Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lies About Yemen

I received this in my inbox a little while ago. i just found it today...
(thanks, johnny)
"October 6 at 12:48pm Reply • Report
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am a Yemeni citizen. I would like to bring to your kind attention the fact that Yemen has become a big electronic concentration camp and a big rat lab.
Satellite-based and ground-based electromagnetic and neurological weapons are applied without restraint.
It is believed that the technology is US-owned and applied with the cooperation of local corrupt agencies against a large number of innocent citizens.
The above-mentioned technology is used for:
· Mass mind control, for the purpose of perpetuating the status quo, the US-promised "creative anarchy".
· Harassment, torture, abuse, etc.
· Depriving decent people of their privacy and dignity and tarnishing their reputation.
· Driving victims crazy and making them develop psychosis and psychological disorders.
· Engineering the society in the short and long run in such a way as to serve the interests of higher class and most importantly the interests of imperialistic U.S.A.
· Making Yemen as a source for sex slaves, child labor, child sex slaves, and organ trafficking, especially for neighboring wealthy sheikhdoms.
· Doing all this covertly and subtly due to corrupt media (controlled and financed mainly by the US), which tries to misrepresent the facts, distort reality, magnify irrelevant insignificant issues, and present the country as a poor, remote, retarded country whose main problem is only traditional corruption.
· Promoting corruption and crimes such as homicide and suicide.
· Spreading immorality/pornography on a wide scale as a policy that helps in intoxicating and subjugating the population.
· The manufacture of “Manchurian candidates”: terrorists and suicide bombers, most of whom are teenagers, in order to give a pretext to target the population/country overtly.
· Making geophysical changes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and catastrophic rockslides.
· Manipulating the climate, causing rainfalls, catastrophic floods, and draughts.
· Causing diseases and killing people gratuitously, without justification. Most people do not suspect as causes appear to be natural without identifiable culprits and, in the meantime, there is an effective media black-out.
· Conducting experiments on the population to refine the technology.
· The recent West-announced interest in impoverished Yemen is a decades-old unholy relation becoming more apparent and perceivable.
I hereby appeal to your sense of humanity to spread the word and do whatever you can to alleviate the systematic torture of the victims and targeted population, most of whom do not know what is happening to them. I would like you to expose this international terrorism which knows no boundaries.

Please find below some relevant links where you can find photos and more info regarding examples of some points mentioned in the first message. Please note that articles and materials are from mainstream media which do no reveal the real causes. If links do not open, please google the phrases/terms:

Natural disasters believed to be caused by geophysical weapons:

Jabal Al-Tair earthquake and volcano eruption

Al-Dhafeer Fatal Rockslide in Yemen:

Hadhramout floods in Yemen (the area is a desert province)

Suicide bombers believed to be mind-controlled:

Suicide bomber against Korean convoy

Suicide Bomber Al-Silwi

Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab's

Please take this subject into your consideration, and spread the word.

Best regards,

A Voice from Yemen

In Respect, for Love is the Only Engine of Survival.."

for someone who was flying under the radar until just lately, its kinda funny
that the press attributes the bombing to this guy...
"The bearded, bespectacled Mr. al-Awlaki, 39, was born in New Mexico and moved to Yemen several years ago. He is alleged to have encouraged a U.S. Army psychiatrist to kill 13 people in a shooting rampage last year at Fort Hood, Tex., and to have inspired several other people to take up militancy, including Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who attempted to blow up an airliner over Detroit last Christmas.
But until now, Mr. al-Awlaki was not regarded as a major figure in AQAP."

So, that's just me putting some pieces together. Please pray for the people of Yemen; that they grow stronger and more
beautiful in the face of these atrocities.

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