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Ukraine Plague Spreads

H1N1 in the Ukraine all show a mutation, just not the PB1-F2 protein:
RBD Change D225G in Ukraine Lungs Raises Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 21:53
November 18, 2009
Mill Hill, a WHO regional center in London has placed sequences from 10 isolates from Ukraine (see map) on deposit at GISAID (see list below). They are to be commended for the prompt deposit of these important sequences. The availability of the sequences should put an end to wild speculation on the origins of the Ukraine outbreak.

All H and N sequences are typical for H1N1, as indicated in early WHO announcements. There are no large changes. Additional gene segments have been deposited from a subset of these isolates (but not analyzed below). There are silent changes that are in all or most Ukraine sequences, but the only HA polymorphism was the receptor binding domain change, D225G. This polymorphism was in the three lung, as well as the one throat sample. It was not in the nasopharyngeal washes or the isolate grown in MDCK cells suggesting the D225G may have a tissue tropism component and may allow for high levels of virus in the lung.

D225G was also found in necropsy lung tissue from fatal cases in Sao Paulo, further supporting tissue tropism associated with this polymorphism. The polymorphism has recently appeared on a series of different genetic backgrounds, supporting acquisition by recombination. The genetic backgrounds were geographically diverse. It was appended onto a genetic background specific for China as well as another distinct background found in Singapore and Japan. It has also recently appeared on backgrounds from Spain and Brazil. In addition, it was in isolates from last spring collected in the United States and Mexico.

The appearance of D225G on multiple recent genetic backgrounds raises concerns that the polymorphism is offering a selective advantage in association with multiple genetic backgrounds, and the selective detection of the polymorphism in lung and throat samples may indicate it is more widespread because of its absence from nasopharyngeal washes. Lung and throat sampling may be required for detection and determination of the true geograpohical reach of this change..

More information on outcomes for these patients, as well as results for lung and nasopharyngeal samples from the same patient, would be useful.

The prompt release of these sequences should help guide further analysis of the evolving swine H1N1.

A/Khmelnitsky/1/2009 EPI_ISL_62017
A/Ternopil/19/2009 EPI_ISL_62016
A/Ternopil/11/2009 EPI_ISL_62015
A/Ternopil/6/2009 EPI_ISL_62014
A/Ternopil/5/2009 EPI_ISL_62013
A/Lviv/N6/2009* EPI_ISL_62012
A/Ternopil/N11/2009* EPI_ISL_62011
A/Ternopil/N10/2009* EPI_ISL_62010
A/Lviv/N2/2009* EPI_ISL_62009
A/Kyiv/N1/2009 EPI_ISL_62008

* D225G

Nov 18 was this report
Low Flying Planes, Perhaps Spraying Now Seen in Poland and in Derby area of the UK
This was seen in Ukraine JUST BEFORE the plague outbreak.

Whether the following would be related I dont know. Was there aerial spraying near the bird show? Unknown.
When they toook the birds outside they recovered. There may be NO COMPARISON here, but its worth a post.

Birds drop dead during show in North Wales

Dozens of budgies dropped dead from their perches during a country show.
Birds have highly-sensitive respiratory systems and were once used down mines to detect gas leaks.
The birds were among hundreds ready to be judged at an Open Show in North Wales when disaster struck.
One toppled off his perch then others began dropping like dominoes.
Owners grabbed their cages and ran for the door.
Some of the birds were revived outside but 38 died.
Plumbers and gas board officials who were called in found no trace of a leak.
An autopsy on two casualties revealed they died from congestion and haemorrhaging of the lungs.
The organisers believe a boiler flue may have become temporarily blocked by leaves, causing it to emit noxious fumes.

WALES! The bird show was in Wales!

Large Tamiflu Resistant Cluster in Wales UK
Recombinomics Commentary 17:50

November 20, 2009
The cases have been reported among nine patients in a hospital in Wales.
Five cases are "known to be resistent to oseltamivir", the generic name for Tamiflu, the HPA said today in an e-mailed statement.

The above comments describe a large cluster of Tamiflu resistant swine H1N1 in a hospital in Wales.
Earlier reports had described resistance in 2 immuno-compromised patients, but the updated report of 5-9 patients leaves little doubt that the virus is transmitting human to human.
All prior examples of resistance in swine H1N1 involved H274Y, which is almost certainly the case for this outbreak.
Previously there have been multiple reports of clusters of two, including recent outbreak in Edinburgh,
and this large outbreak raises concerns that H1N1 with H274Y will become far more common.

Although prior cases were said to be due to "spontaneous mutation, by Roche and agency reports, there was little data to support that conclusion.
All resistance involved the same change, H274Y, on multiple H1N1 backgrounds and appearance was too soon to support a spontaneous origin.
Instead the rapid appearance supported circulation of H274Y as a minor population which was below detection limit in the absence of Tamiflu selection, but rapidly appeared after treatment.
The appearance of 5-9 cases at the same facility indicates the detected H274Y was not due to independent mutations and reinforces concerns that H274Y is widespread and efficiently transmitting..

WARNING....this is HARD to watch........child in agony with reaction to H1N1 Flu mist!


Unconfirmed reports are coming in that thousands of people in what appears to be a rural area under quarantine in the western Ukraine have been killed by vaccines.

A Ukrainian woman who crossed into neighbouring Poland told people there that she had driven into the Ukraine to meet a friend but was stopped about 60 km from the border and told that parts of the Western Ukraine were closed at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the border with Poland.

These people allegedly told her that there were thousands of dead people lying on the streets inside those closed off areas.

Also, there are mass graves filled with bodies covered with lime.

The woman said the people had died as a result of vaccinations. The vaccines allegedly came from France.

This report cannot be independently verified. The woman has reported what others have told her leaving room for the story to be distorted if there is any basis in fact at all. The woman did not see these things with her own eyes.

Life in the town of Drohobych in the Western Ukraine appears to be continuing as normal, say eyewitness reports from there.

The Ukrainian government has recently clamped down on the media, shutting down bloggers, and there are no reports so far in the mainstream or alternaitve media that confirm this story.

Rural parts of Western Ukraine are difficult to access.

The Ukrainian government has said that it has put parts of Western Ukraine under quarantine as a result of an outbreak of pandemic.

Also, the government has announced its intention to carry out mass vaccinations under the instructions of WHO to counter the "pandemic".

Reports have come in of pneunomic plague following unusual aircraft activity.

Doctors are reported to have been told that they cannot write down pneumonic plague as a cause of death and must write down swine flu.

This is an email from a source in Poland:

I reveived a phone call from the friend of

my parents, a healer, who had a client from Ukraine - woman, who allegedly

ran away from Ukraine yesterday.

What she says is very scary. She tried to drive into Ukraine to meet her friend.

About 60 km from the border she was stopped by people. They warned her

that some parts of Western Ukraine are closed, around 100-10 km from the border.

Those people allegedly were crying that there are thousands of dead victims

lying on the streets, and nobody wants to touch them.

Also, that there are some mass graves filled with bodies, which were disinfected

with lime (calcium). Thousands people died not from the disease but from the


I tried to verify this info, my cousin called friends in Drohobycz (also Western

Ukraine) - there is nothng abnormal there. So it could be a provocation or

to run false stories.

Of course there is a chance that only small part of the region is affected, maybe

they tried there untested vaccine and these are the results.

Nevertheless, there is complete media blackout about it except some comments

in my blog which for already 2 weeks confirm the fact of "thousands of victims".

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