Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arkansas HAARP Testing

BREAKING: HAARP Testing in New Madrid Fault Zone Could Be Related to Bird Deaths in Arkansas

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter

There is some sort of relationship emerging between the New Madrid fault zone and the bird deaths in the southern USA.

I had speculated over the past two days that HAARP testing might have had something to do with the bird deaths in the south. It turns out there has been extensive HAARP testing in the region of the New Madrid earthquake fault zone just around the same time that the birds fell dead from the sky.One alert truthers note in a video that there have been dozens of little precursor earthquakes in the New Madrid fault line region that have gone unreported in local or national news media. Here’s his video:

Add to this, some Youtube truth researchers are posting that there may be an earthquake in the New Madrid fault line region as early as 1-19-2011. Note, this is not my prediction, I am reporting what Youtubers “Bakersboyz” have alleged in a recent video post. Below are two noteworthy videos to watch:

Is there a HAARP dark science coverup RE their testing creates catastrophic earthquakes?

HAARP has deleted it’s records from 2010-1-11

Everyone who is living in the New Madrid Earthquake Zone should be thinking of emergency preparedness and post-earthquake survival and living contingencies, just in case there is a quake coming which may be imminent in that huge region. See maps of the region below.

Please also read my most recent post on precursor quake activity in the New Madrid fault zone.

There are some very suspicious dots to connect in regard to recent HAARP activity in the New Madrid earthquake zone, recent bird deaths and the historical fact that HAARP deleted their records from the day of the Haiti quake. It al smells as fishy as tons of dead fish washing up on the shorelines.


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