Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CERN LCH Restarts

LHC restarts->9 earthquake: Why?

CERN has restarted this week the LHC. A 9 earthquake has hit Japan. Soon the ultra-safe nuclear reactors that could never go wrong, like CERN, melted.

Abstract: The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest magnetic field on Earth after its center. Earthquakes are caused by changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. Since the machine switched on in 2010, there has been an astounding 150% increase on Earthquakes from the statistical mean of 14 plus 7, to 21 in 2010 and this year mean of 36 . No other significant change on magnetic fields have taken place on Earth. Moreover, for the first time in history, two super-earthquakes over 8.8 in the Richter scale (Chile and Japan), happened in consecutive years… This possible chain of cause-effect, which we predicted in our first post on this web 2 years ago, added to the evident risks of 2014, when the machine upgrades its strength beyond the 10 Tev barrier of creation of black holes show the immense risks on human lives of this machine.

To pretend anybody knows exactly how this 150% percent growth of earthquakes has taken place, is false. But statistics don’t lie, nor the very slow rhythms of change of geological phenomena double within a year if there are not anthropic causes. The only occasion in which such statistical jump on Earthquakes has happened was also anthropic, due to the carpet bombing of the islands of the ring of fire in 1943 during II world war.

2011 in fact has overcome the 1943 centennial record of 33 >7, in its first quarter with a year mean of 36 plus 7 earthquakes…

The degree of corruption of the Nuclear Industry, lack of safety measures, constant denial of risks and victims of Nuclear accidents (56 dead recognized in Chernobyl by the IAEA, when Belarus affirms 200.000 cancer victims) shows a pattern that CERN continues with its duplicity on the case of the Castor Papers in which it affirms it will likely make strangelets.

Meanwhile the company keeps defaulting suits and bypassing the last resolution of a German Court asking for a safety conference; and the general public and politicians blindly trust their ‘experts’, whose outdated theories are of no importance to the future of science, advancing through the new avenues opened by the 4th paradigm of multiple time arrows and topological spaces…

The anti-Nuclear movement and Green party should not continue its wishful blindness to this issue and demand the safety conferences asked by the German Court, understanding once and for all that CERN is not different from the rest of the Nuclear Industry, in its risks, its lack of safety standards, its use of newspeaks to diffuse those risks, its indifference for ethics and potential losses of human lives and its stiff-necked. patronizing pretension of expertise in fields they do not fully understand.

The whys of these wave of earthquakes: a butterfly effect.
Plate faults and magnetic fields are topic cases of chaotic and fractal effects that reinforce their strength, in forms geological researchers ignore. If a simple mine explosion can release the energy of a fault, the hypothesis that CERN is producing semi-stable forms of dark matter or influencing the magnetic field of the earth with its own field, is not far fetched.

A c-speed ring of 30 kilometers of matter is likely to produce gravito-magnetic effects on the core, which we do not fully understand but given its fluid, highly energetic form, an easier simile is with the butterfly effect of a storm: a mere butterfly flapping in France, in this classic example of chaotic effects brought about by a French mathematician, is said to be able to produce a storm in Japan.

Now the butterfly is CERN also in France and the effect might have been an earthquake, either because the lhc is producing ultra-dense types of dark matter, black holes or strangelets, that ‘hopefully’ decay on their fall to the center of the earth, or because its magnetic rings cause a butterfly effect – a cascade of changes in the Earth’s fields that increases earthquakes. This can happen with a sizable probability which multiplied by the increase of costs and the tens of thousands of lives lost to earthquakes gives us enough reasons for halting CERN’s activities till a serious, independent panel of scientists from all disciplines – not only in-house workers, as those who signed the safety documents of this company – takes place. Courts have asked for this safety conference. It is a case of blatant administrative corruption that the company, which produces the most dangerous substances on Earth has broken most of the laws on environmental safety standards both in the EU and the US and nobody makes them accountable. Imagine a pharmaceutical company that releases its own safety tests on its products, which is exactly what CERN does.

Immediate action is needed and yet not even the press talks on this issue. Why?

We will try to respond to all the whys of CERN in this article.

The anthropic why of statistics.

It is a very serious matter. In 100 years of earthquake studies nothing similar has happened, except in the carpet-bombing of the islands of fire in 43.

So there is an event that must have a cause.

2 are the possible butterfly, cascade effects caused by CERN: a cascade effect on the Earth’s magnetic field and a cascade of dark matter particles that grow, explode and might eat the earth inside out.

After 15 minutes of production black holes or strangelets will have fallen, as they keep growing, to the center of the earth and/or at certain point of that travel they would be exploding as nuclear bombs in the magma.

This release of energy can provoke earthquakes and can account for a 100 increase on the earthquakes of planet earth. This is the most natural effect as the lhc is basically a machine that produces quark-gluon soups the substance of dark matter. See all other articles on this web on strangelets, the easiest quark-soup to do to discover the processes.
the second possible cause-effect is the creation of butterfly effects in magnetic fields. this kind of self-strengthening fields created as a wave as soon as the machine starts can produce gravitational and magnetic waves at 300.000 c speed whose effects ill understood by scientists certainly could be responsible.

Do not ask though experts because they are there, like politicians to calm the bewildered masses, once it is understood that science cannot stop, technological evolution cannot be detained, nuclear industries must go on.

As the melting was happening in situ, all over the world ‘experts’ of the Nuclear Industry affirmed the site was under control, radiation would not escape, all was right and good. Hundreds were being radiated but the libretto of all nuclear tragedies, including the one in the making at CERN, the biggest of all, was clear: all quiet in the eastern front.

