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Canada Martial Law

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TheSecretStore | August 18, 2010 | 35 likes, 1 dislikes

JUSTICE FOR G20 VICTIMS John Pruyn 57 year old Ontario resident shares his G20 Toronto arrest story on the Word of Mouth Wednesday August 11th 2010, full radio show downloadable here:

Lets be clear we all support good police officers and by no means are the conduct of the unlawful acts done by a minority of G20 police officers reflective to the Police as a whole, we are just asking questions and want criminals including the public and G20 police to be held accountable for their actions . This is not Toronto Police problem, it is who gave commands to treat the public like this..remember TO SERVE AND PROTECT

Derek is a local activist who has been protesting the brutality that occurred during the G20 weekend. He speaks about the Class Action and call for a Public Inquiry getting the word out on the media and the streets. On August 15th 2010 Derek was surrounded and intimidated by police near the parking lot of the building he lives in, the incident was recorded on security cameras:

This is the G20 public works act still being enforced 6 weeks later? This was an I.D check and subsequent investigation.

This $45 million dollar lawsuit is called Good vs. the Toronto Police , Heres the City TV pulse 24 footage


A 57-year-old amputee was "brutalized" and "humiliated" by police patrolling the G20 summit when they confiscated his prosthetic leg, labeled it a "weapon" and ordered him to "hop" into a paddy wagon.

Amnesty International press release on Police misuse of powers during G20

Caring about a deaf man and a amputee isn't mainstream..lets worry about the property damage right..the police were given orders to stand down and not arrest "Black bloc" when they had the chance..16,000 G20 police couldn't apprehend 100 criminals and protect the public and property?

In a past summit in montebello Quebec, Quebec Police were caught dressing up in black disguises as anarchists and were instigating violence..the term is known as "agent provocateurs" when you have violence, it justifies how much money spent.. it aired on CBC..

Innocent Deaf man arrested and not given a sign language translator while being detained..

G20 misleading the public on expanded security ..passed the law in secret

Bliar admit no five-metre rule existed on security fence law 'I was trying to keep the criminals out,' police chief bill blair stated

**Police say they were given "do not engage" orders in response to Black Bloc: DO NOT BLAME POLICE ..we need to find out who gave these orders

The first ever mainstream media article exposing a stand-down order appeared in the Toronto Sun this morning, with Joe Warmington reporting that "there was "a clear order from the command centre saying 'Do not engage' ", referring to the covert official allowing of the "Black Bloc" to rampage through Toronto to provide the pretext for the later assault of the peaceful protesting citizens on Saturday June 26, 2010 ("Cops had hands 'cuffed - Could have moved on Black Bloc anarchists - but brass ordered them not to.

Ben Franklin quote: People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

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