Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fukushima is Deadly

-- "Fukusima is deadly to Americans;"

-- Minimally, "it threatens countless embryos and fetuses in utero, the infants, the elderly, the unborn who will come to future mothers now being exposed;"

-- There's "no defense against even the tiniest radioactive assault;"

-- "Science has never found such a
'safe' threshold, and never will;"

-- "All doses, 'insignificant' or otherwise, can harm the human organism;"

According to nuclear technician Tom Saporito:

"The administration, including the president of the United States, is recklessly endangering the population by promoting the construction of nuclear plants and by not taking affirmative action to deal with known safety problems."

In fact, shutting the industry down is crucial, especially as Grossman, a longtime industry expert, says:

"Safe, clean, renewable energy technologies fully implemented can provide all the power we need - and energy that we can live with" safely, unlike the hazardous nuclear roulette played each day these ticking time bombs operate.

For the full graphic report click here

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