Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming HOAX

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The emails contain massive fraud and conspiracy to pervert the course of science...

BUT the real smoking gun is in the data itself (part of the liberated docs) and how totally f**ked it is, how totally undocumented, how nobody could make it "work" (ie fit the already published results when using the same models!) even when writing "fresh algorithms" to retrospectively attempt to graft the data to the models...

Check out Ian "Harry" Harris' documentation of the totally meaningless data in his ongoing attempts to make it all fit - and remember it is on this data that the man-made global warming myth rests. The emails may be revealing and damning but its the data that vaporises the whole frickin AGW project.

The file is HARRY_READ_ME.txt in the documents folder

There are various heroic techies breaking it down here among other places:


And a less reader-friendly coverage here


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