Till when?

The answer is ‘forever’ till the end. Because the Nuclear Industry is the most profitable of the world, in its 2 sides, the making of Nuclear Weapons, which at its height consumed 13% of the American electricity and in the production of electricity, cheaper than any other clean source. So we shall always find excuses of research or non-pollution ‘handy’, paid by the biggest lobby of the world industry to keep churning ‘safe’ nuclear plants and keep exploring more powerful nuclear devices, as the cosmic bombs researched at CERN.

We warned of this situation many times: the LHC is the biggest magnetic field on Earth after the one centered in the nucleus of the planet; and so it is potentially an earthquake machine that disturbs the magnetic field, producing changes, which are the cause of earthquakes. 1+1=2: A machine which causes the same causes that cause earthquakes might cause earthquakes.

Last year when CERN put the LHC at work, within a week you had the Chilean earthquake­, 8.8, 6th biggest in history, now after 3 months of halting the machine, they put it and we get the 5th biggest… 2 of the BIGGEST earthquakes of history in a year.
So now tell me… this machine is the 2nd strongest field of magnetism on Earth after its center… Earthquakes are caused by change in magnetic fields on the planet. Whenever a new magnetic source appears a magnetic field reorders itself. Whenever the machine is switched again within a week the Earth reorders the plates and you get a massive earthquake.
Now the stress is gone, the field is reordered. But we haven’t seen anything yet… In 2014, when the machine goes over 10 tev, the threshold that makes black holes, which will not evaporate, we might all die. Anybody cares? of course not. It is a German machine, the summit of the nuclear industry. Half of the Russians that made A-bombs work there. So we have newspeak, research, the particle of god, the big-bang (of the earth that is). The judge said: the destructio­n of the earth will not be attributable to the US government­. The German court said to make a safety conference before switching up. So they switched, no conference­. The incremental number of earthquakes is clear on the statistics since the machine started experiments in 2008.

Specifically the last 2 years are on record track, and 2011 has overcome the record of the carpet bombing of 1943 of the pacific ring of fire...

But technology is God. So if you ask earthquake ‘experts’ they will deny even their own statistics and affirm there is not surge.

In that regard as the process is incremental, there is an even more worrisome scenario: if the machine is producing semi stable black holes or strangelets, when they fall towards the Earth, they would explode provoking motions in the plates of unknown intensity that could explain the rise in earthquake activity since the machine last year made ion-collisions that could have produced strangelets:

Source USGS

Since we are not even 1/4th into the year, (82 days) we can expect over 36 earthquakes of 7-7.9 this year, more than doubling the statistical mean of 14 during the decade and overcoming the record year of 1943 with 33 7s but none of the magnitude of the Chilean and Japanese earthquake of those 2 consecutive years (4th and 5th largest in history).

Regarding the next category of 6 to 6.9, at 76 this march 23, again there is a significant rise this year with a mean of 3oo, which more than doubles the mean number of +140.

Thus in 2 years the machine has been working, 2010 and 2011 an incremental path of more than 100% on strong earthquakes over 6 has taken place.

This surge of earthquakes has no other clear explanation, than the changes in the magnetic field due to an anthropic reason - CERN’s magnetic field. The similar record of 1943 due to carpet bombing, was also anthropic.

But the effects of CERN on the motions if planet Earth could be worse: the creation of black holes or strangelets that fall towards the center of the Earth, and are exploding on their journey, or maybe sitting there and eating us slowly, would obviously alter the magma flows… And yet the establishment ignores the issue, as it always does in prevention cases till the ‘event’ has taken place. Only that if this catastrophic ‘event takes place, there is no prevention. In Chernobyl hundreds of thousands died of radiation. In Japan probably tens of thousands will get cancer and tens of thousands died in the Earthquake. In the Earth CERN’s accidental errors and lack of safety precautions will mean billions of potential victims.

I recall those days of November, when Mr. Penrose, a British physicist, and vocal of the HeavyIonAlert group and me tried to publish the Castor Papers in which CERN affirmed it would make likely strangelets, and the global press denied us any voice…

What is perhaps more depressing to this group of dedicated people is the indifference to this issue of the ‘activists’ of ecological causes, obsessed by the Global Warming scare campaign… paid mainly by the Nuclear Industry to promote its clean energy… Yes, global warming is a long term insoluble problem since it is the product of the $hit of machines and we would have to change the entire economic ecosystem to solve it…

Yet the true problem of mankind now are the new type of weapons-machines that are overcoming the limits of information and energy of our planet and our minds; the robotic industries of predators that foresee a not-too far away world of terminator warriors; the nuclear industry exploring the III horizon of nuclear weapons at CERN that can big-bang the Earth… and the newspeaks, the Matrix of fictions of the financial-military-industrial complex that cheats the good people into believing we are all taken care of. When the International Nuclear Agency produced the Chernobyl report, affirming that only 56 people died, because it doesn’t count cancer victims, which the Belarussian government put on 200.000… nobody swallowed that pill.

But now all those naive ecologists were so easily cheated by the complex games of the Nuclear Lobby – many of them, let us be clear corrupted by money, like Mr. James Lovelock, the discovery of global warming and his young wife Sally, who campaign for ‘clean, nuclear energy’… So only the ‘future’ global warming problem mattered… Indeed if we make it so far… I contacted them to denounce, naive of me, CERN’s experiments in an interview for the film, quantum roulette. She told me James would only talk in favor of Nuclear plants… Even Mr. Assange, of wikileaks fame, a physicist himself, whose organization receive the leak of the Castor papers earlier last summer refused to take on the issue. Such is the faith we have in our technologies of mass destruction.

