Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kill Yourself

Interview by Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life with Dr. Larry Dunegan

Cut and pasted from the pdf.


Everybody has a right to live only so long. The old are no longer useful. They become a burden. You should be ready to accept death. Most people are. An arbitrary age limit could be established. After all, you have a right to only so many steak dinners, so many orgasms, and so many good pleasures in life. And after you have had enough of them and you're no longer productive, working, and contributing, then you should be ready to step aside for the next generation. Some things that would help people realize that they had lived long enough, he mentioned several of these - I don't remember them all - here are a few - use of very pale printing ink on forms that people .. are necessary to fill out, so that older people wouldn't be able to read the pale ink as easily and would need to go to younger people for help. Automobile traffic patterns - there would be more high-speed traffic lanes .. traffic patterns that would .. that older people with their slower reflexes would have trouble dealing with and thus, lose some of their independence.

Welcome to the New World Order.
Your Leaders Love You So Much
They Want You To Kill Yourself.

"The few who notice the differences wont be enough to matter."

The case for assissted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia

"Sometime in the next century, laws will be altered to permit voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide -- at least in western countries. ... - Cached

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