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Warning on Vaccines!!!

June 25, 2009 by mike
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Before you allow someone to jab you, your children, or other loved ones (including elderly relatives), there are some things you should know about vaccines. The harms FAR outweigh any “benefit”. Need proof? Well you’re at the right place…

Why are vaccines harmful? Here are some of the basics:

A number of scientific studies have documented the hazards of vaccines for AIDS, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Polio, et al:

Dr. Mercola provides excellent documentation as to the dangers of vaccines on his site. Here he explains how these jabs suppress the immune system, leaving the inoculated more exposed to illness:

And Dr. Mercola shows big money ($30 million!) has been doled out by the drug companies, persuading ”doctors” to push vaccines on people:

The most mainstream exposure vaccines receive relates to shots given to children. The evidence of harm is ample:

The Good Doctor (and one of our heroes) TX Rep Ron Paul gives his take on vaccines:

The flu vaccine offers ZERO protection to the elderly:

The mercury preservative, thimerosal has received a lot of attention. On a side-note, although it’s claimed this is no longer in MOST vaccines, interestingly it’s acknowledged thimerosal is still a part of flu vaccines:

And a great site providing MANY more links showing what THEY don’t want you to know about vaccines:


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