Then after the failure to alert the world, the apprehension of those days and the happiness when the collisions didn’t at least provoked the catastrophe in the spot…

But maybe after all strangelets did form. And if so, the question is, have they exploded in their way down the crust, provoking the surge of Earthquakes; or have some reached the center of the Earth and we are indeed, as the Japanese minister finally recognized today after the 4th explosion, on ‘Apocalypse year’? are not those statistics proof enough that the German court asking a safety conference must be heard, that Nuclear Companies like CERN and Tokyo Power must take seriously the safety standards and the life of people?

Let us face an obvious truth: the nuclear industry is a spin off of the most lethal weapon, the nuclear bomb. And you cannot create good from evil easily even if as Shakespeare puts it ‘evil dresses with the cloths of a gentleman’. The constant transvestite and newspeaks that dominate our society reach its peak in this industry. Its 2 peaceful spin offs, nuclear plants used to create the substance of those bombs and accelerators used to research initial explosions are NOT peaceful, harmless because the initial eviL=anti-life faction, energies beyond our capacity to resist them – are still there. The newspeak of cheap energy does not justify the risks for life of Nuclear Plants. The same can be said of the experiments at CERN exploring black holes, strangelets and other substances that can blow up a planet. And yet once an industry of death is set up its inertia is enormous – jobs, profits, corporations, etc. So the truth dies first to protect those interests.

The idea that CERN is not a nuclear company, that the people that work there are different than the people that work at Tokyo power or the IAEA officers that still hide the tragedy of Chernobyl and have been hiding the errors of design of Fukushima and the warnings of all those who knew better, is an oxymoron. It is the same profession, the same work, the same caste of scientists protecting each other; just with 2 different newspeaks – the newspeak of ‘clean energy’ in the case of Nuclear plants; the newspeak of ‘defense’ in the case of nuclear bombs, the newspeak of ‘research’ in the case of CERN. But the energies and substances used, the risks of explosive big-bangs are all produced by the very obvious fact that this planet cannot resist the energetic nature of the first scales of matter explored by the Nuclear Industry.

Corruption at CERN is now self-evident after the release of CASTOR papers by this web and Mr. penrose at www.heavyionalert.org where the company bluntly states it can do strangelets. Corruption at Tokyo power and the IAEA is also evident:

Why did Tokyo power find ‘proper’ to construct 4 outdated Mark I Nuclear Plants nearby the sea on a region prone to Tsunamis, when the famous GE 3 safety officers who over-viewed the model in the 70s had resigned because they did not consider the design of General Electric safe enough? Of course, the answer is money. Nuclear Plants costs get cheaper if you do them close to the sea, so you can use the water needed to refrigerate them from the ocean (and throw it back there, where nobody notices if it has radiation levels)… Further more we could wonder why the plants were put on the east coast closer to the plate fault, not in the west coast. Again the answer is evident: in the East coast you have most consumers and factories, so if it had been put in West coast, which will not be affected by ‘accidental earthquakes’, it would cost more to transport electricity. Money makes the world go round. Human lives have no ‘price’ in monetary values…

But more revelations are coming from Wikileaks – warnings on the lack of safety standards on the plant, ignored by Tokyo Power; denial of safety problems by the International Nuclear Agency, the same that stubbornly affirms only 56 people died in Chernobyl; and so on and so on. All ‘a posteriori’ of the accident, never any prevention of future risks.

Of course, when my co-plaintiff on the suits against CERN at Federal Court, also a safety officer of accelerators, Mr. Wagner, left his job at Livermore Labs because he understood new designs of super-accelerator machines poised a risk to all mankind, as the GE 3, we was not heard.

All these risks were ignored and keep being ignored by the press. I thought on doing a campaign of comments on blogs about the nuclear meltdown, and the victims of the tsunami, but it would not be understood and treated as opportunism, because CERN has 2 perfect alibis to get away with murder – the impossibility to proof 100% the relationship between the increase of earthquakes and its machines; specially when experts of science protect each other and always calm the bewildered herd instead of saying the truth in this case.

And the sacred myth that this machine will find the meaning of it all, the particle of god, the Higgs, the meaning of mass and its 3 families, the nature of the big-bang and expansion of the Universe, why the weak force breaks the symmetry and why there are less antiparticles that particles.

Those whys they say are worth the risk of sacrifice mankind, not so, for 2 reason. Mankind must be sacred and the machine is a hoax, a useless instrument of research trying to test theories who are of no relevance to knowledge. Let us consider those affirmations in more detail.

This final alibi is subtle but effective, because high priests are always believed.

Politicos are no longer people that take decisions but people who have ‘enough’ doing good speeches to calm the people but know so little of everything else and have so little time left after all the celebrity ‘pictures’ and rounds of ‘thin-air talk’ they have to do what experts say, and the last thing they wish is to have ‘yet’ another problem to fix. Courts would never deal with a theme they have no idea of.

Even physicists know little of the workings of the machine and the theories involved in those risks, since each one only knows of its specific field and trust the experts of the other fields.

A fact which reduces the culpability of CERN to a few ‘leaders’, Mr. Hawking in his search of Nobel Prizes, Mr. Ellis, who warned the other cernies that they ‘must believe in black hole evaporation’; Mr. Hauer, the commander-in-chief; the rest are files and ranks, ‘parts’ of the complex system that obey and shut up. But will those pundits of the 3rd paradigm of science, the age of metric measures with instrumental machines find the meaning of it all? I am afraid not…

The why of science. The 4th paradigm: the solutions to CERN questions.

