Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buy Silver Bullets

The Most Important Silver News in Nearly 30 Years
9 March 2011
, by Chris Weber, editor, The Weber Global Opportunities Report (Daily Wealth)


Over the last six months, you see how the gold-to-silver ratio has been moving lower. Silver has been relentlessly moving up faster than gold. Back in early September of last year – just six months ago – the ratio was over 60 to one. Now, as I write, it has broken 40.

In other words, the ratio got to where silver's relative strength has been turned back several times in recent years... and kept going. On Monday, the ratio got as low as 39.32. It has since backed up a bit. But it has broken the boundary, and this is very bullish for silver.

In the latest issue of my newsletter, I told my readers to be prepared for the possibility that the ratio would be again turned back at 40. This would either mean that gold and silver would both continue to rise, but that gold would start to soar much higher than silver, or both metals would fall, but silver would fall more than gold.

In that case, you'd want to make sure to own some gold along with your silver. That advice still stands.

But as I told my readers – and as you can see from the long-term chart above – the gold-to-silver ratio hasn't flatlined for decades: It's usually going one way or the other rather dramatically.

Right now, it's going down dramatically. That's big news for silver.

Good investing,

Chris Weber

The Silver Door Is Closing

13 March 2011
, by Silver Shield (Dont Tread On Me)


The Elite use a multiple pronged attack on silver to hold it down. All of their weapons are paper tigers.

The Aware have found that by taking physical delivery of silver, the Elite’s powerful weapons are rendered useless.

Actually even worse than useless, these paper weapons actually help the Aware to buy more physical silver at discounted and subsidized prices, hastening the Elite’s ultimate demise.

Keep those shorts coming and we will keep stacking!

As a result of this battle, the CRIMEX now has less than half of what it had in registered inventory than it did at the bottom of the Bear Trap of 2008.

In July of 2008 there were 87 million ounces in the registered CRIMEX vaults.

Today, there is just over 40 million ounces left.

The trend line is pretty dramatically down even as the price of silver spikes up.

Less than $1.5 billion would empty the CRIMEX of the last bit of silver at current prices.

With no silver to deliver, the jig is up for the Elite.

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