Sunday, November 15, 2009

Presidents Analyst

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Please watch the movie "The President's Analyst"

It basically exposes the insanity of giving unchecked powers to spy agencies (similar to Bananas, The Serpant).

In it, the president has a shrink who talks in his sleep. Every intelligence officer throughout the world is trying to kidnap him to know the president's inner thougts while the CIA/FBI are trying to kill him to eliminate the threat.

Within the movie are dozens of corny dream sequences which show another layer of the intelligence aparatus insanity.

In one of the sequences a powerful elite explains to him that the purpose of these intelligence agencies and the faux fighting between them is to eventually develop a microparticle that can send and receive information. Then the camera shows a speck of dust on a magniigied finger (similar to the picture describing nanoparticles in MSM articles).

Well I flipped out a bit because the movie was released in 1967:'s_Analyst

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