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Shorting Emerging Markets and the NASDAQ

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jim Rogers : I am shorting Emerging Markets and the NASDAQ

Mar. 4 2011 : Jim Rogers sounds The Inflation Alarm . Jim Rogers : " of course Larry he (Ben Bernanke) has never been right about anything I do not know what you pay any attention to him anymore except as a contrarian indicator , go back and look at his record in the past seven years in Washington , he has never ever been right about anything and he is dead wrong this time " "...I own commodities because commodities are the best place to be , commodities are up 10 000 times better than stocks over the past decade , they continue to do will , and Larry they continue to be the best place to put your money , either that or foreign currencies ..."
"well first of oil if you own oil and it goes up a hundred dollars you profited mightily ...but Larry they will then print more money , all Bernanke knows to do is print money it's the wrong thing to do but the dollar will continue to go down have to protect yourself , you protect yourself with silver or rice or natural gas or something , you gotta own real assets "
"...well of course it will Larry but remember supply is going down too , that was to suppress demand but supply of everything is going down , we're running out of agricultural products , the world is running out of known reserves of oil supply is going down too , now of course there will be corrections along the way there always are ..but still commodities are the best place to be , and Larry on the scenario things get worse , you're gonna make any money on stocks your only hope is commodities or foreign currencies "
"I am short NASDAQ type technology stock and I am short emerging markets those are the two areas of the world stock market which have been over exploited in the last two to three years , I got to have a hedge so I am shorting emerging markets and the NASDAQ "
Tha above transcript was done manually by the owner of this blog and hence it is far from being accurate

Mar. 4 2011 |Weighing in on inflation and how investors can turn some of this pain into profit, with famed investor Jim Rogers, Rogers Holding chairman.

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