In that sense, perhaps the final joke of God, the mind of the Universe and its rules of existence and extinction to mechanist man is the fact that at the end of the journey, we are discovering that after all a machine is nothing but an incomplete part of a ‘whole’ future organism, the robots we are creating at the end of the Industrial R=evolution with the bodies of metal we made in the XIX century and the heads of metal (chips=brains, mobiles=ears, cameras=eyes) of the XX century, now put together into organic metalife.

Further more, the simplistic mechanist philosophy of scientists, specially physicists, which departs from the Newtonian and Cartesian founding fathers has become obsolete in XXI century science. This mechanist approach considered knowledge to be the measure with a single mechanical clock of all the time cycles of the Universe, reduced to a line of infinite time in a Cartesian plane.

Yet we know now that time is cyclical and there are infinite time cycles. And we know that space is fractal and topological, constantly vibrating and forming new particles, evolving in vital forms. And so, we are moving away, those of us who are truly exploring the future of science into a 4th paradigm, after the mechanist paradigm in which machines became the ‘measure’ of all things, describing a topological, organic, interrelated Universe, which answers not only the how and when but the ‘why’ of science.

This fascinating adventure of the mind that puts back man at the center of the Universe, as the most complex, informative, organic system of reality in which I have been leading the way for the past decade (1) and I invite you to follow with the lessons on complexity attached to this web is perhaps the only hope for the human kind – CERN permitted – as it breaks the ultimate alibi of the robotic and nuclear industries that are evolving machines of information and energy beyond the balances of human life and Gaia we should fight to preserve – the alibi of sacred research and knowledge.

In journalism we ask, who, how, when and why. In the evolution of science we first asked who, in the mythic age, the first paradigm of knowledge – often being a god the cause of actions.

Then the Greeks used reason and logic thought to ask the how of things, its causes and consequences, the 2nd paradigm of knowledge.

The 3rd paradigm came with the arrival of machines that measure time and space, mainly clocks which answered the when. It was the birth of metric geometries thanks to those mechanical clocks, whose lineal time arrow allowed to plot data collected with machines and found the regularity of the rhythms and cycles of species, which were formalized in laws of science.

Now the 4th paradigm of science goes a notch further considering not only the arrow of lineal time, but also the arrow of information and the transformations between both, which create the cyclical beats of time that we observe in nature, defining a new foundational law of science:

‘All what exists are complementary systems of energy and information that transform into each other ‘ad eternal’: E<=>I’.

And indeed, in physics all systems need a field of energy and a particle of information to exist.

And in life, all organisms need a head of information and a body of energy to exist.

And machines are now becoming organic robots with bodies of iron and minds of gold.

And so all is organic, all is a system that searches for energy and information and combines them to reproduce.

Even particles use their bodies to absorb energy and reproduce, ‘decoupling’ into new particles. Quarks produce jets of ‘quarkitos’; electrons with opposite spin produce seminal rays that become new electrons.

Those whys that we are exploring put the need for further precise measures at rest on view of the astounding landscape of an interrelated Universe of infinite fractal self-similar species.

In the themes that matter about CERN it solves the question of the non-existence of the Higgs, since the weak force is no longer a spatial field, but a temporal, informative transformative force, which evolves the form, the in/form/ation of particles.

This should have been always obvious. The weak force is the only force that has time parameters; it is the only force without spatial range, located in a point, as time events are. It is the force that lasts longer in time. It is the only force that transforms other particles. And time is unlike space antisymmetric: the motion to the future is different to the motion to the past. While in space going left and right is symmetric.

But without a proper theory of cyclical time, the 3rd paradigm cannot resolve it, so it tried to explain it all with the concept of space symmetry.

The concept of cyclical time also shows why there is no black hole evaporation and solves the Information paradox, proving Einstein twice right. Since a mass becomes a bidimensional whirl of space-time, whose rotational speed or frequency carries most of the information of the Universe, and determines as in a hurricane the attractive force of the mass.

This was Einstein’s explanation of a mass (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration, which means a mass is an accelerated motion, and since there are only a cyclical, accelerated, motion, a vortex/whirl, masses are just that, accelerated whirls of space-time).

What this means is that masses carry most of the information of the Universe and black holes most of its mass, since they are the fastest rotating masses (c-speed in the event horizon). And so they are the most attractive.

Each mass is therefore a little rotational clock of time, reason why in Einstein’s work gravitation is related to time, affecting it, and why Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’. Indeed, it curves the energy of space into mass. It also explains why E=Mc2, when lineal energy reaches the limit of c-speed new energy curls into cyclical motion, as it does a butter block when you drag it with a knife. So this other question that physicists pretend to explore at CERN becomes trivial in ‘complex physics’ when you use two arrows of time.

It also means that gravitation creates form, information, order and balances the entropy of the electromagnetic forces. And for that reason the Universe will never die: it is eternal, imploding in galaxies and exploding in intergalactic space.

Yet when Einstein died quantum physicists, which were always quarreling with him, saw a chance to deny their work, and so people like Hawking came with a denial of Einstein and said that Black holes had entropy; and Higgs denied the Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration and came with a particle that was supposed to give mass to all others by colliding and being ‘swallowed’ by them, and carried an invisible new field spread all over the Universe, never found.

