Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 - Movie: Nov. 14-2009

December 21, 2012 end of the world have?
Hollywood released a movie about simulating long speculated about this on the fateful December 21, 2012 when the world was submerged by the tsunami, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and intense rain meteors. Data mankind has to end? A scene in the movie 2012. Since the... Internet began to disseminate from the '90s, debating on the fateful day is believed by the prediction of the ancient Maya also spread. Many people panic when the day is the winter solstice in 2012 is the date the disaster occurred nearby. "We received numerous emails of structural grades 4, saying that they do not want to die too young", Ann Martin, who operates a website about astrology in the U.S., said. "There are two mothers who wrote to us, worried she would not live to you at maturity. Data humanity really end of life on December 21, 2012? Many believe that this may be correct if based on six pillars of Maya stone monument which archaeologists discovered in the rubble of Mexico feedback decade 60. According to AP, the inscriptions on stone column refers to an event will occur in 2012, related to the gods of the Maya Yokte Bolon. This is the god of war and creativity. However, this stone columns and a corrosion cracks caused archaeologists can not read the final format. Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal in Mexico warrant that the content is the end: "He will flat ceiling. Another theory is related to the Mayan Long Count calendar. Maya civilization developed at the height of from 300 to 900 BC after. Long Count calendar of their religion began in 3114 BC and is expected to end on December 21, 2012. Many astrologers believe that the ancient Maya people also know a secret anymore that the world-axis motion, changing sort order of the stars each year. Every 25,800 years, the sun Now moved to the center of the Milky Way right on the winter solstice. According to this theory, the solar heat source will emit higher than normal, can strongly affect the habitat on earth. This event will occur on December 21, 2012. Channel, the History Channel as necessarily a program called "Decrypting the past: end of the world in 2012" which explains that the sun moved to central Milky Way can cause an overturning awe . "The whole earth will be changed in just a few days, possibly several hours. Northernmost spot on the south pole, causing a global catastrophe," said talk show host. "Earthquakes cause shake all continents, the tsunami will wash away many coastal cities. This could be a disaster the whole planet." Author Lawrence Joseph in 2012, the research said the solar storms can demolish the North American power grid for years, causing scarcity of food and water led to the collapse of civilization. While theories about the end of the world spread, the U.S. movie studios release films prepared in 2012, described the disaster earth. Dr. David Morrison, NASA space center in the United States, said they received more than 1000 questions on this issue. Many Young said she would rather suicide than to witness the earth collapsed. NASA has confirmed the world to end and criticized Hollywood filmmakers raises concerns about the fateful day. Mr. Apolinario Chile Pixtun, a clan of the Maya, it has been bored when asked about 2012. "I'm in the UK last year. They make me so bored on this story," said Chile Pixtun and warrant that the theory of doomsday is not derived from the Maya peoples, which Westerners think of. Archaeologists said Jose Huchim the Maya in the peninsula Yuncatan drought have concerns over a story the world has ended or not. "If you ask what will happen in 2012, they certainly do not have an idea. The world has to the end of the world ư? They will not believe him first.'s Interest in their more practical example is never the rain, Huchim said. Manager on site astrological Ann Martin said many times that the world has been predicted to end. "It seems the message to the other hypotheses do not remember that predicted many times before was not true," Martin said.

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