 leaders,” reads an addendum to the list in answer to a ministry inquiry by Welland MP Malcolm Allen.

“Funding was allocated to infrastructure projects that would help the region prepare for hosting the G8 Summit, support the effective and secure hosting of the Summit and as well as to provide a lasting legacy for local communities.”

Here is the full list of projects and the allotted funding:

Muskoka Tourism gateway signs: $408,000

Muskoka Tourism visitor information centre: $260,000

Road improvements: $1,800,000

Jack Garland North Bay Airport improvements: $3,510,745

Highway 11 upgrades: $350,000

Bracebridge Sportsplex emergency backup: $40,000

Gateway signage: $150,000

Annie Williams Park upgrades: $500,000

Dowtown Bracebridge revitalization: $800,000

Downtown Gravenhurst revitalization: $1,200,000

Hunstville beautification and lighting: $106,100

Port Sydney Beautification: $250,000

Reconstruction of Deerhurst Drive: $1,989,088

University of Waterloo G8 Centre expansion: $9,750,000

G8 Centre: $17,110,912

Town of Kearney Main Street beautification: $730,000

Parry Sound beautification: $178,000

Parry Sound downtown streetscaping: $1,143,750

Town of Sundridge pedestrian crossing: $125,000

Beautification of Sundridge: $750,000

Burk’s Falls Town Centre improvements: $150,000

Port Severn Gateway feature signage: $1,000,000

Port Severn streetscape/linear parks: $1,000,000

Roofed heritage plaque in Baysville: $38,500

Baysville Community streetscape improvements: $117,000

Lake of Bays Band Shell and public WC: $299,850

Muskoka Lakes tourism signage: $250,000

Bala Falls Road updgrades: $386,000

Paignton House Road upgrades: $424,000

Township of Perry road improvements: $100,000

Seguin Township beautification/streetscapes: $745,000

South River Community Beautification: $65,000

Torstar News Service

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