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Canada: Bill C-6 and Mandatory Vaccination

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Please read this speech to find out the hidden agendas of Canadian Bill C-6
Speech to National Vaccine Resistance Rally, Vancouver BC 08/28/09

National Communication Director – D.Nicholson
Freedom in Canadian Health Care

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you from Toronto on this very important day in the lives
of all Canadians! As you have no doubt heard, there are many reasons why it is in your best
interest to make informed, free choices as to whether or not you and your family want to receive
vaccinations against a flu that has not shown any tendency to cause severe illness over and above
what is the norm.

Ample proof exists that the ingredients in these vaccines are toxic, and that the risks are
substantial: not only are authorities targeting first responders in health care, they are targeting
pregnant women and children, both of which are extremely vulnerable to such ingredients, and
upon which no safety testing has been undertaken. Bear in mind they cannot test safety on
children under the age of 18 because it is illegal to do so, and therefore any child taking these
shots is taking a risk against their life and the quality of their health…forever!

However, there is a much more immediate threat involved here, one which is flying underneath the
radar, but which has the capability of rendering moot all our resistance to forced vaccines. It is Bill
C-6, which has been passed by our Parliament, and which is currently in the Senate for Second
Reading beginning on September 16th. This Bill is a hair away from becoming Law, and has
the power to force vaccines, to institute martial law, and literally to create a police state
ready to pounce on those who have the wisdom to say no!

As constitutional lawyer, Shawn Buckley explains in his analysis of this Bill, it provides for
warrantless search and seizures, confiscation and destruction of private property without
court supervision, fines, detention, and more….in short, a complete denial of due process of
law that has been your right and mine, since Magna Carta, which was signed in the year 1215.
This means we are guilty until proven innocent! Although the government has assured us that
C-6 has been amended to exclude natural health products, this does not stop the
government from moving individual clauses into other legislation and applying them
wherever they choose, by a simple regulatory change. The Health Minister merely has to
publish the move in the Parliamentary Gazette twice, and the clauses become effective in law
without Parliamentary oversight! No debate, no discussion, no rights!

Consider what could happen if Bill C-6 becomes law: first, we could find ourselves without
access to hundreds of natural products which could fight off any sort of influenza attack; second,
we could also be unable to defend legally against forced vaccinations, containment, quarantines,
and other procedures imposed against our will; third, should there be a declaration of martial law,
we will have no rights of court supervision and could be subjected to all manner of abuses of our
rights and freedoms.

Bill C-6 has been fast-tracked in the Senate via the removal of administrative rules that would
add months to the time required for readings and passage of this legislation. Ask yourself, why
would the Government fast-track what they tell us is an Act designed to protect the Canadian
Public from such things as toxic chemicals in face powder and children’s toys? And why is it
necessary to suspend the Right of Due Process for any enforcement at all? Doesn’t it make more
sense to improve access to Warrants and to Court supervision, rather than to remove the rights of
ordinary Canadians?

The reason, I believe, is found in the “Notwithstanding” Clause in our Charter of Rights and
Freedoms, the one which states that if it is “For the Good of the Nation” your rights may be
suspended! But I would challenge anyone to make a case, under any circumstances, where the
“Good of the Nation” depends on the suspension of court supervision! So there is a hidden
motive here, and one which is extremely dangerous to us all: they need this legislation to
guarantee that Canadians do not fight back legally against this horrendous assault on our freedom,
using specific reference to our right of Due Process and moving it to whatever legislation suits their

And it gets worse: Canada is a signatory to the international health regulations of the
World Health Organization, which is a contract! Our Government has given away our rights to
self-determination in health regulation, and must comply if the W.H.O. orders mandatory
Vaccination of all citizens – in all 193 Countries who are subject to this contract. The W.H.O. also
has the right to collapse governments, declare martial law, and force compliance “for the
good of the world.”

So, People, while it is imperative that we all say “no” to medical procedures which are forced upon
us, it would be sheer stupidity for us to ignore the fact that the threat of removal of our rights via
Bill C-6 could make moot all our resistance.

You must understand: The denial of Due Process of Law, being employed in Bill C-6, is
unconstitutional on its face. According to the Book of Criminal Procedure, the Charter of Rights
and Freedoms and the Constitution Act are the Supreme Law of this Country, and any legislation
which abrogates our rights is “of no force or effect.” Why is our Government not only passing
an unconstitutional law, but fast-tracking it too? How can we trust that this legislation is for the
good of the nation and all its citizens, when such skullduggery is being used to pass it?
We must stop Bill C-6! We have very little time to do so, and we need all of you, all your
friends, your relatives, your bosses, your staff…everybody, to write, call, fax, or email your
Senators. (You can find them online at Tell them not to dare pass that Bill,
because it is unconstitutional, illegal, and treasonous! Tell them that they do not have the right to
take your rights away! It is critical that all Canadians join now with us “en masse” to fight against
government interference in our freedoms, our sovereignty, and our health care!
Thank you all for standing up! Let’s all stay on our feet until the job is done!


Warrantless Search and Seizure…Removal of all Health Freedoms...Mandatory Vaccinations

CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER Shawn Buckley explains some of the ramifications of Bill C 6



ban or restrict any consumer product under threat of million dollar fines and two year jail sentences under the Hazardous Products Act;

BILL C-6 (Privacy Bill/ Health )

My thought is that this Bill C-6 ALSO includes the UN's CODEX ALIMENTARIUS provisions!!!!!

banning anything they dont approve and giving you a million dollar fine!!!

What does the PPF think?

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