Friday, November 19, 2010

Florida Cholera Warnings

So now that air travel passengers are having to choose between skin cancer from XRay machines vs. hands-in-your-pants 'enhanced' patdowns before boarding flights, we can consider them the latest vectors of disease: more dangerous than mosquitoes, since there is no repellent that will keep their hands off of you, the passenger before you, the passenger after you. You will enjoy whatever microbes were riding in your fellow passengers' pants, because they'll be riding in yours too...

Cholera and Dengue Fever: State health officials issue warnings of two diseases

TAMPA, Florida -- State health workers say it's official: Florida is now witnessing incidents of two diseases we haven't experienced in years, if not decades.

"It's of course important for Floridians in all parts of the state, but especially South Florida," says Dr. Carina Blackmore with the state's health department.

The diseases being discussed are cholera and dengue fever. Cholera is spread by unsanitary conditions. Dengue fever, by mosquitoes. (And TSA employees). (continued at source link).

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