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RFID Drivers License

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An amendment to a Senate bill is working its way through Florida Senate committees that would require an "electronic authentication" to be added to Florida drivers' licenses.

Right now, drivers' licenses have all the information on the back strip. But to access it, it has to be swiped. The amendment would place Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in the license, which could compromise the security of your identity.

Security expert Walk Augustinowicz breaks down the bill.

"There are other states with RFID in their drivers' licenses, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Washington state," he says.
He goes on to say these states started using the RFID chips as a way to ensure licenses couldn't be duplicated.
However, he explains how easy it is to steal the card's card information in less than a second if you're in the range of an RFID reader.
"It's not something to be taken lightly," he says. "anything once you put a radio chip in it, you need to have physcial protection. There's always a hacker that's going to figure a way around it."

While this is the same technology that could be put in your driver's license, Walt says some states provide people with a security sleeve that protects licenses from being scanned.
Currently, the bill has not been passed. It must still clear several hurdles before being presented to the governor.


Ok Wait-- What? They are saying its secure, and then immediately say it is NOT secure. What about our Mobile Banking Applications? Those are secure... or are they?

Are we being sold SH**TY DEALS just like before the Crash of 2008?

"Why Would Anyone Want To Do This?"

Well I hear constantly how "Identity Theft" is the #1 issue in crime prevention.
Seminars are held about how to protect your identity. But what if its all smoke and mirrors?

Maybe we are being set up to have our identities stolen.

What if this is all just pushing us in a direction we should not go?

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