Monday, November 9, 2009

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Black Krishna: BLOGGAGIA: Novembro 09
42 minutes ago by Black Krishna
imho, this is part of the NWO lower-level eugenics, or their plan to make us "feel" smart, selfish and elitist enough to avoid certain things, while not being smart enough to just share information with each other instead. since we're ...
Black Krishna -
New strain of swine flu in Ukraine, H1N1 Mutated, pneumonic plague ...
1 hour ago by admin
Since the first round of the man made H1N1 virus released on the public turned out to be a "dud", the NWO powers that be have released a stronger, more powerful version in the Ukraine.
Last Breath -
Chase Credit: NWO vs Gold - [ Translate this page ]
1 hour ago by Smart Credit
Fiat currency control structure that is an essential part of the Bush era NWO 27:20 min on Zimbabwe gold is ... Default Swap ISDA force majeure, war CDO CDs max keizer Boston Tea Party Peter Schiff Marc ...
Chase Credit - - Blog - The NWO plans to stay in ...
1 hour ago by Gangster Government
The NWO plans to stay in Afghanistan for a very long time. BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – Seen from a tiny village on a recent moonless night, the sprawling U.S. base three miles to the north looks more like a medium-size city than a ...
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Spanish Doctor Reveals Important Information About Swine Flu ...
2 hours ago by atomcat
Search: Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms and News About the NWO · Bill C-6 · Boycott · Climate Science · Cloak of Green · Contact · Denmark · Germany · Green Agenda · Infowars · Kincardine · Public Inquiry Ontario · Videos ...
Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms and... -
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Patriots Against The NWO: More On Preps
2 hours ago by Pete Smith
Pete Smith: Northern California, United States: I'm a survivalist, a Patriot, Husband, father and I stand up to the NWO and all that follow them. Our time is short and the patriots of this country need to stand as one and fight the NWO. ...
Patriots Against The NWO -
Put An End To War - Codex Alimentarius Erroneous ! How WHO F*cked ...
2 hours ago by putanendtowar ~ chuck the stuckist
You don't have to be an idiot to work for the WHO (World Health Organization) under the UN NWO (New World Order), but it helps. This week of November 2-6, 2009, the 31st Session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special ...
Put An End To War -
30. Peter Joseph On Credential People Helping The Movement ...2 hours ago by Hitokiri Battōsai
Peter Joseph On Credential People Helping The Movement, In Awakening Videos you can find the most recent videos of Zeitgeist Movement, Alex Jones, David Icke, NWO, and in general all those people and movements that seek an awakening of ...
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