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BankOf Canada Sued

1) exposing the Bank of Canada scam and taking it to court... splendid!
2) to launch a daily news program in January... splendid and good luck PFT!

Bank of Canada gets sued on Monetary Reform
Date: 19 December 2011

Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, on behalf of Canadians William Krehm, and Ann Emmett, and COMER (Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform) on December 12th, 2011 filed an action in Federal Court, to restore the use of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility. That purpose includes making interest free loans to municipal/provincial/federal governments for “human capital” expenditures (education, health, other social services) and /or infrastructure expenditures.

The action also constitutionally challenges the government’s fallacious accounting methods in its tabling of the budget by not calculating nor revealing the true and total revenues of the nation before transferring back “tax credits” to corporations and other taxpayers.

The Plaintiffs state that since 1974 there has been a gradual but sure slide into the reality that the Bank of Canada and Canada’s monetary and financial policy are dictated by private foreign banks and financial interests contrary to the Bank of Canada Act.

Rocco Galati? Holy Cow!

Rocco Galati is a Canadian lawyer who specializes in terrorism cases. In 2001, he defended Delmart Vreeland at trial. He was Abdurahman Khadr's first lawyer. Shortly after Khadr's first press conference Galati resigned from all his terrorism-related cases, after publishing a threat left on his answering machine which stated: "Well, Mr. Galati. What's this I hear about you working with the terrorist now, helping to get that (expletive) punk terrorist Khadr off. You a dead wop."

Galati requested 24-hour surveillance of his house; when the RCMP refused to provide this, he declared that "we now live in Colombia because the rule of law is meaningless" and later indicated he believed the call came from American intelligence. Mr Galati went on to claim: ""The voice is similar and likely the same as a voice of someone who threatened one of our former clients," he said, adding later that "in that case, our client disappeared.""

Delmart Vreeland

Delmart "Mike" Vreeland (born March 20, 1966), near Grosse Pointe, Michigan became notable for claiming to predict the events of September 11, 2001.

Vreeland, wanted by police in eight Michigan jurisdictions for crimes like fraud and burglary was arrested in Iowa's Franklin County on October 20, 2004. According to Sheriff's Deputies, Vreeland ran an identity theft ring in the Detroit area for a few years and had felony convictions for breaking and entering and receiving stolen property. Shortly after the September 11 attacks, Vreeland apparently claimed that he wrote a note that foreshadowed those events while he was in prison.

Vreeland is reportedly considered a folk hero among conspiracy theorists who believe he is a spy for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Government officials reportedly denied that Vreeland ever served in the Navy.[1] Vreeland's various claims have included knowing the cause of death of a Canadian Embassy employee before it was officially released, working as an undercover American naval officer, and being the victim of a conspiracy of government officials attempting to keep him quiet. Police officers have reportedly characterized Vreeland as "a skilled con".[2]

In 2008, Vreeland was sentenced in Colorado to 336 years to life in prison after he was convicted of inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children and distribution of cocaine following his luring of two boys to perform sexual acts on-camera in exchange for cocaine, money and the promise of a drum kit.


1. Did Vreeland warn Canadian Intelligence in May 2001 about possible terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon?

2. Did he place the warning in an envelope while in prison in Toronto, Canada?

3. Where did he get his information?

4. Whom did he give the envelope to?

5. Why was he placed in jail?

Abdurahman Khadr

Abdurahman Khadr is the third child of the Egyptian Canadian Khadr family, and was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Cuba, after being detained in Afghanistan under suspicion of connections to Al-Qaeda.[citation needed] He later claimed to have been an informant for the CIA, which the agency declined to comment on when asked for confirmation by Frontline. His younger brother Omar Khadr, captured separately, during a firefight, remains in Guantanamo.

Some background on the Bank of Canada - including two excellent videos:

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