Needless to say neither the Higgs boson, the evaporation of black holes or the Higgs field have been ever found. But the Newspeak of ‘research’, the pumping of this absurd theory was successful to convince even the ecologist movement that the Higgs was the Sacred Saint Grail of Physics.

Before CERN HOWEVER, Glashow, the Nobel Prize and Amici Curiae that CERN contracted to oppose us in the suits at federal court called the particle, the ‘toilet’ particle, so little respect it had among professional physicists.

But why time is not symmetric like space is? It is worth to explain it, because it also resolves the reasons why all forms live and die.

Basically what you call the arrow of future increases the information of all systems, evolves them. So what you call life is a constant warping of your form, your information till the 3rd age. Ergo the meaning of that sentence of Einstein, ‘time curves space into cyclical masses’, it warps it.

And in life it explains Darwin’s arrow of evolution of ‘form’, of information.

And so you have 3 ages in time of increasing information.

- What you call youth, the age of energy and motion, when the lineal energetic systems dominate. Max. e x min. i

- The mature age when you combine energy and information and reproduce. e=i

- The informative, 3rd age when you warp yourself and you become wrinkle. Max. I

- And then death, when your information explodes back into energy. To start a new cycle of existence. min I < Max. e

And so a local motion to the future grows your information, a local motion to the past explodes you, kills you, erases your information, but motions in time are only local, for each of us who lives towards a future of more information and dies towards a past of more energy.

The 3 causal ages of Time events also explains other questions of CERN:

-Why there are 3 self-similar families of particles of increasing mass? Answer: they are the 3 ages/horizons/evolutions of all forms of space/time.

- Why there are 3 solutions to the equations of space-time of Einstein? They are not 3 parallel types of Universe, but the 3 ages of our Universe, the energetic big-bang (Friedman solution), the mature, steady state (Einstein solution) and the informative, cyclical big crunch (Gödel’s solution).

- Why there are more particles than antiparticles if both have the same probability of being formed? There are no more particles than antiparticles, but being antiparticles the inverse arrow of death and dissolution, they last much shorter in time and so as we see less people dying than living, we perceive less antiparticles than particles. For that reason also black holes don’t evaporate: there is only one particle living to the future and dying to the past, NOT two particles. (Black holes also don’t evaporate because they don’t follow quantum laws of entropy as hawking thinks but gravitational laws of information as Einstein wanted, since size doesn’t matter; they don’t evaporate because Hawking says they get hotter after birth in a cold environment, so they would break the 1st law of entropy – a coffee doesn’t get hotter when you pour it in ice. And of course they don’t evaporate because mass doesn’t evaporate information but creates it, and finally they don’t evaporate because the event horizon is NOT the black hole, but obviously as we ‘see’ it’, the last membrane of light of our universe, which the black hole sucks in. So at best black holes evaporate our Universe.

- Why there are 3±1 states of matter? They are the 3±1 ages of all space-time creations between 3 relative planes of existence: plasma (i-1 birth), gas (energetic state), liquid (reproductive, balanced state), solid (informative state), Bose condensate (i+1 emergence as a more evolved form).

For example, matter has the gaseous, energetic state, the liquid, reproductive state that gave us birth, and the solid informative state. The 3 solutions of Einstein’s equations give us 3 ages of the Universe, the expansive big-bang, the steady mature state and the future Godel’s solution, an informative vortex, like the galaxy you live in, reason why we are life, informative beings.

And so, in a Universe of infinite self-similar fractal spaces, each galaxy is a Godel vortex, each space between galaxies an expansive big bang and all balances in an eternal universe of infinite fractal scales.

Just look at this image with the ages of all complementary beings of the Universe and feel the unity of it all, and feel humble, because we are nothing more than dust of space-time:

But what all this truly means is that what CERN is doing risking the life of all of us, as a cernie told me in his adamant defense of the machine ‘we will be able to measure the Z particle till its 23 decimal’ is totally irrelevant to the deep knowledge we are seeking in the 4th paradigm, that is reconciling us with the Universe.

And certainly it is debunking the myths of nuclear physicists who are creating bigger energy explosions with the excuse that energy is the meaning of it all just because making bombs has been always their worldly profession. So God must be found in awesome explosions, big-bangs, expansive, dying universes and evaporating black holes;

In that regard, the essential difference between the attitude of this blog and those experts of the military-industrial complex is a word they love to hate: ethics. Indeed, the ultimate truth you learn when you are intelligent enough to see above the ego-trip, the tribal trip, the go(l)d trip and have a ‘feeling’ for the interconnected Universe is this:

The salvation of history and mankind is an ethical question, not an intellectual one, which can be resumed in a sentence: or we make man again the measure of all things instead of the machine and its experts or we will be substituted and eliminated by our new Gods much sooner than anyone expects.

But what is mankind? Look back to that graph, you can see a culture, there born, as all superorganisms of a prophet (Christ in the graph) and a civilization that lives and dies finally in a war. Mankind is exactly that, the sum of all human lives in a planet in which rhythmically wars and weapons killed her in bigger numbers as technology evolves in its 800-8o year cycles…

This is the application of what we have been telling you – the 4th, organic, fractal, complex, systemic paradigm that explains it all as living organisms. and you live in one of them, the Financial Military Industrial complex, and so if we want in this ‘why’ article go even deeper into why indeed LHC has restarted and will go till the end, we need to study the FMI complex in more detail.

. So it is unavoidable to do a ‘complex, sociological analysis’ of why experts lie ‘systematically’ and people believe them ‘always’.

