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as expected another email,side stepping from the original question of
"what are the ingredients to the h1n1 vaccine"

here is my reply from W.H.O

Thank you for your enquiry and interest in the work of the World Health Organization.

If you are a private individual or company, please be aware that we do not have the capacity to reply to general requests or to give medical advice.

Please consult our website where you can search for more information under:

• About WHO

• Countries

• Health Topics

• Publications

• Data & Statistics

• Programmes & Projects

Fact sheets can be viewed at

For information on international travel and health, please see

For information on the WHO Constitution, and Executive Board and World Health

Assembly documents, please see

For information about job opportunities, please see

For information about citing extracts from WHO publications/website in books or journals, please see

For information about the use of the WHO logo/emblem, please see

If your request is not covered in the above, please link to "Frequently asked questions" at:

For a list of indicators available by country , please see the WHO Global Info Base:

For WHO Statistical Information System, please see

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