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Whose Charlie Veitch

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About Charlie..

Charlie Veitch accepted an all expenses paid trip to the US to Re-Educate himself on 911. He now rejects the so called “conspiracy theory” for the official conspiracy theory that's touted by the US administration. It's worth saying that Luke Rudkowski and others were offered to do this for the BBC before Charlie and they decided to tell them to Jump in a lake. It's a real shame that someone like Charlie can fall for money and maybe fame to compromise their principles.

PLEASE ALL : Have A look.. Please Comment.. VERY Confused???

BUT ALSO AT THE SAME TIME Charlies girlfriend Silkie hosted Richard Gage in Cambridge University on the 18Th June while Charlie was in the U.S PICKING UP HIS DEBUNKING LESSIONS.. … Explain that one?.. THIS IS VERY STRANGE TO SAY THE LEAST

how does the sovereign independent know this... cause we brought over Richard gage and Luke to do a Celtic tour before sending them down to cambridge on a midnight train to hook up with charlies crew... so they have Richard speaking but at the same time Charley is in the U.S. LEARNING THE ESTABISHMENTS VERSION

Videos Here..

His middle name is Torres.

Some think he was a LIAR and a SHILL from the very beginning.

On this video uploaded March 30, 2010 by Charlie Veitch himself titled, "Charlie Veitch exposes Charlie Veitch", (where he presumably attempts to debunk people that doubt his identity); he states that his full name is 'Charles Torres Veitch' and his father's name is John Veitch, a Marine pilot born in Scotland in 1943. He claims he was born in his mother's home country of Brazil, and he films his alleged birth certificate @ 3:30 as 'proof'.

@ 5:50 he again states his full name is 'Charles Torres Veitch' and attempts to further verify this by showing his Brazilian and British passports. His first name is misspelled "Chales" on the Brazilian passport @ 6:04.

Last year at the G20 meeting in Toronto Canada, 'Charlie' was arrested for not providing identification while filming in a restricted zone, as seen in this film uploaded June 26, 2010.

@ :22 in this video the MSM reporter notes that an ANDREW Veitch was arrested. @ :37, the cop says that he was arrested because he didn't want to tell the police who he was. You can watch the raw part of the video @ 5:48 where he dances around the identification issue with the cop. Another cop states that he would be released as soon as they determined who he really was (which apparently was ANDREW Veitch).

In this video from the G20 meeting Veitch asserts to another officer that he didn't have any ID on him, because he was an agent provocateur working for British Military Intelligence. Did this encounter occur after the arrest that I posted above? I don't know for sure, but it seems to make sense if it was, especially if the cops were briefed about his/their presence the following day.

A bio for BBC documentary film maker Andrew Veitch (Sr??) can be found here:

Notice any similarities to him and Charlie?

At first I wasn't sure how legit that site was since there wasn't much info on it, but this little gem of information stood out.
Veitch would write more for print media if he wasn't so lazy, speaks at conferences if he absolutely has to, and in his spare time helps to run the stunningly-successful Saturday market in Broadway Market, Hackney, East London.

A brief trip to YouTube reveals Andrew Veitch TALKING about Broadway Market on March 14, 2010. Notice any similarities (specifically speech patterns and face) to him and Charlie???

It could be an uncle or something, but at this point I kind of doubt it. I think that is 'Charlie' Veitch's real daddy.

Thus, some think the most likely option is that 'Charlie' Veitch = Andrew Veitch Jr. = paid shill = disinfo agent from the very beginning.

Charlie Veitch Parroting Outdated Official Claims Regarding WTC7


  1. even if his dad is Andrew Veitch it doesn't mean Charlie is a shill or whatever. its all speculation.I personally don't think hes a paid agent. Im not sure what to make of him believing the official story but I do believe hes a genuine good guy just trying to find his own truth in this world,but I do feel hes probs got a bit mixed up in his own mind about what is true and wat isnt.Best to keep an open mind and follow ur gut instinct on things but also be willing to state wen u are wrong.

  2. The guy is a PLANT - was from the start - its obvious - his professionally 'polished' performances etc - a false light to lead ppl away from the truth - we all lived him - thought he was fab - as we were supposed to - so he then leads us up garden path - as he was trained & paid to do. My suspicions were aroused when he got arrested at G20 - firstly the 'why' was unclear - but how did he manage to get CCTV footage of his time in the prison? Was he working for BBC? I think again, this was part of his 'job' - the final stage in convincing ppl that he's genuine & THEN it's time for the 'kill' - he has tried to discredit the campaign - a viper from a nest of vipers; covert ops i.e. media & 'intelligence' working in collusion to confuse the issues. We are dealing with ppl who are capable of mass terror acts against their OWN ppl - the likes of Charlie Veitch are par for their course: Only a few months ago, one poor woman found out the husbanmd she met & married via her involvement with protecting forests etc, was in fact a POLICE INFORMANT - his MARRIAGE was part of his JOB!!

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  4. there is a guy named Joel Veitch- who Charlie is friends with on facebook. this Joel guy seeks fame via internet and making movies too- maybe this is where Charlie thought he could make money too?? Joel Veitch's interests includes 'the broadway market' where Andrew Veitch is a director and firm believer in supporting local companies and not big corporations. I think Charlie is a fraud- someone who wanted to make money and fame.

  5. Oh and just found out that Andrew Veitch is Joel Veitch's father. Andrew Veitch is news reporter for channel 4. But relations to Charlie? i think so. and Charlie following the family into media- i think so!!!

  6. there is a definite link to the security services. Charlie has a 'Brazilian passport' with a misspelled name. I think Veitch is a Mossad operative but even if i am wrong there is something very sinister and implausible about this circus performer and his heavily publicized arrests. Compare the hooplah concerning that fraud and poor John Hill who languished in prison for 6 months

  7. OK. Let's get one thing straight. Anyone with a basic knowledge of physics knows for a scientific fact that 911 was controlled demolition. IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BY NEWTONIAN PHYSICS!!! Now as Charlie has a passing knowledge of physics it stands to reason he knows this. Now, this means through deductive reasoning that he must be an agent, or has been threatened and coerced into his flawed opinion. Period.