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Crash Of 2010

The Crash of 2010 predictions: Part 4 BREAKING NEWS TRENDS for rest of october and the year (PLEASE SHARE, REPOST, AND REWRITE)

by Andrew Tiger Lee on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 11:21pm

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There is now breaking news from the Tiger Media Newsroom. I believe that the crash of 2010 will happen in 1-4 weeks because now the foreclosure gate scandal is now breaking news (which we knew all along). Now the banks are going to TRY and orchestrate another flash crash 2.0 of 2010 because now Bank of America as been forced to admit that yes they did a lot of BAD foreclosures like foreclosuring a home because the person paided off his or her mortage OR the banks did a lot of bad practices betting against the home like and once the homeowner who can't pay off his or her mortage the bankers MAKE millions when the homeowner goes belly up.

Worse of all, the bank that forclosed the home the other bank will foreclose the same home. These are some of the atrocities to name there are many others. We ALL KNOW that in 2004, according to William K. Black stated on record the FBI were "investigating" an epidemic of mortage fraud and they say it will cause a major economic downturn and they said that 80% of the fraud committed were done NOT by the borrowers. Most of the rage has been at the borrowers, IF you want REAL rage go after the CEO's who are very wealthy by making money through fraud. For the article related on William K. Black on the foreclosure mess follow here

Now this is all over mainstream news the people are going to lose it! BUT of course there will be some kind of cover-up like the goldman sachs fraud scandal on April 20, 2010 when it was uncovered of the fraud like the timberwolf deal that senator Carl Levin of Michigan said "that was a ****** deal, you knew this was a ******* bad deal" etc. There were a LOT more bad deals than the timberwolf debacle. This was on the news until April 29th 2010.

Then it was put on the back burner then one week later the flash crash happened dow jones down 1000 points in 15 minutes. The mainstream media said it was a fat finger. NO! 8 stocks went to almost 0 during the flash crash like Accenture; it went from $40 a share to 1 cent!

We all know tuesday the markets took a leg down when the NY fed threaten to sue Bank Of America on the bad mortgages fraud, plus China surprisingly raised interest rates of 25 basis points like deposit rate to 2.5% from 2.25% plus bad earnings took a toll on the markets the dow jones dropped 165 points to 10978, S&P 500 down 19 points to 1166. Nasdaq down 44 points to 2437. For the article see here

Why i am believing between october 27th and november 23rd?

There is a LOT of uncertainty in the markets plus we got the elections on November 2nd, 2010 it has already been admitted in MSM that there is a lot of election fraud under way. Here in NY state for the governor's race there is only 2 candidates on the debate in Buffalo if Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) will debate with Carl Palandino (Republican on the tea party line). Those are the 2 candidates and there were 4 or 5 other including the best quote of the night by Jimmy McMillan a candidate for the NY governor as well said "my rent is too damn high" of course NY has the highest rent price and the cost of living just about anywhere has skyrocketed. For the full article see here

There is a chance also that the feds may manipulate the markets in any way possible to sucker the people to vote in the same scums they landed in office by either driving the dow jones up a little higher than the 1998, 1999 levels or April 24, 2010 levels OR drive the markets down 2000-3000 points so the feds can threaten everyone with martial law and suspension of the elections this year.

Also what i have found on CNBC a strategist said that the feds move to QE2 will cause a flash crash and this strategist may be right because the debt, derivatives, housing 2.0, treasury, and many other bubbles there are out there that will burst for good to the point of no return. It will matter for the private central bank in the US as in the feds. For the full article see here

There is a lot of uncertainty is in how will the feds and the big central banks to crash our economy with the IMF and world bank. But I do know based on my current events/trends, i found that there will be the crash of 2010 then high or some predict HYPER inflation. That is not a good sign take a lot at China for example their GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was 9.6% the slowest growth in china for a little while. What is also scary is that the CPI or the Consumer Price Inflation Index was up 3.6%. The normal inflation rate the Chinese Government want to be is 3.0%. 3.6% is starting to get uneasy for China. Plus there was a slowing growth in industrial production meaning that exports are starting to ease. Not good either. Why do you think China raised their interest rates 25 basis points that rattled the world markets on tuesday. For the full article on the China GDP report, slowdown and concerns see here

Now this brings me up to the point: why am i saying that the stock market may have a panic next week is because of the what has been going on with the foreclosure mess and the week before the mid-term elections. There is a chance like i said the feds will try to suspend the elections with the big banks with the panic in the stock market and either they will try and calm you down barely and suspend elections and they will say "give them one more chance or give us more power" or suspend elections and there will be martial law implemented.

Then there is the fed minutes committee meaning on QE2 or Quantitative easing 2 meaning government buying of debt BUT the debt is so quantum sized that it will force the need to flood the system with more cash and this will create high inflation some predict hyper inflation. "You can not create/print more/phantom money backed by nothing without destroying the economy" -Gerald Celente.

What will the rest of this year hold?

A really bad holiday season filled with riots, world war III possibly, more predator drones in Pakistan, and the final crisis well underway.

Currency War already underway and unfortunately United States can't continue to shoot themselves in the head and get hollywood to revive them! China will probably screw up the American Economy/Dollar with Gold prices going up to the point will the dollar collapse!

For the link see here

Hyper-Inflation and a dollar panic maybe collapse knowing the feds will continue their arrogance on markets and finance.

Then Obamaggedon.

Then the global currency possibly for the picture see here

That is your rest of the trends. GET READY TO BUY FOOD, WATER, GOLD, SILVER, and defense! If you can't get enough of my articles please add me at Andrew Tiger Lee and find me on your fan page at Andrew Tiger Lee and FCUK THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

OH GOD! both articles new global currencies agreement and soros calls for a stimulus package!

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