Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drones Over America

Tribesmen stage sit-in outside parliament against drone hits

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of tribesmen on Saturday started a two-day sit-in outside the parliament against US drone attacks.

A majority of protesting tribesmen belong to North Waziristan and they were reinforced by workers of various political parties including PML-Q, JI, PTI, and JUI-F as well as activists of human rights NGOs.

Carrying banners inscribed with anti-US slogans, protesters gathered in D-Square outside the parliament. They shouted slogans including ‘friend of America is treacherous’. “We have arrived in Islamabad to convey our resentments and sentiments to the Pakistani authorities and the world against drone strikes,” said a tribesman who had lost his son in one of US drone attacks.​D=12757&Cat=13

Taliban didn't shoot down drone in Pakistan-US official​ne-pakistan-us-official-175514213.html

Pressure builds for civilian drone flights at home

Customs and Border Patrol has nine Predator drones mostly in use on the U.S.-Mexico border, and plans to expand to 24 by 2016.

Drones overhead could invade people's privacy. The government worries they could collide with passenger planes or come crashing down to the ground, concerns that have slowed more widespread adoption of the technology.

Despite that, pressure is building to give drones the same access as manned aircraft to the sky at home.

"It's going to be the next big revolution in aviation. It's coming," says Dan Elwell, the Aerospace Industries Association's vice president for civil aviation.​ne-flights-home-150120049.html

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