Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tragic Aircraft Malfunction

Fighter Jet Crash in Libya
An Operation Dignity jet has crashed, killing its pilot and others, during a flyover at Tobruk Air Base.

NOTE> The authenticity of this video has not been validated, but appears to be supported by news text from a news outlet by the name of the Libya Herald.

In a cruel twist of fate, the plane crashed during a memorial ceremony for another pilot who died when his plane crashed, killing him, just four days ago. Both crashes are believed to be the
result of technical failures.

An Air Force officer at Tobruk airbase said the Mig jet crashed into a building as a result of the fault. There are reports that a young boy was also killed by the impact. It is not known if this is the full extent of the casualties.

The pilot killed int the accident this afternoon has been identified as Rafa Al-Farani. Farani was in his fifties and lived in Tobruk with his family. He was originally from Benghazi.

The crash took place during a service of remembrance for Air Force officer Ibrahim Al-Manifi who died on Saturday when his aircraft suffered a technical fault over Beida while flying from Tobruk to Benghazi.


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