Why we trust lying experts: The increasing complexity of the global superorganism of history.

We, humans must understand that technologies of energy (nuclear industries) and information (robotics, probably the most important cause of the present massive unemployment wave as new blue collar workers) have overcome the limited resistance and intelligence of our carbon life bodies and brains.

But the religion of technology and the substitution of the values of life and the ethic word by the values of money, which gives no value to life and maximal value to weapons by a law, we complexity theorists called ‘affinity’ (money has always been metal information today cycles of information in computers and so it was traditionally used to buy metal-energy, weapons), has created an automatic program of self-destruction. We shall thus keep reproducing and evolving machines beyond Gaia’s resistence, to produce money the language of power of our society.

This grand scheme and final goal of capitalism – the obsolescence of life and man to the machine cannot be argued .

The structure we are creating, the financial-military-industrial complex to which our governments have become submissive does not care for life. Its corporations reproduce and evolve machines, feed them with energy and ignore the collateral effects. Mass-media censors all criticism. Economists only worry to reproduce money for their banks and those corporations. What is the end of all this? Do humans have any hope?

A species who cares nothing for his own future, who despises increasingly life, who ignores the natural values of our words probably doesn’t deserve a future.
But eviL ultimately is just the other side of ignorance, a far more dangerous problem for mankind… Since it is much more extended.

Ultimately what people always failed to understand of the present world ruled by the financial-industrial-military complex is the fact that the system has become indeed too complex to understand without the laws of creation of superorganisms and complex systems, which I study, and so, they can only talk to experts. But as a system becomes more complex, its parts become isolated of the whole and have no responsibility except for their ‘small world’, which is intense enough and isolated enough of the other parts of the system as to be the only thing the ‘expert’ cares.
So experts lie ‘systematically’ to protect their ‘expertise’, defend themselves from the rest of the population when it has obvious fears and hide the negative effects of the ‘system’. And today as the memes of metal that have created the Financial-military-industrial system (money, weapons and machines) are becoming so powerful that are replacing and extinguishing life, experts are all becoming defensive squads. So nuclear experts lied both about the ‘ultra-safety’ of the nuclear plants in Japan and the safety of nuclear experiments at CERN.
And yet people, the bewildered herd of working=body cells of the superorganism of history and any of its fractal cultures tendencially believe experts because they tendencially believe their information castes.

Indeed, all superorganisms have two ‘classes’ of cells, the working cells of the body which are blind and trust the information of the privileged castes that form the informative networks of the brain.

So happens in human societies: The cells of the body, the ‘workers’ of the superorganism are always blind, they only get information from the neuronal/informative castes of ‘experts’ of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex. So people still ‘trust’ bankers, the experts that invent the language of money, while they labor for a salary – even after they have shown their only interest is to invent money for themselves; they certainly trust politicians and the military, the experts that create the legal information and control the weapons that so often oppress them. But above all they specially ALL trust scientific experts, which in each field will always defend their ‘machine’ of expertise. So CERN with its alibi of scientific research, have even a higher standing than bankers, politician, armies and machine-makers, they are at the summit of our civilization. Never mind they also lie about their research, as any good physicists today knows both the big-bang and the Higgs are faulty theories increasingly replaced by our fractal models of a Universe of infinite scales and the model of the weak force as a ‘temporal force’, which therefore breaks the symmetry of matter spontaneously since time has not mirror parity. All that of course, is not easy to understand to the blind cells of the body and the experts form a network of connected interests that acts as a single system.
So we can expect regardless of how many tragedies CERN causes, the same ‘nothing happens’, ‘all is well’ till the end.

Why politicians do nothing. The indifference for the future of mankind of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex

In complexity all systems are defined either as complementary systems of energy and information (particle/force in quantum physics) or complex systems with 3 networks: an energetic, informative and reproductive network. Further on, the parts ignore the workings of the whole – unless they are complex scientist, that is (-; – So humans, even those who pretend to be ‘humanist’ and defend the memes of life and love (churches, left activists, anti-nuclear movement) ignores it all about the workings, structure and sub-systems of the FMI complex we live in – the financial military industrial complex and its 3 networks of informative money, reproductive machines and energetic weapons. Further on, the complex FMI system has evolved from the earlier simplex of money and weapons (the pre-industrial people-castes and cultures of the west dominated by money and weapons, who ruled mankind since the end of the neolithic) into a series of memetic, ‘institutional structures’, which rule our world but whose ‘organic meaning’ within the FMI is ignored by the human parts: the corporation (company-mothers that reproduce machines, money and weapons and provide them with digital information), the ‘economic nation’ (who ensures the constant re=production of ‘top predator’ weapons, the mirror-image of a machine, so a tank is an armored car, a terminator, an armored robot and so on); the bank (which reproduces the language of information of the complex, money and distribute orders to all the agents of society, including politicos with bribes, people with prices and salaries, etc.) Those 3 institutions, corporations, armed states and banks are thus today the summit of an organization in which politicians occupy very limited roles, always backing the evolution of the FMI complex.

