Sunday, December 12, 2010

SciFi Navy Weapons

A theoretical dream for decades, the railgun is unlike any other weapon used in warfare. And it’s quite real too, as the U.S. Navy has proven in a record-setting test today in Dahlgren, VA.
Rather than relying on a explosion to fire a projectile, the technology uses an electomagnetic current to accelerate a non-explosive bullet at several times the speed of sound. The conductive projectile zips along a set of electrically charged parallel rails and out of the barrel at speeds up to Mach 7.
The result: a weapon that can hit a target 100 miles or more away within minutes.

Rail Gun from Transformers 2 off Deck of Navy Ship

Note John Tururro's character calls the navy captain on the phone, uses his sector 7 super classified credentials to get the captain to use the classified weapon.

To fire on a robot, that is on top of the pyramid...that was constructed on top of an ancient alien device.

As a side note but backs up the pattern.

In mission impossible 3, they debuted the armed reaper drones in 2006

And in 2009 CBS 60 minutes had this.

Heres a kid who invented a man deployable version....

Russian Teenager Designs Noiseless Electric Rifle

Russia’s Defense Ministry has shown interest in the new electomechanical rifle the performance of which exceeds that of sniper weapons. The rifle was invented by a schoolboy in the city of Ufa.

Maxim Kotelnikov, an eighth-grader, designed his weapon after he had seen a TV program about the use of similar rifles in the USA and Korea. It took the boy a year to design the new weapon. He used his friend’s broken game rifle as the basis.

The rifle weighs nearly six kilos; it fires special cartridges that need to be magnetized in advance.

Russia’s Defense Ministry showed interest in the new weapon and asked the boy’s permission to test his rifle. ......

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