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The Andreanof Islands (Niiĝuĝin tanangis[1] in Aleut) are a group of islands in the Aleutian Islands in southwest Alaska. They are located between Amchitka Pass and the Rat Islands group to the west, and Amukta Pass and the Islands of Four Mountains group to the east, at about 52° North and 172°57' to 179°09' West. The islands extend about 275 miles (440 km). The total land area of all islands (including the Delarof Islands) is 1,515.349 sq mi (3,924.737 km²). The total population was 412 persons as of the 2000 census, the vast majority in the city of Adak on Adak Island.

Location of Adak, Alaska

The Delarof Islands, a subgroup of the Andreanof Islands, constitute the westernmost islands of the latter group.

The largest islands in the group are, from west to east, Gareloi, Tanaga, Kanaga, Adak, Kagalaska, Great Sitkin, Atka, Amlia, and Seguam.

The islands are usually foggy and are treeless because of the almost constant wind. They were named for the Russian navigator, Andreian Tolstyk, who was the first to explore the islands in 1761.

There were several United States military bases on the islands during World War II. The bases on Adak were enlarged and made permanent after the war but were closed in 1995.

The islands are particularly prone to earthquakes, often many with a magnitude of over 3 on the Richter scale occur each day.

Adak Island (Adaax[1] in Aleut) is an island near the western extent of the Andreanof Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Alaska's southernmost town, Adak, is located on the island. The island has a land area of 711.18 km² (274.59 square miles), making it the 25th largest island in the United States.

Due to harsh winds, frequent cloud cover, and cold temperatures, vegetation is mostly tundra (grasses, mosses, berries, low-lying flowering plants) at lower elevations. The highest point is Mt. Moffett, near the northwest end of the island, at an elevation of 3,924 feet (1,196 m). It is snow covered the greater part of the year.

The word Adak is from the Aleut word adaq, which means "father."

Adak Island, Lupines at Finger Bay Creek. Credit:US Fish and Wildlife Service

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