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Secret UK Government Document Surfaces

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Secret UK Government Document Surfaces, Says Vaccination of Entire UK Population is Aim
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Bill Ryan at Project Camelot has obtained a copy of what appears to be authentic UK government document dated July 20th and designed for use by the “Cabinet Office” and other key government officials around the UK to prepare for the vaccination of the entire population with Baxter and GSK “swine flu” jabs on the orders of WHO.

The file sent to us consisted of 91 scanned images of the original document. This was a large file which could not be searched or indexed. The document we offer here is a version made by using text recognition software that might not be 100% accurate. There are “spelling mistakes” which actually are interpretation mistakes since the software we use is not able to recognize all text perfectly. Since we have no possibility to proofread it carefully we want you to be aware of this fact and that there might be some inaccuracies in this computer read document. Especially text that was underlined and looked like links to web addresses might be incorrectly interpreted. The document consists of 91 pages so we have diveded it in two parts, part one is 49 pages.

Here is the first part: Part 1 (pdf)

Here is the second part: Part 2 (pdf)

We welcome any infromation that can confirm the authenticity of this document.

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