Thus human governments are what we call a ‘simplex systems’, submissive to the FMI complex, which now it is evolving again into the final ‘frontier’ of nature’s systems: the super-organism, independent of those ‘parts’ that built it. On the other hand, the humans attached to the corporative and banking system have a limited role: they try to achieve the maximal quantity of money, selling and evolving machines, weapons and money, disregarding any collateral effect on humans, labor and life. This of course implies that since machines evolve and humans don’t, and both are exchangeable under the equation of money man=price=object, as machines evolve, life and human beings become obsolete and substituted or moved into ‘ghettos’, ‘reserves’ some of continental size like Africa, whose obsolete humans are mainly targets for weapons consumption and providers of raw materials for the FMI system. But the complex FMI has a web, a matrix of fictions, half truths and ‘metric measures’ (‘damned lies and statistics’, which ensures the beliefs and motivates the 7 billion ‘simple minds’ attached to it. Life in other words, even if it ignores it, is increasingly expendable, as the FMI complex keeps evolving machines and weapons, through its central institution, the corporation, which make governments obsolete and humans also increasingly obsolete substituted in the war and labor field by advanced metal-organs of energy (transport machines, weapons) and information (computers, robots, webs, audiovisual systems). And all what our ‘experts’ do, of course, is to provide the means for the ‘progress’ of the FMI, which is confused with the progress of mankind, because ‘experts’ have no whys, only ‘machines of measure’.

In the world, there are 2 ‘organisms’, the financial-military-industrial complex, not interested for life, but turning around the memes of metal, money, weapons and machines,guided by markets and corporations company-mothers of machines. This complex defined by the laws of complexity is a triad of organic systems that form a superorganism with its 3 classic networks, a language of information money, which reproduces machines through the corporations of science.

The result of the existence of two evolving super-organisms, the humankind and the metal-kind, on earth, however is not recognized in the 3rd metric paradigm – which one could consider to be in certain way the ‘evolving mind of machines’, which are used to measure in that paradigm.

The 4th paradigm however brings a vital, biological, Darwinian, real analysis of those 2 species, and its organisms, cultures and markets, who form a mixed ecosystem, the economic ecosystem in which machines of energy and information keep evolving and exterminating weaker life systems.

Understanding machines in biological terms, their symbiotic and Darwinian relationships with life is thus essential to understand the future of the economic ecosystem in which we all exists.

This is the fact ‘experts’ of the mechanist paradigm of metric spaces, measures and machines forget: science is not abstract, technology is not abstract, they are parts of a system.

Today the world is totally dominated by the Financial-military-industrial complex which act as the 3 physiological networks of metal-information, metal-energy and organic metal that builds reality for most of our existence.

On the other hand the human world is dying in an accelerated phase, harmless and unprotected, since the political system is a relic when humans without machines were forming living superorganisms, cultures and civilizations, inscribe itself, increasingly obsolete and with null power.

Humans are thus becoming obsolete to the machines they produced, hypnotized and controlled by them (audiovisual system and matrix of fictions in which we live). And this affects all humans except the very few who are complex and strong enough to understand and reject the process. But that minority does not influence the FMI complex, ruled by the memes of metal as it has always been. So scientists think that the metric paradigm done with machines is the ‘summit’ and limit of knowledge; politicians adore their weapons and theatrical wars for profit, either just wars as the one we start now in Libya or blatantly wars for military and industrial profit as the one of Iraq, while bankers are in charge of reproducing the money and control with it all the other parts of the complex.

Yet the goal which matters most to history is the final evolution of that complex into a superorganism in which either machines will become symbiotic to man if we manage to control the FMI complex for our benefit, or as it seems the case, if we just bluntly play our ‘cellular jobs’ within the complex unaware of its existence, fogged by the primitive thinking of the mechanist of the 3rd paradigm, we shall just end as the ‘enzymes’ of any system that construct something bigger than themselves end: substituted and made obsolete by the new evolved final unit of the complex… In this wider view, we can inscribe the robotic military evolution of self-autonomous weapons, the unemployment wave of humans made obsolete by blue collar robots and white collar PCs, the creation of the LHC a super-weapon that can destroy the entire planet and the complex we are building, and the clueless behavior of our politicians, mere pawns that try to favor the sector of the complex they live in (their tribal nation, industrial lobby that pays their campaigns, etc.)

An ideal world as that imagined by Asimov or Herman Hesse or Spengler would be one ruled by complex historians, which would be the doctors of the FMI complex and use it to the benefit of man, limiting the production of lethal goods such as Nuclear weapons, and using credit to reproduce the goods that are positive to the biological evolution of man and its own complex systems – verbal cultures, religions of love, art, welfare goods, biological sciences…

So who decides the future of the earth? the market, the language of money, reproduced in stocks by those corporations who pay you a salary, bribe a politician to pass laws in favor of its goods, and control your information though mass-media your life though the machines you consume and re=produce in your work.

The proof is simple. it is call time. You are the time of your life, and the dominant superorganism of the planet is the one to which you dedicate most time. It is a fact that humans today dedicate around 90% of it s living time not used in direct biological actions (sleep, eat, etc.), tending for machines, re=producing them in corporations or consuming=evolving them, testing its energetic and informative qualities and selecting the best in the market. Those economical actions represent around 90% of our lives, while ‘political actions’ dedicated to the community and creation of a world to the image and likeness of man, within a culture or civilization represent a 10th of the time we live within the roles that corporations have designed for their machines: to make them and evolve them. Technology thus is the only future that matters and affects 90% of our existence. Men tending for this other superorganism have little time left to tender for the organism of mankind.

So politicians as a simplex submissive to the FMI complex are not thereto solve problems but to hide them: their job is to appease the cells of the other superorganism – life, an increasingly obsolete cost to the company-mothers of machines who are reproducing and guiding their industrial r=evolution.

