Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Place Your Bets

Oil will be driven up to round $200 a barrel by the elite
2 March 2011
, by Youri Carma (FPP)

Oil will be driven up to round $200 a barrel by the elite trough Al CIAda attacking oil pipelines and stimulating havoc. In this way the Arab world will not be able to profit from it. The elite want the “Miserable” Arab back on their camels into the desert.

Oil round $200 a barrel will destroy the global economy further and the elite will profit from it by opening huge oil resources in Alaska and the U.S..

Lindsey Willams has been talking about this for years. After the world economy has totaly collapsed the elite will buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.

After WOIII the U.S. will flood the world with cheap oil again so that the Arabs can’t recover from their major blows recieved time after time.

- Civil unrest and riots

- Al CIAda attacking oil pipelines and oil installations so that oil can’t be exported from the region. Maybe even occupying Suez.

- WOIII which battlefield will probably be on the border of China and the Middle East

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The growing risk that America will become military and politically bucked down in a vast area of the world ranging from East of Suez, does that phrase sound familiar to some of you? From East of Suez to West of India, from east of Suez to west of India?" Quote from Chatham House Speech November 2008. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=81913.msg488774#msg488774

Report Says Crude Oil Will Hit $225 a Barrel in 2012
24 April 2008
, (The Canadian Press)

High Gas Prices are here to stay – U.S. Motorists should brace for over $4 Gallon Gas this summer and near $7 by 2012: CIBC World Markets – Tightening global supply will drive oil prices past US$200 a barrel in next four years (SOURCE CIBC World Markets) http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/high-gas-prices-are-here-to-stay—us-motorists-should-brace-for-over-4-gallon-gas-this-summer-and-near-7-by-2012-cibc-world-markets-57510702.html

CIBC World Markets FULL REPORT 24 April 2008 http://research.cibcwm.com/economic_public/download/sapr08.pdf

Lindsey Williams: MI6 Funded Muslim Brotherhood and Their "Day of Rage" Coming! 1/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-ejWiDuVEc

Lindsey Williams: MI6 Funded Muslim Brotherhood and Their "Day of Rage" Coming! 2/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNC0V8l7OLk

Lindsey Williams on Coast To Coast AM: Mid East Upheaval, Oil, & the Elite 2-25-2011 +Download Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIU_ZwMLrXI

Humans have something “akin to brain damage,” says Ritholtz. “To neurophysiologists, who research cognitive functions, the emotionally driven appear to suffer from cognitive deficits that mimic certain types of brain injuries. … Anyone with an intense emotional interest in a subject loses the ability to observe it objectively: You selectively perceive events. You ignore data and facts that disagree with your main philosophy. Even your memory works to fool you, as you selectively retain what you believe in, and subtly mask any memories that might conflict.”

Worse, there’s no cure.

Your brain needs to believe lies; Wall Street loves telling lies

Examples: USA Today headline: “Average Bull is 3.8 years: We’re not at 2 yet.” More upside. Wall Street loves it. The Wall Street Journal: “Stock recovery in high gear … S&P500 now speeding toward its next landmark,” double its March 2009 bottom.

Other lies: Inflation and rate rises won’t push China and America over the edge into a new bear recession. That one’s real popular in Wall Street’s echo chamber. Wall Street also cheers every time cable pundits and journalists repeat their favorite statistic: That stocks rally in the third year of a presidency, often more than 20%. Yes, Wall Street loves those 93% lies.

Biggest lie? Wharton’s perennial bull, Jeremy Siegel, of “Stocks for the Long Run” fame, recently told a TD Ameritrade Institutional Conference, “There’s nothing but upside to come …the next several years are going to be good for stocks.”

Yes, one of Wall Street’s favorite co-conspirators is hypnotizing thousands of our best money managers and advisers into believing the lie that this bull market will roar indefinitely. Worse, they’ll use that message to sell naive investors on buying whatever junk Wall Street is selling.

Get the picture? A little conspiracy begins in your head, a conspiracy between your gullible brain and Wall Street’s con men selling hype, hoopla and happy-talk. Listen and you’ll lose.

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