In this world weapons, machines and go(l)d are free, because they are the systems that the financial-military-industrial complex evolves, the superorganism of machines, of metal, whose best name probably comes from a fiction film, matrix. This is not surprising because the FMI system censors information about itself to make easier its evolution and destruction of the weaker species, life, with whom it competes for resources in this planet; for that reason words are not free and you cannot know where you exists. To that aim another master writer, Orwell explaining the need of newspeaks to hide the perpetual wars for profits (human point of view), to evolve the best machines, the most expensive of all times – weapons. CERN is one of such machines; and so it is sacred, it is the most advanced of them all, the most expensive, the most dangerous and that which requires the most sophisticated of all newspeaks, that of the scientist, the summit of all that FMI complex, its high priest, the expert, which all obey and believe, and so the expert says to the politician: we are good, we are cheap, we shall produce electricity for your machines of profit, so you are a good ‘enzyman’, a good worker for the complex… This biological jargon, i know might look ‘too excessive’ to you. Trust me, it defines the world much better than any expert will ever do with its abstract jargons of money and obsolete ideas of caring for mankind. The FMI COMPLEX is not mankind, we just work there, and the work of the politician is to hide it to you. The idea is simple: words are used to cheat the subconscious collective and make us think we are free, not slaves of our memes of metal.

This schizophrenic society keeps advancing. So we shall take all risks whatever the probabilit­ies… A safety conference is long overdue.

But of course it won’t happen. We shall all die for the machine if it is needed. We, humans, are memetic species not rational ones. Thus we need to touch and see. We need a religion. We need to die for our Gods.

Our Gods in the past at least were humans, now are weapons, machines, go(l)d. The words and theories we use to justify our selfish gods are irrelevant.

Mr. Mohring’s court suit at Germany was rejected but the judge asked for a safety conference. CERN ignored the ruling of the Court, as it defaulted in our Federal suit in the U.S. It knows better.

Little chances that the government obey the courts, and certainly zero chances that the heirs of Oppenheimer and Teller detain the evolution of the III Horizon of Nuclear Bombs.

This is the landscape which permits the protection of dictators who buy our weapons; of makers of weapons of mass destruction like CERN, which evolve technology, not knowledge. How this is sold with newspeaks? Obvious: the paradox of the ego, the thirst for happiness and good news. People are easily cheated; they want to be cheated and feel superior. So we shall find God’s particles; we are so intelligent. Reality though bites. Thousands have died in Japan How can you say like Hauer said that the LHC is a giant step for mankind; when you get 2 of the 6 biggest earthquakes within days of switching on your machines of global disasters? And yet people are still believers. In Auschwitz they ran to the douches to get deloused; they were still believers.

The cynicism, the eviL=anti-life memes of our culture of machines and weapons; all that is embedded in CERN, a masterpiece of rhetoric that politicians should imitate. Remember Goebbels: ‘if a lie is repeated many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie it is, the more they will believe it’. This is the drill of CERN: all is safe because we are colliding cosmic rays, will never do strangelets and black holes evaporate. Never mind that their own documents affirm that they are going to do strangelets, have designed machines to observe it, that they affirm in their secret papers they are doing collisions that never happened in cosmic rays. And that certainly hot objects don’t get hotter in a cold environment and black holes, certainly will not evaporate – a science fiction absurdity we have shown ‘ad nauseam’ with topological, statistical, experimental, mathematical, logical and fractal methods to be false. If you have a problem with the financial system ask financial experts to solve the problem because you don’t understand it. If you have a problem with nuclear reactors ask experts of the nuclear industry – this is the common sense foolishness of our politicians and people. Trust those who are guilty because you don’t know enough details about the crime.

The nuclear industry is a pot of go(l)d and that is all what we need to know to explain why there is no doubts about the goodness of weapons like the LHC and plants like those of Japan.


Here nobody moves, nobody resolves anything. The system overwhelms us all.

Indeed the myth of the masters historians that since Marx’s Das Kapital, to Butler in Erehwon or Keynes in Theory of Consume to Asimov’s Foundation, Hesse’s ‘Das Bean Game’ or myself in ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics: a theory of unification’, dreamed of a mule able to take over the FMI-complex and re-address history has no takers, because our people are still at best in the 3rd metric paradigm. They know no whys of anything and when you explain them to them they don’t understand.

And this is really all what I wanted to say to all those experts that still listen and can be heard: the life of all of us should matter to you more than your mechanisms. Because we, humans are among the most perfect beings of information of the Universe. So abandon your false Gods, your machines of measure, and use your brain and your heart.

Mechanist science has chosen a path for mankind has no future and has become meaningless for knowledge.

Indeed, in a world in which the machine not man is the measure of all things, life is increasingly a loosing proposition. And certainly an extinct scientist knows nothing.

But resurrection is always possible; as long as there is life, as long as there are humans who still shout the truth, who don’t surrender their mind in Benghazi, at Courts, in Sendai, on the temples that revere the superorganisms=gods of mankind, in the hospitals and labs of biological, human sciences, where we are still the pride of the Earth. We might indeed loose this battle to the slaves of the financial-military-industrial complex and its gurus of measure, but we shall never loose our soul to those who have none.

(From an expert on loosing, humanist causes.)

(1) A General Model of multiple, fractal space-times based in the duality of the two arrows of energy and information, which I formalized during my years as International Chair of the science of duality, is able to resolve most of the questions unanswered in all disciplines of science. The example shown in this article – the cycle of life and death of all systems of the Universe, is just a small token of the whys it resolves. Follow the hyperlink of complexity if you wish to get more information on the real future of science.

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